English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 765


Saadh sangat jio hukamnama sahib today is the blessing of Siri Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj. Sathguru Maharaj jee sahib is speaking to us in the soohee ragini. Maharaj sahibjee begins the shabad with the manglacharan - with the introduction:

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
There is One Eternal Being who is the illuminator of all, blesses all with life. Sat - forever eternal and is found through the prasaadh - the grace, the blessings of the guru. Sathguru Patshahjee begins the shabad,

Raag soohee shanth mehalaa 1 ghar 4 |
In the Soohee ragini, shanth - in the musical measure of shants, mehalaa 1 - by Siri Guru Naanak Devjee and Maharaj sahibjee has instructed raagi Singhs to sing this shabad in ghar 4 - in the fourth house of beat and rhythm. Maharaj sahibjee begins the shabad,

Jin keeaa thin dhaekhiaa jag dhandharrai laaeiaa |
Sathguru Patshah, Guru Nanak Patshahjee is saying jin keeaa - that Waheguru who has created this world thin dhaekhiaa - Waheguru jee looks after, protects and through everyone's eyes Waheguru jee sees and looks at this world. Jag dhandharrai laaeiaa - Waheguru jee is the One who has attached the world to their various different tasks, through their various different past deeds they've received what they have in this life. Also this line can be interpreted to mean jin keeaa - those who've meditated upon the Lord, who've engaged in bhagti - in devotional worship thin dhaekhiaa - they've seen Waheguru jee with their eyes, with the eyes of love and faith. Jag dhandharrai laaeiaa - they've seen that this whole world is attached to all these different tasks, all these different affairs due to their past lives. Maharaj jee goes on to say,

Dhaan thaerai ghatt chaananaa than chandh dheepaaeiaa |
Maharaj sahibjee, Waheguru jee when you give a dhaan - give a gift then ghatt chaanaa - then inside the heart is illuminated, full of Light. What Light is that? - Of Spiritual Wisdom. Maharaj sahibjee the gift of spiritual wisdom is Yours to give, O God. Than chandh dheepaaeiaa - within this sookham body, sookham means spiritual. There is a physical body and there is the spiritual body. Maharaj Guru Naanak Devjee is saying that within my spiritual body there is dheepaaeiaa - there has come to light a chandh - the moon. What is this moon of? This moon is of bairaag - spiritual yearning and spiritual longing, the moon of paroksh giaan - the spiritual wisdom which is contained within spiritual literature. Maharaj sahibjee goes on to say,

Chandho dheepaaeiaa dhaan har kai dhukh andhaeraa outh gaeiaa |
This moon glow is glowing even brighter, dhaan har kai - it is the gift of Waheguru. dhukh andhaeraa outh gaeiaa - glow of this moon is aprokhs giaan as well. In the glow of this moon, aprokhs giaan, through listening to the guru's shabad, through understanding gurbani - that further light of this moon has become aprokhs giaan - of complete spiritual experience. Through this spiritual experience which is a gift of the Lord, complete consciousness and knowledge of Waheguru, of Braham - of the Creator, dukh - pain, andhaeraa - the darkness of spiritual ignorance outh gaeiaa - has departed.

Gun jannj laarrae naal sohai parakh mohaneeai laeiaa |
The larraa - the bridegroom is Waheguru jee and with Waheguru jee there is the jannj - the marriage party of the all the virtues, of all the different virtues, of countless virtues of Akaal purakh. Maharaj sahibjee says, parakh mohaneeai laeiaa - those blessed soul brides have found out that Waheguru jee is the true bride-groom and they have not wasted themselves on anyone other than Waheguru jee. They've devoted all their time towards joining with and uniting with Waheguru - they've understood this. Another interpretation of this is: Waheguru jee has tested the soul brides before uniting with them.

Veevaahu hoaa sobh saethee panch sabadhee aaeiaa |
The wedding ceremony, another meaning of veevaahu - vee means that which is preordained, vaahu means joining together, that preordained destiny would join together the soul and Waheguru who are sobh saethee - has taken place with great sobh - with great splendor. Panch sabadhee aaeiaa - where did it take place? In the sangat. Panch shabadhee means those gurmukh piaaree who meditate upon the shabad again and again, those gurmukh piaare who experience the five celestial sounds, Maharaj sahibjee says that, those gurmukh piaare who meditate upon the naam they go through hearing these five sounds, these sounds of the Lord vibrating through all. Those panch sabadhee - those great gurmukh piaaree who hear the primal sounds, in their sangat, in their congregation this union with Waheguru has happened.

Jin keeaa thin dhaekhiaa jag dhandharrai laaeiaa |1|
That Waheguru jee who has created this world, thin dhaekhiaa - He is watching over all. Those gurmukh piaaree who have meditated upon Waheguru they see this. Jag dhandharrai laaeiaa - that Waheguru jee has attached all to their various dhandharrai - various tasks.

Ho balihaaree saajanaa meethaa avareethaa |
Maharaj sahibjee says that I am balihaaree - I am a sacrifice to those saajanaa - to those saintly friends, my meetha - my dear friends, avareethaa - those who have different ways to the world. The world goes one way they go the other. The world says act evil to those who do evil with you but they bless those who do evil. Of course they bless those who do good but even those people who do evil against them they bless them as well. Maharaj sahibjee, Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj is kicked by Baba Daatu jee and instead of kicking back or doing anything like that, Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj gets Baba Daatu jee's leg and starts pressing and massaging it and saying please Baba Daatu jee forgive me, my bones are old and they may have hurt your young flesh.

Eihu than jin sio gaaddiaa man leearraa dheethaa |
This spiritual body has been gaaddiaa - has been attached to those saintly beings man leearra dheethaa - I've given my mind to them, to those great beings.

