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English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 836

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

bilaaval mehlaa 4||
Hukamnama today is in Bilaaval Raag by Satgur Guru Raam Daas Ji Maharaj on Ang 836 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Satgur Guru Raam Daas Ji, the fourth light of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj blesses us today with Hukamnama in Bilaaval Raag. Satgur Ji begins the Hukamnama with:

mai man tan paraym agam thaakur kaa khin khin sarDhaa man bahut utha-ee-aa||
O people of the world, in my mind, man, in my tan, in my body; within my mind and body I have paraym. I have true love. The meanings of paraym which is paray, beyond mai, beyond haumai, beyond ego; that tyoe of love which dissolves away ego, true love for the Lord. For whom - agam thaakur kaa for that Waheguru who is agam, who is inaccessible to mere worldly senses. thaakur who is the Lord of the world; khin khin - every moment, every single second of the day Maharaj Sahib Ji says. That is what true love is. True love does not come and go away, does not evaporate suddenly. khin khin Maharaj Ji says, every second of the everyday. khin khin sarDhaa man bahut utha-ee-aa; bahut means a great amount, utha-ee-aa means to rise up within me, sarDhaa means devotion, faith; man means my mind. In my mind the waves of theis faith, this love, this trust in Akaal Purakh rise up further and further, further and further every minute, every second of every day. That is the path of true love.

gur daykhay sarDhaa man pooree ji-o chaatrik pari-o pari-o boond mukh pa-ee-aa. ||1||
gur daykhay sarDhaa man pooree - The desires of faith, the hopes of my mind, are pooree, are fulfilled, gur daykhay with the vision of the Guru. What is the vision of the Guru? The vision is sitting down in the Gurdwara Sahib doing mathaa-tek of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Seeing Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj , listening to the Hukamnama, this is all part of Darshan. Hearing Paath of the Guru, words of the Guru, thinking of the Guru within your mind, thinking of the Guru whilst chanting Guru's name, reading the Guru's words, this is all part of that experience. ji-o chaatrik pari-o pari-o boond mukh pa-ee-aa, And what was it like when I was blessed with the vision of the Guru? ji-o chaatrik Like the rain bird, pari-o pari-o is crying out day and night, pari-o pari-o crying out for its beloved water day and night and after all this chanting, all this crying out what happens; boond mukh pa-ee-aa into his mukh - mouth, comes and drops the boondh the rain drop its been waiting for. In the same way day and night, O sikh of the Guru if you chant Guru, Guru day and night whilst working, whilst sleeping, O sikh of the Guru the way rain bird is blessed with the raindrop that same way you will be blessed with the union of the Guru.

mil mil sakhee har kathaa suna-ee-aa||
mil mil sakhee - Join together all my sakhee - all my friends, all my companions, all the congregation of the Guru, mil mil join together and through you may I unite with the Lord. har kathaa suna-ee-aa How am I going to unite with the Lord? If we get together, kathaa suna-ee-aa and listen to, if you tell me of the kathaa - the sermons of hari, of Waheguru. Tell me the stories of my Lord God. Get together and read through Gurbani, get together and learn the meaning s of Gurbani, get together and look at the deep meanings of Gurbani, try to take that dive into Gurbani deeper and deeper and deeper.

