English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 784

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is in Soohee Raag on Ang 784 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

raag soohee mehlaa 5 chhant
Satgur Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj is blessing us today in Sohee Raag, Soohee Raag is colored like a new wedding dress of a bride. And in the same color of love Satgur Ji Maharaj is blessing us raag soohee mehlaa 5 chhant. chhantis a name of musical measure which is sung at weddings usually and Guru Sahib Ji expressing divine ecstasy, divine happiness through this form of Shabad, chhant.

ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad
Satgur Maharaj Ji begins the Shabad with ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad. Satgur Ji says there is one eternal Waheguru who is creating, nourishing and in the end destroying all and who is found through the parsaad grace of the sat, the eternal Guru, Satgur Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj.

mith bolrhaa jee har sajan su-aamee moraa
Satguru Ji begins the Shabad with mith bolrhaa jee har sajan su-aamee moraa. Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj is describing to us the state of union the God centered being has with the Lord, Waheguru, with the Guru. When describing the Guru to us Guru Arjan Dev Ji says mith bolrhaa jee har sajan su-aamee moraa, moraa - my; sajan - my friend; suaamee - my master, AkaalPurakh, the Guru; mith bolrhaa jee - forever mith, sweetly spoken, bolrhaa means the words; His words are always full of sweetness. Does not matter who comes towards the Guru, whether friend or foe, Guru's words are sweetly spoken because Guru is nirvair, Guru is nirbhau- fearless, but Guru is nirvair - without enmity.

ha-o sammal thakee jee oh kaday na bolai ka-uraa
Satgur Ji says ha-o sammal thakee, I try to sammal recall in my mind, thakee je- I am tired because I cannot remember all the time, oh kaday na bolai ka-uraa because my Waheguru, my Lord God, my Guru, my Satgur Paadshah, my Guru Nanak Dev Ji, kaday na -never bolai- speaks kauraa - harshly, never speaks sour words, never speaks words of hurt or hate.

ka-urhaa bol na jaanai pooran bhagvaanai a-ugan ko na chitaaray
ka-urhaa bol na jaanai pooran bhagvaanaiThat pooran - that perfect bhagvaanai - master of all, Akaal Purakh, Waheguru, ka-urhaa bol na jaanai Satgur Paadshah Ji says it's because na jaanai He does not even know how to speak ka-urhaa bol, His words are always soothing, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj's bani, the words of Guru are always soothing. Satgur Paadshah Ji tells us, amrit bachhan saaDh kee banee, saaDh - the eternal Guru, His banee - words are always amrit, are always the nectar of immortality. It was the Guru's words that woke Bhai Daya Singh Ji back to life in Amritsar Sanchaar ceremony. It was Guru's words which kept Baba Deep Singh Ji fighting with their head on the palm of their hand. So their words are immortal and full of Grace, full of nectar. It was the Guru's sweetly spoken words which changed accountable of Kauda Rakash into a saint. It was Guru's sweetly spoken words which changed the robber Sajjan Thhug into a saint. a-ugan ko na chitaaray, a-ugan- the vices that we have within us. The Guru does not keep on reminding us about them again and again. The Guru highlights them, the Guru gives us updesh, gives us the message, a-ugan ko na chitaaray, a-ugan. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Sajjan Thhug, Sajjan, the robber, Guru Sahib Ji sang the Shabad, laid out Sajjan's bad points in front of him and in that one time Sajjan changed over just by listening to that Shabad.

patit paavan har birad sadaa-ay ik til nahee bhannai ghaalay
patit paavan har birad sadaa-ay It is the birad, sadaa-ay means forever and to be known as. Waheguru ji's birad, Waheguru Ji's nature is this, Guru Sahib Ji says patit paavan, paavan who purifies the patit the sinners. That is what Waheguru Ji does. ik til nahee bhannai ghaalay And even ik til if you have to remember God for a second, til literally means sesame seed; even as small as a seed, even for that amount of time, you remember Waheguru Ji, you do simran, you remember Satgur Ji, ik til nahee bhannai ghaalay he does not even overlook that second.

ghat ghat vaasee sarab nivaasee nayrai hee tay nayraa
ghat ghat vaasee Waheguru Ji is living in ghat ghat, within each heart. sarab nivaasee He is all over the world, the universe, nayrai hee tay nayraa, nayrai hee tay - closer to us than anything close to us. Bhagat Ravi Daas Ji says keh ravidaas haath pai nayray; God is closer to your than your hands and feet. And if you look at other scriptures the Koran also says that God is closer to you than your jugular vain. So Gurmukh Piaa-rio, Satgur Sahib Ji's Bani is telling us keh ravidaas haath pai nayray God is closer to you than even your hands and feet.

