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English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 777


Raag soohee shha(n)th mehalaa 5 ghar 1

Guru Arjun Dev Ji Maharaj talks to us today in the Soohee Raag, the Soohee Raag being the raag that takes one into the crimson, red colour of love. Shha(n)th – this shabad is in shha(n)ths, and in the first house of singing. Guru Arjun Dev Ji Maharaj begins with the mangalaacharan -

Ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||

There is One creator, nourisher and destructor, Who is found through the sathigur prasaadh – the grace of The True Guru.

Sun baavarae thoo kaaeae dhaekh bhulaanaa ||
Baavarae means someone who is mad, who is crazy. Sun baavarae, O crazy man, O mad man, listen to what I have to say. Thoo kaaeae – why have you, dhaekh bhulaanaa – looking upon this world. Why have you forgotten what you’re really here to do? O mad man, you’re here to do something, and you’ve forgotten what you’re here to do. Imagine if you walk into a shop, but you don’t buy anything on the shopping list. You go back home and when others as you what you’ve brought, you say I brought nothing. They’ll ask why did you go then? There is one thing we’re on this Earth to do. If we forget that, then there’s no point.

Sun baavarae naehu koorraa laaeiou kusa(n)bh ra(n)gaanaa ||
Listen you mad person, naehu koorraa laaeiou. You’ve attached yourself to naehu koorraa, into false love, not true love. How do you know what is false love and what is true love? False love is kusa(n)bh ra(n)gaanaa. There’s a flower in India called the safflower. False love is like the colour of that flower. The colour of that flower fades away easily and very quickly. Maharaj Ji is saying that false love with this world, with things that are all going to die, with things that are all going to perish away, is like the colour of that flower.

Koorree ddaekh bhulo adt lehai n mulo govidh naam majeet(h)aa ||
Ddaekh – looking, at this koorree – this falsehood, this world around you, bhulo – you’ve forgotten what you’re here to do. Adt lehai n mulo, mulo means price. Maharaj Ji says that not any of these things, all of this world is not worth even half a shell. Maharaj Ji is saying this world is worth nothing without Guru Ji’s hand. Govidh naam majeet(h)aa. Majeet(h)aa means a permanent colour. Govidh naam means The Name of Waheguru. Only The Name of Waheguru is the permanent thing, is the true love which will remain forever.

Thheevehi laalaa ath gulaalaa sabadh cheen gur meet(h)aa ||
If you repeat The Name of Waheguru, thheevehi laalaa, you will live laalaa, in complete colour, in the deep colour of love of Waheguru. Ath gulaalaa – the most deepest colour of love. How do you do this? Sabadh cheen gur meet(h)aa. By cheen, by meditating upon the sabadh, upon the meet(h)aa, the sweet Word of The Guru.

Mithhiaa mohi magan thhee rehiaa jhoot(h) sa(n)g lapattaanaa ||
But, O mad man, instead of doing this, mithhiaa mohi magan thhee rehiaa. Rehiaa means to remain. You remain magan – attached, to mithhiaa and mohi, to false attachment of this world, to this falsehood. Jhoot(h) sa(n)g lapattaanaa, you are lapattaanaa, you are attached to jhoot(h), to falsehood. You don’t go towards the truth.

Naanak dheen saran kirapaa nidhh raakh laaj bhagathaanaa ||1||
Naanak has gone into the saran, the protection of dheen kirapaa nidhh, The Waheguru Who is kirapaa nidhh, Who is the treasure, the nidhh of all kirapaa, of all treasures, of mercy. Guru Sahib says raakh laaj bhagathaanaa, please save the laaj, the honour of the bhagathaanaa, of the devotees, of your beloved ones.

Sun baavarae saev t(h)aakur naathh paraanaa ||
O mad man, listen to what I have to say. Saev means to serve, t(h)aakur means Akal Purakh Waheguru, naathh paraanaa – The One Who gave you this life, these praan. Guru Ji is saying, serve That Waheguru Who brought you to life.