satgur da-i-aa karay parabh maylay mai tis aagai sir kat kat pa-ee-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o
If the satgur, if the eternal Guru karay blesses us with the da-i-aa mercy parabh maylay the Guru can unite us with parabhu, Waheguru, Akaalpurakh, with Lord God. And Guru Sahib Ji says for this reason mai tis aagai sir kat kat pa-ee-aa, aagai- in front of tis that eternal Guru I cut off into little bits, kat kat, into tiny bits, pa-ee-aa and place it, what?, my sir my head. It is like Baba Daya Singh Ji, Baba Dharam Singh Ji, Baba Himmat Singh Ji, Baba Mohkam Singh Ji, Baba Sahib Singh Ji, the punj pee-aa-ray, the five beloved ones of the Guru. Just like Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji cut into bits. Just like Shaheed Bhai Mati Daas Ji being cut in half. Just like Shaheed Baba Sati Singh Ji being burnt alive. They placed everything in front of the Guru. Just like Bhai Lakshaman Singh Ji in the saka of Nankana Sahib Ji placing everything in front of the Guru. In same way Guru Sahib Ji says tis aagai in front of sir what is the head that we carry around with us? When someone goes into ego what do we say, we say O what got into his head? What does that mean? It means ego. It is this ego that I am carrying around with me for many lifetimes. I should put it in front of the Guru cut into bits. Cut into bits literally means to completely destroy. Just like respected Baba Lehna Ji placing his ego in front of the Guru. They place everything in front of the Guru and never questioning the Guru; simply living by the words of the Guru. gur kahay-aa saakaar kamaavun Whatever Guru has said simply carry that out through your life. rahaa-o Guru Sahib Ji says pause and think about this today.

rom rom man tan ik baydan mai parabh daykhay bin need na pa-ee-aa||
O Guru ka sikh, this is the path of spirituality, this is the path of reunion with the Lord. rom rom - Each of your hairs man tan in your mind and body pulsating through you. Emotions are not simply mental things which go in your mind and affect your body. When you are angry, what happens? Your face goes red and your tongue goes to say something bad or your hands do something bad. Desires when they get hold of you they get you to do things, these emotions within you manipulate your body. Guru Sahib Ji says, rom rom man tan ik baydan Guru ka Sikh, let your body be taken away by ik baydan the suffering of longing, baydan means the longing for, by ik by the one Lord. Let your mind and body be taken away for that. When you place your mind and body for the Guru, then let the Guru color your mind and body and soul in that color of love, in each part of your body let there be that longing. Such a beautiful, such an exalted state that Guru Sahib ji is talking about. And in that longing tears run down in the eyes of gurmukhs and gursikhs as they long for the blessed vision of the Guru. That is rom rom, man tan, that mind and body be taken over by that love. mai parabh daykhay bin need na pa-ee-aa Without daykhay without darshan without union with my parabhu my Waheguru need na pa-ee-aa I cannot sleep. There were those great souls like Mata Sahib Kaur ji. Mata Sahib Kaur ji would only eat after doing darshan of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. That love is just amazing beyond words. mai parabh daykhay bin need na pa-ee-aa Without seeing my Lord I do not have the need sleep of peaceful union. Without that union with the Lord I cannot have the shaantee peace in my life. That peace will come with union.

baidak naatik daykh bhulaanay mai hirdai man tan paraym peer laga-ee-aa. ||2||
Many baidak doctors have come to see this naatik, this play going on within me. daykh bhulaanay They are bhulaanay perplexed, wondering what is wrong with this person. His pulse is normal, his breathing is normal, there is no physical illness that we can see. And in the life of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj we know that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was going into deep meditation as a child their parents respected Mata Tripta Ji, respected Baba Kalu Ji were worried about their son. And Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, O doctors of the world, you will not know the illness which is going through me. The illness which is going through me is the love my Lord. mai hirdai man tan paraym peer laga-ee-aa The peer, the pain which is within my man tan mind and body and my hirdai my heart is the paraym is the love for my Lord. O people bai dak who are trying to instruct the world naatik,O those people who are watching this drama of the world, you are all daykh bhulaanay mesmerized by this maya this material goods of the world. And you all entangled in the pleasures of the five senses of the indareeya but Guru Sahib Ji says hirdai man tan paraym peer laga-ee-aa in my mind and body I have the peer pangs of that separation , that pain of that love of my Lord.

