English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 775


Raag soohee shanth mehalaa 4 ghar 3
Sathguru Raamdaasjee Maharaj is blessing us with updesh today in the musical measure of chant in ghar 3 - the third house of tune and rhythm. Sathgurujee says,

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
There is One Eternal Being who is the sustainer of the world and is found through the Grace of the sathguru - the True Guru. Sathgurujee begins with the shabad,

Aaveho santh janahu gun gaaveh govindh kaerae raam |
Aaveho - come gather around O saints - seekers of the Truth, gun gaaveh govindh - so that we can sing the praises and virtues of govindh - of the creator of the universe, Waheguru.

Guramukh mil reheeai ghar vaajehi sabadh ghanaerae raam |
Sathgurujee gives a message here and says, Guramukh mil reheeai - let us unite forever and forever with those people who are following the Guru, with those people who lovingly face the Guru. Then what will happen when we connect with them? Ghar vaajehi sabadh ghanaerae raam - in the home of our soul we will hear the vibrations of the shabad - the shabad will play within us.

Sabadh ghanaerae har prabh thaerae thoo karathaa sabh thaaee |
When we become Yours O Waheguru, O prabhu, O lord then we are filled with the shabad - with the word of Your name within us. Thoo karathaa sabh thaaee - You are the creator sab thaae - not just the Creator, you pervade through all places as well.

Ahinis japee sadhaa saalaahee saach sabadh liv laaee |
Sathguru patshahjee says that the way of meditating is this - ahinis - day and night japee - I meditate and sadhaa salaahee - forever I sing His virtues. Saach sabadh liv laaee - I attach my consciousness, my focus to the saach shabad - to the word of truth, to Satnaam, to Wahegurujee's name, to God's name.

Anadhin sehaj rehai rang raathaa raam naam ridh poojaa |
Day and night they are colored in the rang - the love of god's name. From this love for god's name comes sehaj - comes complete peace, complete poise, and complete balance. Sehaj is a way of living where everything happens by the will of god and is accepted by us. Raam naam ridh poojaa - maharaj jee says that to gain this state of spiritual exaltment you have to meditate upon, worship within your heart the name of god.

Naanak guramukh eaek pashaanai avar n jaanai dhoojaa |1|
Sathgur pathsahjee says the one who faces towards the Guru, the one who listens to everything that the Guru says, understand the One and realizes, pashaanai - literally means to realize, to recognize - recognizes that Waheguru in all and avar n jaanai dhoojaa - he realizes that there is no other.

Sabh mehi rav rehiaa so prabh antharajaamee raam |
Then sathguru pathsahjee tells us about this state of Being and Oneness. The person who can see the One says to everyone that sab mehi rav rehiaa - He is within all. Rav means to be pervading through all and rehiaa means to be. Wahegurujee is pervading through all. So prabh antharajaamee raam - that Waheguru is the knower of all hearts.

Gur sabadh ravai rav rehiaa so prabh maeraa suaamee raam |
The person who ravai - who dwells upon the Guru's shabad - the gurshabad he realizes that Waheguru jee is rav rehiaa - that Waheguru jee is pervading through all. So prabh maeraa suaamee raam - that Waheguru is my Lord.

Prabh maeraa suaamee antharajaamee ghatt ghatt raviaa soee |
My prabhu, my Waheguru is my Lord and he is antharajamee - knower of all hearts because He is ghatt ghatt - He is dwelling in all hearts.

Guramath sach paaeeai sehaj samaaeeai this bin avar n koee |
Through the Guru's math - the Guru's wisdom we will find Eternal Truth - that which is never changing. Sehaj samaaeeai - this is the way of merging into sehaj - this complete state of peace and poise that the gurmukhs have lived their life in. This can only be achieved through listening to the Guru's teachings. This bin avar n koee - when we achieve this state we realize that there is no other apart from that Waheguru.

Sehajae gun gaavaa jae prabh bhaavaa aapae leae milaaeae |
If it was to please my lord, within this state of poise I gun gavaa - I sing His praises. Aapae leae milaaeae - He Himself unites me with Himself.

Naanak so prabh sabadhae jaapai ahinis naam dhiaaeae |2|
Sathguru patshahjee says that you can realize that Waheguru by jaapai - by meditating. Ahinis naam dhiaaeae - therefore day and night meditate upon Wahegurujee's name.