Sun baavarae jo aaeiaa this jaanaa ||
O mad person, you’ve forgotten one thing. What is that? Jo aaeiaa, whoever comes onto this Earth, this jaanaa, that person has to leave one day. You forget this. We live each day as if we’re never going to leave, but we are going to leave one day.

Nihachal habh vaisee sun paradhaesee sa(n)thasa(n)g mil reheeai ||
O paradhaesee, O foreigner to this world, this world is only like a stop-over, one night in a hotel. We’re here for one night, and then Gurusahib says in Guru Granth Sahib Ji, bhalakae chalan hoe, in the morning we have to leave. We’re guests in this world. O paradhaesee, O foreigner, O stranger, O wanderer, listen to what I have to say. Nihchal habh vaisee. All of this world which you believe is nihchal, is permanent, is actually not. Everything is going to fade away. The house which you think is permanent, the car which you think is going to be there forever, all these things you are attached to, that you think are going to remain forever, are going to fade away. So what do you have to do? What is the thing that will take you to Akal Purakh? Sa(n)thasa(n)g mil reheeai. Reheeai means to remain. Go and sit in the sa(n)thasa(n)g, where the sant, where the saints get together. There you will learn what is truly permanent.

Har paaeeai bhaagee sun bairaagee charan prabhoo gehi reheeai ||
O bairaagee, O one who wants to renounce the world, har paaeeai bhaagee. You can only find Waheguru through bhaagee, through great fortune. And until that point, what do ou have to do? Charan prabhoo gehi reheeai. Gehi reheeai means to remain attached, to grab hold of, you have to grab onto the charan, the lotus feet of prabhoo, of Waheguru. You have to repeat that mantra, the mool mantra.

Eaehu man dheejai sa(n)k n keejai guramukh thaj bahu maanaa ||
Eaehu man dheejai – you will have to give this mind to The Guru. But, when you give it away, sa(n)k n keejai, do not have any sa(n)k – doubt. Don’t have any doubt left in your mind when you give it away. Guramukh thaj bahu maanaa. Become a guramukh, follow The Guru and do what? Thaj bahu maanaa, give up your pride, your ego.

Naanak dheen bhagath bhav thaaran thaerae kiaa gun aakh vakhaanaa ||2||O
Waheguru Ji, Naanak, the humble devotee comes into Your protection. O bhagath bhav thaaran, The One Who saves His beloved ones, His bhagaths from the bhav, the ocean of the world, The One Who carries them across, thaerae kiaa gun aakh vakhaanaa? How many of Your gun, how many of Your praises can I sing? I can’t sing all of them because they’re infinite. There’s so many praises of Waheguru, there’s so many virtues of Waheguru that they can’t be sung by one person or even by the whole world. No one can find the end of His praises.

Sun baavarae kiaa keechai koorraa maano ||
O baavarae, O mad person, kiaa keechai koorraa maano. Why do you have this false ego inside you? This is my belonging, this thing belongs to me. What about when you leave this world? Will it belong to you then?

Sun baavarae habh vaisee garab gumaano ||
Maharaj Ji says O baavarae, O mad person, all your garab gumaano, all your ego, all your pride, all of that inside you, habh vaisee, all of that will one day fall into bits.

Nihachal habh jaanaa mithhiaa maanaa sa(n)th prabhoo hoe dhaasaa ||
Again Maharaj Ji is saying, what you think is nihachal, what you think is permanent, habh jaanaa, is all going to pass away, is going to fall away. It’s all going to break, it’s all going to die, and it’s all going to perish. Your pride, your maanaa, is mithhiaa, is false. There’s no reason to have pride over these things. Become the dhaasaa, the servant of the sa(n)th, the saints of Waheguru, the ones who are in love with Waheguru.