ha-o khin pal reh na saka-o bin pareetam ji-o bin amlai amlee mar ga-ee-aa ||
khin pal Even for a moment, a second I cannot reh live or survive without bin my pareetam my beloved, my Waheguru, without meditation upon Waheguru Ji's name. ji-o bin amlai amlee mar ga-ee-aa, amlee - Like a drug addict mar ga-ee-aa dies if he or she does not get their amlai, amlai means the drug. My fix is the name of the Lord, Guru Ji is telling us today.

jin ka-o pi-aas ho-ay parabh kayree tinH avar na bhaavai bin har ko du-ee-aa ||3||
Those people who have pi-aas thirst inside for parabh Waheguru, tinH avar na bhaavai bin har ko du-ee-aa they are not bhaavai - won over by avar- any other bin- without, har Waheguru, ko du-ee-aa any other. Without their pleasures for God's name they do not find any solace in worldly pleasures. Those great gurmukhs:

ko-ee aan aan mayraa parabhoo milaavai ha-o tis vitahu bal bal ghum ga-ee-aa||
If only someone would aan come and take me into the aan sanctuary and protection of mayraa parabhoo my Waheguru and milaavai- unite me with the Lord. ha-o tis vitahu To that great soul, to that great being, bal bal I would surrender my bal. First bal is talking about my mind, second bal is my body and ghum my soul. I devote to that great being. Let us devote our mind body and soul to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj who can unite us with the Lord.

anayk janam kay vichhurhay jan maylay jaa sat sat satgur saran pava-ee-aa ||4||
Those jan beings who have been vichhurhay, who have been separated for anayk janam countless lifetimes have been maylay, have been united. jaa sat sat satgur saran pava-ee-aa When I came into the sat sat sat sangat, congregation of the Guru and I listened to the Guru's words and I said sat bachan and I said these words," I completely surrender to, I will not look to my own mat but will look only to the mat of the Guru, wisdom of the Guru", and when I pava-ee-aa fell down into the saran the protection of the Satguru, this is the way of being united.

sayj ayk ayko parabh thaakur mahal na paavai manmukh bharma-ee-aa||
There is one bed inside us; the spiritual body within us is that bed for the Lord. ayk ayko parabh thaaku There is aykoone parabh Lord, Waheguru, the husband Lord but Satgur Sahib Ji says mahal na paavai manmukh bharma-ee-aa Those who are manmukh, those who are mind centered, bharma-ee-aa are deluded by their doubts and mahal na paavai they do not find this mansion within the spiritual body.

gur gur karat saran jay aavai parabh aa-ay milai khin dheel na pa-ee-aa ||5||
But Guru Ji says even if they aavai come into the saran, into the protection of the Guru and they with their tongue, with their mind, body and soul repeat the words, "Guru Guru,Waheguru, Waheguru" then parabh aa-ay milai khin dheel na pa-ee-aa Satguru Ji says come into the saran. There is great secret in this line that Guru ji is opening: when you say Guru Guru you are entering into the protection of the Guru. Every time you are saying, wherever you are sitting you are entering into the protection of the Guru. And if you are entering into the protection of the Guru then you are surrendering all of your own mat, all of your si-aa-nap, all of your own clever tricks. And Guru Ji says, if you want to say Guru Guru, say it in such bhaavana, say it with such a devotion, say it in such a way, say it with such a concept in your mind that you are giving up your own ego, you own thoughts, your own desires. parabh aa-ay milai Then Waheguru Ji comes and unites himself with you. khin dheel na pa-ee-aa Waheguru Ji themselves unites us and it doesn't even take a moment.