Eihu jago dhuthar manamukh paar n paaee raam |
Waheguru says that this world is a very dangerous place - dhuthar means very dangerous. Manamukh paar n paaee raam - if we were to follow our mind and our desires then par n paaee raam - this is not the way of crossing across, we won't find the other side, we won't find the shore of this sea. Why? Guru jee answers that,

Antharae houmai mamathaa kaam krodh chathuraaee raam |
Inside us we have houmai - this idea of egotism and we have mamathaa - attachment to this world. Not just that we have lust, desires, anger and chathuraaee. Sometimes we think that kaam is just talking about sexual desires but kaam talks about all desires, krodh is taking about anger, chathuraaee is talking about this evil cleverness. Sathgurujee is not talking about being clever in sense of academia, but sathgurujee is talking about this deceitful cleverness - kaam krodh - we have all these big obstacles in our way.

Anthar chathuraaee thaae n paaee birathaa janam gavaaeiaa |
Anthar chathraaee - we have deceitful cleverness within. Thaae n paaee - we won't find a place of rest birathaa janam gavaaeiaa - we lose our life and it is wasted.

Jam mag dhukh paavai chottaa khaavai anth gaeiaa pashuthaaeiaa |
That manmukhs - the people who follow their mind they have to they paavai - pain on the mag - on the path of death. Chottaa khaavai - in this world and the next he suffers and endures punishment. Anth gaeiaa pashuthaaeiaa - he leaves this world regretting all the opportunities that have been missed to meditate upon god.

Bin naavai ko baelee naahee puth kuttanb suth bhaaee |
Without the name of god there is no friend. Puth kuttanb suth bhaaee - sons, families, brothers - sathgurujee says none of this will go with this. Sathguru jee explains this more in the next line,

Naanak maaeiaa mohu pasaaraa aagai saath n jaaee |3|
This is all a pasaaraa - all a show, a drama of maya moh - of attachment to this illusion. Aagai saath n jaaee - in the end it will not go with this. Realizing all this sathgurujee then says,

Ho poosho apanaa sathigur dhaathaa kin bidh dhuthar thareeai raam |
I beg and I ask my sathguru - my True Lord, my Waheguru - the giver of everything, I ask - sathguru Raamdaas jee says I am asking my True Guru Siri Guru Amardaas jee kin bidh dhuthar thareeai raam - what is the way, what is the method of crossing over this dangerous ocean. Sathguru jee maharaj says I got back this answer from my True sathguru,

Sathigur bhaae chalahu jeevathiaa eiv mareeai raam |
Walk according to the Will of the Guru - this is the way of mareeai - this is the way of dying whilst being alive. Now this idea of being dead whilst being alive is something which is very central to gurmath. It is something which plays a central role and Bhai Gurdaas jee sums it up very well in his vaar: muradhaa hoe mureedh n galee hovanaa - only by becoming dead whilst being alive can we be a true disciple and this just doesn't happen through galee - through simple words. Then Bhai Gurdaasjee goes on to explain this saabar sidhak seheedh bharam bho khovanaa - in acceptance of God's will he sacrifices himself and he loses his doubts and fears. golaa mul khareedh kaarae jovanaa - golaa means a slave - he is simply bought and put into service. naa this bhukh n needh n khaanaa sovanaa - that gurmukh pyaaraa doesn't worry about hunger. He/she doesn't worry about sleep or rest. Bhai Gurdaasjee goes on to explain the way of dying whilst being alive - being dead to the world but being awake spiritually, being alive spiritually - that is what it means to be dead whilst being alive, we are alive to the love of God but dead to the attachment of maya.

Jeevathiaa mareeai bhoujal thareeai guramukh naam samaavai |
Being dead whilst alive this is the way of crossing across this ocean of fear. Guramukh naam samaavai - by following the Guru, by keeping our face towards the Guru we will blend into the naam.

Pooraa purakh paaeiaa vaddabhaagee sach naam liv laavai |
By great fortune you find a pooraa being - a Perfect Guru like sathguru - like Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj. When you find the Guru you accept the Guru's instruction and what does the Guru say? Liv laavai - he attaches our consciousness to the True Name to the Satnaam.

Math paragaas bhee man maaniaa raam naam vaddiaaee |
When the Guru gives His guidance, within our intellect there is pargaas - there is a light bhee - when this light is turned on the darkness runs away and man maaniaa - the mind accepts and falls at the feet of this great enlightenment. Raam naam vaddiaaee - this is the glory of God's Name.

Naanak prabh paaeiaa sabadh milaaeiaa jothee joth milaaee |4|1|4|
Sathguru sahibjee says by merging into the shabad - by milaaeiaa - by merging into the shabad we will find our prabh - our Waheguru jothee joth milaaee - just like a light blending into the Eternal Light.

Math paragaas bhee man maaniaa raam naam vaddiaaee |
Naanak prabh paaeiaa sabadh milaaeiaa jothee joth milaaee |4|1|4|

Wahguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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