Leeaa th dheeaa maan jina sio sae sajan kio veesarehi |
How can I veesarehi - how can I forget those sajan, those friends who I've give my man - who I've given my mind to and leeaa - I've taken on maan - meaning giaan - spiritual wisdom.

Jina dhis aaeiaa hohi raleeaa jeea saethee gehi rehehi |
Seeing those great saints hohi raleeaa - I've joy in my heart. Jeea saethee gehi rehehi - with my jeea, with my soul I keep gehi - meaning to clasp onto them, to grasp onto them. I grasp onto them with my soul, with the very heart.

Sagal gun avagan n koee hohi neethaa neethaa |
Those gurmukhs piaare sagal gun - they are surrounded by gun - they have virtues beyond all contemplation. Avagan n koee - they have no demerits, they have no vices left within them because they've merged with the Lord. Hohi neethaa neethaa - this line comes to mean that they come on to this earth again and again. They are nith avataar - meaning those incarnations that come onto this earth again and again, again and again. Those saints come onto this earth again and again to save wondering soul. Neethaa neethaa - they merge into that Waheguru who is ever new, they merge into that Lord who is pervading through all.

Ho balihaaree saajanaa meethaa avareethaa |2|
I am a sacrifice to those saajanaa - to those friends and meetha avareethaa - to those meetha - those friends who avareethaa - who follow a way of living which is different to the usual path of the world.

Gunaa kaa hovai vaasulaa kat vaas leejai |
Maharaj jee says that if you have a vaasulaa - if you have a basket of guns - of virtues kat vaas leejai - you should enjoy the fragrance of these virtues.

Jae gun hovan isaajanaa mil saajh kareejai |
O my friend if you have virtue within you mil saajh kareejai - then share your virtue. Don't share your vices. How are you going to share your virtues? Maharaj jee doesn't say here that underline your virtues or display your virtues but share them. How? - By putting them into practice.

Saajh kareejai guneh kaeree shodd avagan chaleeai |
The way to make a saajh - to make a relationship with the saints is through gune kaeree - through virtues. That is how you can make a partnership, make a friendship with them. Shodd avagan chaleeai - Maharaj jee says that we should give up our avagun - our demerits, our faults.

Pehirae pattanbar kar addanbar aapanaa pirr maleeai |
We should pehirae - wear the silk clothes of love from these virtues and kar addanbar - decorate ourselves with these virtues. Aapanaa pirr maleeai - in this way we should enter into the arena of life. Pirr maleeai talks about the pirr - the arena which the wrestler use to enter into. Maharaj jee says have this gun - have this virtues with you which will protect you in this wrestling arena of the world.

Jithai jaae beheeai bhalaa keheeai jhol anmrith peejai |
Whereever you go and sit bhala keheeai - always do something or talk and speak those words which are productive, which are positive, which are blessings. Jhol anmrith peejai - Maharaj jee says from this world which is like a pond from which, jhol - meaning the top of the pond, the top bubbles - all that stuff which comes to the top, Maharaj jee says take all those bubbles which are obscuring the pond off from it and anmrit peejai - drink the immortal nectar of God's name.

Gunaa kaa hovai vaasulaa kat vaas leejai |3|
If you have a vaasulaa - have of basket of virtues, kat vaas leejai - Maharaj says that then you should take the fragrance from this basket.

Aap karae kis aakheeai hor karae n koee |
Maharaj says aap karae - Waheguru jee Himself causes all, does all kis aakheeai - who can we complain to? Hor karae n koee - there is no other working in this world apart from Him.

Aakhan thaa ko jaaeeai jae bhoolarraa hoee |
We should go and say to Him jae bhoolarraa hoee - if you were to make a mistake.

Jae hoe bhoolaa jaae keheeai aap karathaa kio bhulai |
We can only go and complain if Waheguru jee bhoolaa - if Waheguru jee makes a mistake. But Maharaj jee tells us simply aap karathaa kio bhulai - how can the Creator make a mistake? Waheguru jee can't make a mistake, Guru Naanak Dev jee is saying.

Sunae dhaekhae baajh kehiai dhaan anamangiaa dhivai |
Baajh - without our asking for Waheguru jee sunae dhaekhae - sees and hears all. Dhaan anamangiaa dhivai - Waheguru jee without even our begging gives us the gifts. All of these gifts that Waheguru jee has given us: our mother, our father, our houses, our friends, the roof and shelter over our heads, the food to eat anamangiaa. Everyday we get an expect to have these and these come without begging. Maharaj jee says that that Waheguru is anamangiaa - He doesn't beg from anyone but dhaan dhivai - gives to all, doesn't ask anything from anyone, doesn't beg for any product from anyone.

Dhaan dhaee dhaathaa jag bidhaathaa naanakaa sach soee |
That Waheguru jee is the dhaataa and gives to all. Jag bidhaathaa - Waheguru jee is the one who created this whole universe. Naanakaa sach soee - Maharaj jee says that that Waheguru jee is the Eternal Truth.

Aap karae kis aakheeai hor karae n koee |4|1|4|
Waheguru jee is the One who does all hor karae n koee - Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj says that take all other thoughts from your mind; hor karai n koee - no one else does anything. This is the khel - this is the game of the Lord and Waheguru jee sees, hears and pervades through all.
In this shabad today Maharaj sahibjee is telling us, Gurmukh piaareyo if we have a vaasula - a basket of virtues then let us share our virtues. How are we going to share of our virtues? By putting our virtues into practice.

Dhaan dhaee dhaathaa jag bidhaathaa naanakaa sach soee |
Aap karae kis aakheeai hor karae n koee |4|1|4|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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