English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 793


Soohee |
Bhagat Ravidhaas jee is blessing us today. Bhagat jee begins the shabad,

Jo dhin aavehi so dhin jaahee |
Jo dhin aavehi - the day which you think is aavehi - is coming, we think that each day is coming, we think that all the weeks are coming up, but Bhagat jee says that in reality everyday that comes must go, each time a day comes, a week comes, a month comes then it passes away. Everyday that is coming, it is coming just to pass away. Bhagatjee is not saying this simply looking at the negative side. Sometimes we think that O it is negativity, no it's not! Bhagat jee is reminding us to make do of the gift that we have of the present, this present time that we have. Bhagat jee is saying that realize what precious time you have! Realize this,

Karanaa kooch rehan thir naahee |
Everyone is going to kooch - is going to leave, going to depart, rehan thir naahee - there is no place of rehan - meaning place of rest, thir means forever. There is no way you can remain on this earth forever. Bhagat jee says look around you,

Sang chalath hai ham bhee chalanaa |
Sang chalath hai - those people who gave birth to you, looked after your parents, look they've left, parents before them have left. Ham bhee chalanaa - realize that you yourself is going to leave. We are going to leave this world as well. Sang chalath hai has also been translated by gurmukh piaare - sang meaning the companions we had with us when we were born; our eyes, our ears, our nose, slowly slowly as we get older and older, our eyes give up, our ears give up, our senses get weaker and weaker. Bhagat Fareed jee says,

Chaban chalan rathann sae suneear behi geae | Haerrae muthee dhaah sae jaanee chal geae |77|
Bhagat Fareed jee is saying my teeth, my feet, my eyes, my ears - they've all stopped working, they've all left me. Haerrae muthee dhaah - my body is crying out, sae jaanee chal geae - those who were companions have left me, one by one they've gone.

Sang chalath hai ham bhee chalanaa |
Day by day all of my companions including even the parts of my body are decaying, are leaving me.

Dhoor gavan sir oopar maranaa |1|
The path which we were meant to take dhoor gavan - gavan means to walk upon, that path of God's devotion that we were meant to walk upon, of true love for God, of true prem that is dhoor - that is far away. Sir oopar maranaa - oopar means upon, maranaa - means death. Death is not far away, death is with you everyday. Each day we are drawing closer to death, death is not in a faraway land. It is with us at all times. This line has been translated in other ways as well. Dhoor gavan sir oopar maranaa - you make plans to go so far away, dhoor gavan. This is according to the Fareedkot teeka, you have all these plans that you are going to go far away and do all these things but sir oopar maranaa - many of those things are extinguished. As soon as the person dies all of those plans die with him or her. Dhoor gavan sir oopar marana - Sant Gurbachan Singhjee Bhindrawale also does a translation of this line. Baba jee says, dhoor gavan sir oopar marnaa - that Akal Purakh who is Shromani, who is above all, walk upon His path - gavan, walk upon the path of that Waheguru, that one who is Shromani, that One who is Akaal Purakh, One who is the greatest, dhoor gavan sir oopar marnaa - the death upon your sir will be erased and you will live forever and ever. Go Gurmukh piaareo Bhagat Ravidhaas jee is saying to us dhoor gavan sir oopar maranaa - the path is far and the death is with you at all times.

Kiaa thoo soeiaa jaag eiaanaa |
Why are you asleep? Jaag eiaanaa - O foolish being, wake up! What sleep is there? The sleep of spiritual ignorance, ignorance towards naam japnaa - towards recitation of Wahegurujee - God's name. The sleep of ignorance in which desires, anger, greed - all of these things are robbing us all the time. Bhagat jee is waking us up today and saying Jaag eiaanaa - wake up, O foolish being!

Thai jeevan jag sach kar jaanaa |1| rehaao |
You believe that the life on this jag - this world is sach - is the only truth. Bhagat jee is saying that all of these things we see will fall away, everything we see will one day be destroyed.

Rehaao - pause and think about this.

Jin jeeo dheeaa s rijak anbaraavai |
That person who gave you this jeeo - this life s rijak anbaraavai - He will bring you your rijak, He will bring you your food, He will bring you your daily bread. Bhagat Ravidaas jee is saying to us that instead of being dishonest and trying to rob bread out of someone's hand, have that much faith that God is with you at all times and that God will provide.

Sabh ghatt bheethar haatt chalaavai |
Know that God lives inside everyone's hearts - bheethar - inside. Haatt chalaavai - all of these are shops of God. What does that mean? It means that God is the One who is doing all of the dealing inside each person. Bhagat jee is saying go out into the world, earn by honest means. Just like Guru Nanak Devjee has given us the priniciple of kirat karna. But Bhagat Ravidaas jee says that have that faith, that yes Guru ka sikh works but his faith is in Waheguru that yes Waheguru will provide for me.

Kar bandhigee shaadd mai maeraa |
Meditate upon Waheguru, peform recitation of Waheguru jee's naam. Shaadd mai maeraa - give up the thoughts that this belongs to me, this is mine - all of those thoughts of ego.

Hiradhai naam samaar savaeraa |2|
Samaar means to meditate upon, to contemplate upon. Hiradhai - in your heart, naam - keep the name of God in your heart, samara savaeraa - savaeraa has been translated in a few ways. It can mean in the early morning. So this pangti can mean that get up in the early morning, get up in the ambrosial hours of early morning and meditate upon Waheguru Waheguru, meditate upon Japjee Sahib, meditate upon Sukhmani Sahib, meditate upon Guru's banee. Savaeraa also means that whilst you still have time in this human body, whilst you still have this daybreak of life, with this present moment meditate upon Waheguru.

Janam siraano panth n savaaraa |
Your janam - your life is siraano - is passing away but Bhagat jee is saying panth n savaaraa - you have not arranged, you have not sorted out your panth - your path. You don't even know what path you are on, you haven't even walked upon this path.

Saajh paree dheh dhis andhiaaraa |
Saajh means the evening comes. What happens in the evening? Dheh dhis andhiaaraa - in all ten directions there is andhiaaraa - there is darkness. Bhagat Ravidhaas jee is saying whilst you have this body, whilst you have blood flowing in your body, before the evening of death comes and all of your body's organ and all of your life is enveloped in darkness, in this darkness of death - before that meditate upon God.

Kehi ravidhaas nidhaan dhivaanae |
Bhagat Ravidaasjee says O dhivaanae - O foolish dhivaanae - O madman! Why is Bhagat Ravidaasjee is saying this? Bhagat jee is saying that if you think you are going to live forever this is simply foolishness. To simply think that life is about gathering together all the material goods that we can - that is madness! Bhagat Ravidaasjee says,

Chaethas naahee dhuneeaa fan khaanae |3|2|
Why do not remember God and why do not remember that this dhuneeaa fan khaanae - khanaae means the place of, the residence of, fan comes from the word fana meaning destruction. This world is the house of destruction. What does that mean? - that everything that has been created will be destroyed in this world. Everything that we see will one day fall away.
So Bhagat Ravidaasjee is saying in this shabad today wake up and meditate upon God! Give up your madness of spiritual ignorance, of ego, of desires, of anger and of greed.

Kehi ravidhaas nidhaan dhivaanae |
Chaethas naahee dhuneeaa fan khaanae |3|2|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!