English Hukamnama Katha - Ang 833


Hukamnama Sahib today is by Sri Guru Raam Daas Ji Maharaj in Bilaaval Raag on Ang 833 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jeeo.

Bilaaval Mahalaa 4
Har Har Naam seetal jal dhiaavahu Har chandan vaas sugandh gandhaeeaa.

Satgur Raamdaas Ji Maharaj is blessing us today. Satgur Ji begins the Shabad with Har Har Naam seetal jal dhiaavahu. Satgur Paatshaah Ji says that the whole world wants peace and inner happiness. Guru Ji says that if you want this inner peace, dhiaavahu- meditate upon Har Har Naam- the Name of Hari, of God. And the Name of God is seetal jal- cooling water, what will it do?? This cooling water of Gods Name will put out the fires of desires, anger and greed inside you. Har chandan vaas sugandh gandhaeeaa- Wahegurus Name, Haris Name, Lord Gods Name, is like the scent, like the fragrance of chandan- of sandalwood- sugandh gandhaeeaa. And just as the sandalwood tree itself, not just is it fragrant itself but, gandhaeeaa- means to make others fragrant. The Name of God has a fragrance of peace, happiness and glory, and any of those who chant the Name of God, just like any of the plants near a sandalwood tree, are infected with its fragrance, in the same way, if you repeat the Name of God, you will be blessed with the fragrance of Gods virtues.

Mil Satsangat param pad paaiaa mai hiradd palaas sang Har buheeaa.
Mil- meeting with the satsangat- that sangat, that congregation which is focused upon the sat- the Truth, the company of the Saints, the company of those Gursikhs who get together and meditate upon Waheguru and talk about the Truth, about Eternal Waheguru. Param pad paaiaa- meeting with that Sangat, that congregation, that group, I have paaiaa- I have been blessed with the param pad- param-means the highest, and pad- means the state of living. What is the highest status?? To be connected with Waheguru. And Guruji goes on to describe this, mai hiradd palaas sang Har buheeaa. In India, there are types of trees, one is the irind tree, and the other is the palaah. The irind is called the caster-oil plant and it has very horrible tasting leaves, and the palaah tree as well has very bitter tasting leaves But Guru Sahib Ji says that I was like the caster- oil tree, I was like the irind tree, the palaah tree, but sang Har- when I was blessed with the company of the Sangat, I now am fragrant, buhaeeaa- means to be emitting a beautiful fragrance. What does this mean?? Before I went into the Sangat, I had the bitterness inside me of ego, anger, greed, anxiety and fear. But meeting with the Sangat, I now have the fragrance of love, purity, devotion, trust and spiritual knowledge. Going into the Sangat, you will be blessed with this fragrance.

Jap Jagannaath Jagdees Gusaeeaa.
jap- meditate and chant the Name of Jagannath- that Waheguru who is the Naath-who is the Lord of this whole jag- of this whole universe, Jagdees- who is the Master, the Ees- means the Master of this whole jag- of this world. Gusaeeaa- the One who has created this whole world, all of the universe.

Saran paray say-ee jan ubray jio Prahlaad udhaar samaeeaa. llRahaaoll
Those people who have fallen into the Saran- the Protection of Waheguru, say-ee jan- those humble beings have been ubray- have been saved. Satgur Paatshaah Ji is saying is all you need to do is fall into the Protection of Waheguru. I f you fall into the Protection of Waheguru, you will be saved, jio Prahlaad udhaar samaeeaa- just like Bhagat Prahlaad, was udhaar- was saved, was liberated, and samaeeaa- merged into God, just like Bhagat Prahlaad was saved from the sword of his father, Harnaakhash, God came to save him at that point when Harnaakhash pulled out a sword and said to Prahlaad- You must stop chanting the Name of God. At that point, God came in the form of a narsingh, ripped Harnaakhash to pieces and saved Bhagat Prahlaad. Rahaao- Guruji says pause and think about this- just as he saved Prahlaad, so Waheguru can save you as well.

Bhaar athhaarah meh chandan ootam chandan nikat sabh chandan hueeaa.
Bhaar athhaarah- amongst all of the trees, all of the plants and vegetation- amongst all of them, chandan ootam- the sandalwood tree is known to be ootam- the highest. Chandan nikat sabh chandan hueeaa- Everything which lives close, nikat- near to the sandalwood, near to the chandan tree, sabh chandan hueeaa- they are all blessed with the fragrance of the sandalwood tree. In the same way, Guruji is saying, O, human being, if you go into the company of the Sangat, if you go into the company of the Protection of the Guru, then the Guru and the Gurus Sangat will bless you with that fragrance.