naanak daas sadaa sarnaagat har amrit sajan mayraa. ||1||
Guru Arjan Dev Ji says that sadaa forever and forever I am sarnaagat, I have aagat come into the saran, the protection of Waheguru. har amrit sajan mayraa My sajan, my friend whose name is the nectar of immortality, whose name brings us back to life.

ha-o bisam bha-ee jee har darsan daykh apaaraa
ha-o bisam bha-ee jee Satgur Arjan Dev Ji says I am bisam bha-ee, I have gone into divine ecstasy. How did that happen? har darsan daykh apaaraa, apaaraa means the one which is beyond any limits. Seeing that limitless darshan, having that limitless union with Waheguru.

mayraa sundar su-aamee jee ha-o charan kamal pag chhaaraa
mayraa sundar su-aamee jee My su-aamee, my Lord, my master is sundar beautiful. ha-o charan kamal pag chhaaraa I am the chhaaraa - dust of His pag feet, charan kamal of His lotus feet. charan kamal Satgur Ji is saying that His feet are residing in all but they are like kamal why? Because Waheguru Ji within all but Waheguru Ji is not affected by the sins of anyone or by the filth of paap within this world. Waheguru Ji is always immaculate, always pure. ha-o charan kamal pag chhaaraa What is charan kamal ofWaheguru? Guru Gobind Singh Ji tells us chitt charan kamal naam - keep naam in your hirdaa, in your heart. That is to hold on the lotus feet of God.

parabh paykhat jeevaa thadhee theevaa tis jayvad avar na ko-ee.
parabh paykhat jeevaa By seeing my Waheguru, by having that darshan, by having that union with God, jeevaa that is true life; thadhee theevaa and then my inside is cool, there is no heat of anger left within me. tis jayvad avar na ko-ee Because I realize there is no other greater than Waheguru. If there is no one greater than Waheguru then who do I have to fear? kaun daray dar kis kaa ho-ay Gurbani tells us. There is no one to fear because there is no one greater than my father, my Lord God.

aad ant maDh parabh ravi-aa jal thal mahee-al so-ee
aad ant maDh parabh ravi-aa From time, beyond our conception - aad, beyond our thinking, aad does not mean from the beginning, it means beyond anything that we can think of; ant when our end comes; maDh at this present time; parabh ravi-aa Waheguru Ji is pervading through all of those times. Waheguru Ji is beyond time. jal thal mahee-al so-ee, jal- in the water, thal - on the land, mahee-al means in the sly. Waheguru Ji is pervading through all.

charan kamal jap saagar tari-aa bhavjal utray paaraa
charan kamal jap saagar tari-aa Maharaj Ji says if you want to tari-aa cross this ocean, this saagar of the world jap meditate upon the charan kamal, lotus feet of the Waheguru. Keep Guru's mantar, Guru's Bani within your heart. bhavjal utray paaraa This way you will utray paaraa, you will be carried across this ocean of the fear, bhavjal.

naanak saran pooran parmaysur tayraa ant na paaraavaaraa. ||2||
naanak saran pooran parmaysurGuru Arjan Dev Ji says I have gone into the protection of that pooran, perfect God. tayraa ant na paaraavaaraaThere is no end Waheguru Ji, there is no limit to your Grace, to your glory.

ha-o nimakh na chhodaa jee har pareetam paraan aDhaaro
ha-o nimakh na chhodaa jeeAnd if you know about this Shabad, Satgur Paadshah Ji first describes to us the pull of Akaal Purakh, the sounds, then the darshan, coming into, hearing about the Guru and seeing the Guru and in this part of the Shabad, Guru Ji says once you see the Guru, once you have met the Guru, ha-o nimakh na chhodaa jee, you do not leave the Guru even for a second nimakh, har pareetam paraan aDhaaro that pareetam beloved Waheguru who is the aDhaaro, the support of my paraan, my breath.

gur satgur kahi-aa jee saachaa agam beechaaro
gur satgur kahi-aa jeeWhatever the Guru says, the eternal Guru, saachaa agam beechaaro know that to be truth. agam know that to be the path to inaccessible Waheguru, beechaaro the understanding the path.

mil saaDhoo deenaa taa naam leenaa janam maran dukh naathay
mil saaDhoo deenaa When we met the saints of all saints, the Guru, He blessed with the name of the Lord. taa naam leenaa that is why I am meditating upon the name of the Lord because the Guru has blessed me with it. janam maran dukh naathay And when I started meditating upon the name of the Lord, janam maran dukh the pains of being born and dying naathay were removed.

sahj sookh aanand ghanayray ha-umai binthee gaathay.
sahj sookh aanand ghanayray The name of the Lord brings the eternal state of balance, sahj sookh - the greatest happiness, aanand - bliss which is never ending, ghanayray - countless; ha-umai binthee gaathay And knot inside me which is entangling my whole soul of ha-umai, of ego that is being removed.