Jeevath mareeai bhoujal thareeai jae thheevai karam likhiaasaa ||
Then what will happen to you? They will teach you to be jeevath mareeai, to be dead whilst alive. What does this mean? It means you have accepted and acknowledged death and that one day you have to leave. As such, you live every day, you breathe every breath as if it’s your last. By doing this, by living each day as your last, bhoujal thareeai. Bhou means fear, jal means water. You will cross across this ocean of fear, you will cross across this world. This will only happen, jae thheevai karam likhiaasaa, if it is likhiaasaa – written, in your karam, if it is your destiny.

Gur saeveejai a(n)mrith peejai jis laavehi sehaj dhhiaano ||
Gur saeveejai, serve The Guru. Then what will happen? A(n)mrith peejai, drink the a(n)mrith of Naam within you. Jis laavehi sehaj dhhiaano, You can only get this if Akal Purakh Waheguru blesses you with sehaj dhhiaano, with that balancing concentration upon The Guru inside you.

Naanak saran paeiaa har dhuaarai ho bal bal sadh kurabaano ||3||
Naanak has paeiaa, has fallen into the saran, into the protection of har dhuaarai, of Waheguru Ji’s door, of Waheguru Ji’s gate. Hob al bal sadh kurabaano. I am bal bal, I am a sacrifice, again and again to Akal Purakh, to Waheguru.

Sun baavarae math jaanehi prabh mai paaeiaa ||
In the last part of the shabad, Guru Ji says, sun baavarae math jaanehi prabh mai paaeiaa. In the end, Guru Ji says, don’t think prabh mai paaeiaa, that you have found Waheguru. Never think that.

Sun baavarae thheeo raen jinee prabh dhhiaaeiaa ||
O mad one, always be the raen, the dust of the feet of those people who have done what? who have dhhiaaeiaa, who meditate upon prabh, upon Waheguru.

Jin prabh dhhiaaeiaa thin sukh paaeiaa vaddabhaagee dharasan paaeeai ||
Jin prabh dhhiaaeiaa, those people who dhhiaaeiaa, who meditate upon Waheguru, what do they find? They find eternal sukh, eternal peace, peace of mind that the whole world is looking for. Vaddabhaagee dharasan paaeeai. Only by great fortune, by vaddabhaag are you blessed with dharasan of those people, with seeing those people.

Thheeo nimaanaa sadh kurabaanaa sagalaa aap mittaaeeai ||
Thheeo nimaanaa, live your life as nimaanaa, be humble and meek. Sadh kurabaanaa, always be a sacrifice to Waheguru. Then what do you have to do? Sagalaa aap mitthaaeeai. You have to take away, you have to burn away all of the sense inside you of self, of your aap, of your ego.

Ouhu dhhan bhaag sudhhaa jin prabh ladhhaa ham this pehi aap vaechaaeiaa ||
Jin prabh ladhhaa, that person who has found Waheguru, ouhu - that person, has got great dhhan bhaag - has got blessed fortune, has got great destiny. I vaechaaeiaa, I sell myself to that person, I completely surrender myself to that person.

Naanak dheen saran sukh saagar raakh laaj apanaaeiaa ||4||1 ||
Guru Sahib says Naanak, the humble one, the lowly one, saran sukh saagar, has come into the protection of the sukh saagar, of the ocean of all peace, the ocean of all sukh. Raakh laaj apanaaeiaa. Please Waheguru Ji, protect the laaj, the honour of your servants, of your beloved ones. So what Guru Arjun Dev Ji is saying to us today is, don’t look at this world O mad person, and think that it all belongs to you. You have to leave one day. When you have to leave, you have to give an account of your actions in the court of Dharamraaj. Guru Ji is saying, you must meditate upon Waheguru in order to find the truth. Everyone is looking for the truth, but the truth can only be obtained by meditating upon Waheguru, there is no other way of finding the truth.

Ouhu dhhan bhaag sudhhaa jin prabh ladhhaa ham this pehi aap vaechaaeiaa ||
Naanak dheen saran sukh saagar raakh laaj apanaaeiaa ||4||1 ||

Jaikaare Gajaave Nihaal ho Jave Fateh Paave, Sat Sri Akal, Gurbar Akal, Deg Teg Fateh!

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!


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