Saakat koorray oobh suk hoo-ay man abhimaan vichhurr door gaeeaa.
Now, oobh suk hoo-ay- what does that mean?? oobh suk- means trees even whilst standing in the ground, so they havent been uprooted, havent been cut down, but even whilst standing in the ground some trees just dry up, either because their roots are being eaten away by insects underneath, or for other reasons. And in the same way, even whilst living in this world, where all of the blessings of God are being poured upon us at all times, there are still some people who are saakat- who do not believe in Waheguru, koorray, why?? Because they are enveloped in their own falsehood. oobh suk hoo-ay- they are just like those trees that are standing in the ground, but are still drying up. man abhimaan vichhurr door gaeeaa- because of their abhimaan- their ego in their minds they have vichhurr- they have separated from Waheguru and door gaeeaa- they go far from God. In the same way, that tree is standing in the ground and it is still drying up in the same way they are in this world which is Gods Garden. But they are still drying up because their roots are being eaten away by the maggots of ego, greed, desire, and hatred.

Har gat mit Kartaa Aapay jaanai sabh bidh Har Har aap banaeeaa.
That Kartaa- that Creator Lord Waheguru himself jaanai- knows His own gat mit- His extent. Gat mit- literally is talking about His Greatness, Glory. Only Waheguru knows His extent, only Waheguru knows His limits, in other words, Guru Ji is telling us that Waheguru is Limitless. Sabh bidh Har Har Aap banaeeaa- Waheguru is the One who creates all of the arrangements. bidh- means arrangements. Waheguru is the One who puts everything into play.

Jis Satgur bhatay su kanchan hovai jo dhur likhiaa su mitai na mitaeeaa.
Jis Satgur bhaytay- Those beings who meet with the Eternal Guru, su kanchan hovai- they become priceless, like gold. Jo dhur likhiaa su mitai na mitaeeaa- Whatever is written in the pre-ordained destiny, dhur likhiaa, su mitai na mitaeeaa- it cannot be wiped away by anyone. What is Guru Ji saying here?? Guru Ji is saying that if you have upon your forehead, written that you are going to meet the True Guru, no-one can take this away from you. And if you meet the Eternal Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, and nit just meeting with the Guru physically, but spiritually. If you read the Gurus Baani, if you take the time and make the effort to meet with the Guru, to actually meet internally with the Guru as well, physically and internally, what the Guru is telling you to do, su kanchan hovai- you will become golden. Each day of your life will become golden. Each moment will be golden, and your mind will also become golden and priceless, your body will become golden, your body will be beautiful because it will be honoured to perform the sayvaa- the service of the Guru, wherever you go, you will be blessed with the sayvaa-the service of the Guru. Your tongue will be golden, because it will chant the Gurus Name.

Ratan padaarath Gurmat paavai saagar bhagat bhandaar khulaeeaa.
The ratan padaarath- the treasure of jewels is found by following the Gurmat- the Gurus wisdom, the Gurus way, teachings. Saagar bhagat bhandaar khulaeeaa- if you follow what the Guru says, then the ocean of devotional worship, that treasure of devotional woship inside you is khulaeeaa- is opened by the Gurus Teachings. That is the only way of opening it.

Gur Charnee ik Sardhaa upjee mai Har Gun kahtay tripat na bhaeeaa.
When I fell to the Charan- the Feet of the Guru, when I fell into the Gurus Protection, when I started following what the Guru said, when I attached myself to the Gurus Feet, when I attached myself to the Gurus Words, Shabad, Baani, ik shardha upjee- faith in that One Guru welled up inside me, upjee- means to well up. mai Har gun kahtay tripat na bhaeeaa- now when I kahtay- when I chant the Praises, the gun, when I chant the praises and glory of Waheguru, tripat na bhaeeaa- Ii cannot be satisfied, I want to keep chanting more and more.

Param bairaag nit nit Har dhiaa-ay mai Har Gun kahtay bhaavanee kaheeaa.
Guru Ram Daas Ji says that those who nit nit- who daily, continually, everyday Har dhiaa-ay- meditate upon Waheguru, inside them they are blessed with the state of param bairaag- param- means the highest, and state of bairaag- means unattachment. Even whilst living in this world, they are unattached to their cars and wealth and all of these things. If you meditate upon the Gurus Words daily, you will be blessed with this state of living. And this state of living is beautiful because there is no anxiety, stress, hatred, and ego. Mai Har Gun kahtay bhaavanee kaheeaa- and these tukaa- have been translated in various ways- one way of looking at it is that mai Har Gun kahtay, bhaavanee kaheeaa- the bhaavanee- the love which I have felt inside whilst kahtay- whilst singing the Gun- the Praises and Glory of Waheguru, that bhaavanee- that love I felt I have kaheeaa I have told you in these words, in this Baani. These Words of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj are telling you about that love inside. Another way of looking at it is this, Mai Har Gun Kahtay bhaavanee kaheeaa- whilst I have been kahtay- whilst I have been repeating the Praises of Waheguru, meditating upon the Naam, the Name of God, bhaavanee kaheeaa- the more I kaheeaa- the more I say it, the more bhaavanee- the more love wells up inside me.