kar kar kiri-aachaar vaDhaa-ay man pakhand karam kapat lobha-ee-aa||
Guru Sahib Ji says many people do many rituals and this only vaDhaa-ay – this only increases the ego. man pakhand karam kapat lobha-ee-aa – but what does this do? This fills the mind with pakhand – meaning to cut into little bits. What does this mean? This means that externally they are doing one thing and internally they are doing another – that is to be cut into bits, externally saying one thing and internally doing another. Doing such karam kapat lobha-ee-aa – they are filled with greed and kapat – with corruption. Guru sahibjee says:

baysu-aa kai ghar baytaa janmi-aa pitaa taahi ki-aa naam sada-ee-aa ||6||
If a baytaa – if a son is born to a baysu-aa – to a prostitute pitaa taahi ki-aa naam sada-ee-aa – how will we know the name of his father. That soul being who is mind-centered is like, Guru jee says, that son of the prostitute who has no father. This is something to think about very deeply. Whose sons will we be? Of the illusion of maya – material gain of this world and she has many so called masters in this world. People come they think they have a complete control over money, no. pattee marae ta naar n rovai, Gurbani tells us, if one thinks he is the husband of this maya – material gain of this world when he dies do you think the maya cries? Do you think the material goods cry? Do you think money gets up and starts crying, the cars start crying? No! Simply someone else takes them, in the same way she has no master going from person to person. The human being doesn't realize that the eternal master is Lord God. When in this world he thinks, oh no this is mine. When you die will it still be yours? No, in the same way that being has not united with the true master who is the Lord God Waheguru, that is mind-centered being.

poorab janam bhagat kar aa-ay gur har har har har bhagat jama-ee-aa||
Those who have from poorab janam – from many past lives, have been doing bhagati – have been doing devotional worship of the Lord. gur har har har har bhagath jama-ee-aa – within them the Guru has jama-ee-aa – meaning to blossom, to flourish, has got the bhagti – the devotional worship, the love for Hari, who is har har – who brings nourishment to the whole world and who is har har – who can take away all of our pains. The Guru has implanted their devotions, worship within them and has allowed it to flourish. The Guru has made such an opportunity that that devotion of many lifetimes can flourish forward.

bhagat bhagat kartay har paa-i-aa jaa har har har har naam sama-ee-aa ||7||
Through devotional worship they have paa-i-aa – they have obtained the Lord. jaa har har har har naam sama-ee-aa – when they've merged in with the name of the Lord, with Hari, Hari, by saying name of the Lord, Waheguru Waheguru, day and night.

parabh aan aan mahindee peesaa-ee aapay ghol ghol ang la-ee-aa||
Coming into the protection of prabhu, of Waheguru is getting together the mahindee – the henna paste and coming into the protection of Waheguru, coming into the protection of the Guru these worldly desires have been peesaa-ee – have been grounded down, how have they been grounded down? Guru Naanak Dev Ji tells us in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, silaa santokh peesan hath dhaan – the mortar and the pestle, what is the mortar? To grind up these desires with santokh – contentment. Peesan hath dhaan – mercy within, compassion within is the pestle. In this way coming into the protection of the Guru the henna leaves are being grounded to paste. aapay ghol ghol ang la-ee-aa – listening to the Guru's words, practicing the Guru's words is grinding down and making this into a paste and completely devoting yourself to the Guru is putting this upon your ang – your body, covering yourself with it because you are covering your mind, body and soul. Guru Maharaj Ji says prabh – Waheguru Ji Himself – that being who has gone through this process realizes that Waheguru Ji Himself has bought us into this protection, Waheguru Ji Himself is the One who grinds away all of our desires, Waheguru Ji Himself is the One who has colored us in this love.

jin ka-o thaakur kirpaa Dhaaree baah pakar naanak kadh la-ee-aa ||8||6||2||1||6||9||
Guru Maharaj jee says, jin ko thaakur kirpaa Dhaaree – those who have been kirpaa Dhaaree – have been blessed with grace baah pakar naanak kadh la-ee-aa – Satguru Raam Daas Ji Maharaj says, Maharaj Ji has got hold of them by their arm, by the arm of love and devotion and kadh la-ee-aa – have rescued them, have liberated them from the ocean of this world.

parabh aan aan mahindee peesaa-ee aapay ghol ghol ang la-ee-aa||
jin ka-o thaakur kirpaa Dhaaree baah pakar naanak kadh la-ee-aa

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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