sabh kai maDh sabh hoo tay baahar raag dokh tay ni-aaro
sabh kai maDh Waheguru Ji is within and pervading through all, sabh hoo tay baahar and is outside all, raag dokh tay ni-aaro and even though Waheguru Ji is pervading through all, Waheguru Ji is not blemished by raag, by attachment, or by dokh - enmity because Waheguru Ji is ni-aaro beyond all this.

naanak daas gobind sarnaa-ee har pareetam maneh saDhaaro. ||3||
naanak daas gobind sarnaa-ee Satguru Ji says I have come to the protection of gobind, that Waheguru who is the light of the whole universe. har pareetam maneh saDhaaroWaheguru Ji is the one who saDhaaro is the support and the one who can bless my mind with true understanding and who can put me onto the path of my pareetam, my beloved Lord.

mai khojat khojat jee har nihchal so ghar paa-i-aa
First we heard about the speech of the Guru. Then we talked about not leaving the Guru, falling on the feet of the Guru. Now Guru Arjan Dev Ji is saying mai khojat khojat jee har nihchal so ghar paa-i-aa I have realized by serving the Gur that I have found a nihchal, a ghar, a place of rest which will never come and go, which will be open. khojat khojat jee Searching the whole world, har nihchal so ghar paa-i-aa I have found the house of the Lord, the Guru. And I have found the Lord within my house of my soul.

sabh aDhruv dithay jee-o taa charan kamal chit laa-i-aa.
sabh aDhruv dithay jee-o I have seen, dithay with my eyes, the whole world is aDhruv, the whole world is transitory. Today someone is different tomorrow they are enemy. Today someone is alive tomorrow they are not on this earth. Everything is going, everything is in flux, and everything is passing away. taa And now I have realized this charan kamal chit laa-i-aa I have attached my chit, my consciousness to the Shabad of the Guru because I have realized naam rahay-oo, the name of the God will remain. saDhoo rahay-oo the saints who meditate upon the name of the Lord will remain. rahay-oo gur gobind that the Akaal Purakh, the Guru will remain. kaho naanak eh jagat meh kin japi-oo gur mant In this world those who meditate upon the naam, mantar remain immortal.

parabh abhinaasee ha-o tis kee daasee marai na aavai jaa-ay
parabh abhinaasee ha-o tis kee daasee I am the daasee, the servant of that parabhu, of that Guru who is abhinaasee, who is beyond death, who is beyond destruction. marai na aavai jaa-ay Waheguru Ji does not marai - die, Waheguru Ji does not aavai jaa-ay come and go on this earth, in rebirth.

Dharam arath kaam sabh pooran man chindee ichh pujaa-ay
Dharam arath kaam sabh pooranWhat ever you ask for from the Guru you would be blessed with that. Dharam understanding of righteousness; arath worldly and spiritual wealth; kaam all of your desires of your mind; sabh pooran they will all be fulfilled. man chindee ichh pujaa-ay If you attach yourself to Waheguru you will find all of your ichh - your desires of your mind; man chindee.

sarut simrit gun gaavahi kartay siDh saaDhik mun jan Dhi-aa-i-aa.
sarut simrit gun gaavahi kartay All of the scriptures in the world, the Vedas,the Simriteeya, all of the scriptures, gun gaavahi kartay they are all singing the praises of that creator Waheguru. siDh saaDhik mun jan Dhi-aa-i-aa The siDhaas - those people who engage in saDhanaa, trying to control their minds, mun jan many different sages, many different saints Dhi-aa-i-aa they have all meditated upon the one creator Waheguru.

naanak saran kirpaa niDh su-aamee vadbhaagee har har gaa-i-aa. ||4||1||11||
naanak saran kirpaa niDh su-aameeSatgur Guru Arjan Dev Ji says I have entered into the saran - protection of that kirpaa niDh that treasure of all grace, su-aamee - my Lord God, Waheguru, vadbhaagee har har gaa-i-aa And Satgur Maharaj Ji says those who are blessed with the great fortunes have gaa-i-aa have sung the praises of that har har, of that Lord God, that Waheguru.So Maharaj Sahib Ji is talking in this Shabad about four paths. mith bolrhaa jee talking about listening to the Guru, hearing the Guru speech; then har darsan daykh apaaraathen having the darshan of the Guru; then hao nimakh na chhoda jee never giving up on the protection of the Guru and then in the fourth part har nihchal so ghar paa-i-aa to find that place of rest, that place of peace we are all looking for. Guru Sahib Ji says that can only be found in the protection of the Guru.

sarut simrit gun gaavahi kartay siDh saaDhik mun jan Dhi-aa-i-aa ||
naanak saran kirpaa niDh su-aamee vadbhaagee har har gaa-i-aa. ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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