Baar baar khin khin pal kaheeai Har paar na paavai parai paraeeaa.
Baar Baar- again and again, khin khin- each and every moment, pal- means the amount of time it takes for you to open and close your eyes, each second, each moment, each instant, kaheeai- I want to kaheeai- I want to chant the Name of God. Har paar na paavai parai paraeeaa- But even whilst chanting this, the more I chant, the more I realise, that paar na paavai - no-one can find the paar- the limits of God. parai paraeeaa- the limits of God are Limitless. parai paraeeaa.

Saasat bayd puraan pukaareh dharam karahu khat karam drriraeeaa.
The Shaastrs, the Vaydaas, the Puraanaas, they say that dharam karahu- perform these actions, that by performing certain actions, you will get certain rewards, and what are those actions? Khat karam- six types of religious rituals, and what are those rituals? To study knowledge, to teach others knowledge, to perform religious rituals, to get others to perform religious rituals, to give charitable gifts, and to take charitable gifts- these are the chhay dhaarmik karam. the khat karam, that the Shaastrs, Vaydaas, and Puraanaas talk about.

Manmukh paakhand bharam vigootay lobh lahar naav bhaar budaeeaa.
But Guru Sahib Ji says Manmukh paakhand bharam vigootay- that following their minds, all they are doing is performing this paakhand- this outward hypocrisy, bharam vigootay- and they are vigootay- wandering around in bharam- in doubt. Lobh lahar naav bhaar budaeeaa- Instead of giving me any peace, what do these rituals do?? They just increase the lahar- the waves of lobh- greed inside me. Naav bhaar budaeeaa- And the boat of my soul is budaeeaa- is weighted down by the bhaar- by the weight of these actions. Taking and giving charitable gifts, ego is welling up in my mind, whilst studying and getting others to study, I still have greed in my mind. Whilst performing outer rituals, I still have greed, anger, desire, hatred welling up in my mind.

Naam japahu Naamay gat paavhu Simriti Saastr Naam drriraeeaa.
But Guru Ram Daas Ji says, if you want to be rid of this, what are you going to do?? Naam japahu- meditate upon the Name of God, Naamay gat paavhu- by meditating upon the Name of God, you will find liberation. Simriti Saastr Naam drriraeeaa- Guru Raam Das Ji says that for me, the Naam, meditating, drriraeeaa- means to completely meditate and focus upon the Naam, completely single-mindedly focusing upon chanting the Name of God, upon chanting the Gurus Baani. That is, for me, the Simiritaee, the Shaashtraa- that is my Simritee, that is my Shaastr, and the Simriti and Shaastr were religious texts. For me, that is sacred. Drriraeeaa- meditating upon the Name of God.

Haumai jaa-ay ta nirmal hovai Gurmukh parchai param pad paeeaa.
Those Gurmukhs, those who follow the Guru, they are parchai- they are coloured, completely imbued with love for God. When they chant the Naam, this love for God wells up onside them. Param pad paeeaa- they find the highest status of living, and what is this highest status of living? What happens in this highest state of living? Haumai jaa-ay- the inner ego is jaa-ay- it goes, ta nirmal hovai- they are purified. This is the greatest state of living.

Ihu jag varan roop sabh Tayraa jit laaveh say karam kamaeeaa.
O God, this jag- this world, all that is created, is Your varan- is Your Colour, is your roop, is your Form- Sabh Tayraa- this all belongs to You. Jit laaveh say karam kamaeeaa- whichever way You laaveh- that you attach us, that is the karam- the actions that we do, kamaeeaa.

Nanak jant vajaa-ay vaajeh jit bhaavai tit raahi chalaeeaa.
Satgur Raam Das Ji says that all of the beings of this world, and all of the jant, they are just instruments, vajaa-ay vaajeh- You are the One who plays us all. Jit bhaavai- As it pleases you, tit raahi chalaeeaa- You put us upon the path, which pleases You. So Guru Piaario, Satgur Raam Das Ji Maharaj, in todays Hukamnama Sahib, has talked about the chandan vaas, the Fragrance of Gods Name. And Guru Maharaj Ji has told us that the Fragrance of Gods Name, what happens?? Anyone who comes into the Protection, who comes into the Charan Saran- the Lotus Feet and the Protection of the Guru, anyone who comes near that sandalwood, is infected with that beautiful fragrance, and if you come into the Company of the Guru, if you truly come into the Company of the Sangat and the Guru, you will be blessed with the fragrance of love and purity.


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