English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 762


Satgur Nanak Paadshah speaks in the Soohi Raag, the raag of love. Guru Nanak Paadshah is telling how the bride without virtue, what that soul bride is like.

ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad
There is one eternal being Waheguru, who is found through the true Guru’s parsaad – Grace.

manj kuchjee ammaavan dosrhay ha-o ki-o saho raavan jaa-o jee-o
The soul bride is kuchjee, has no virtues, ammaavan dosrhray – is full of wrong things, full of sins. hao – why, kio – why, saho means the Lord, Waheguru, raavan means to meet with, to unite with, to become one with; to enjoy. jao jeeo – how can I go and become one with my Lord, my master, how can I enjoy my Lord I am full of mistakes or faults.

ik doo ik charhandee-aa ka-un jaanai mayraa naa-o jee-o.
The soul brides, ik doo ik charhandee-aa means each one that comes forward is bad than the other, other is bad than the other. When I see the saintly souls that surround my Lord, one is bad than the other and the other is bad than the other. kaun means who, jaanai means to know, mera means mine, naa-o means name. Who even knows my name?

jinHee sakhee saho raavi-aa say ambee chhaavrhee-ayhi jee-o
jinhee whoever, sakhee friend, saho my Lord, raaviaa to enjoy; Those friends who have enjoyed, become one with my Lord, Waheguru, chaavrhee-ayhi means in the shadow, in the shade, ambee means the mango tree. They say in the shade of the mango tree, what does that mean? In India shade of the mango tree is the best shade to sit in. Why? Because obviously you have the mangoes and there is sweetness and it is said under the mango tree there is always coolness. So they are safe from this world and within them they are blessed from this shade of God, with this sweetness. That is how they live their lives, they don’t live their lives with the burning, they live their lives in this beautiful shade.

say gun manj na aavnee ha-o kai jee dos Dharay-o jee-o
Those gun virtues, manj I don’t have them at all, aavnee I don’t know them, who can I dos Dharay-o literally means to blame, for this? Who can I blame for my lack of virtue?

ki-aa gun tayray vithraa ha-o ki-aa ki-aa ghinaa tayraa naa-o jee-o
O Waheguru Ji how can I vithraa list your gun virtues? How can I ghinaa count, meditate and chant upon your names O Waheguru Ji?

ikat tol na ambrhaa ha-o sad kurbaanai tayrai jaa-o jee-o
ikat- Even one of your virtues O Waheguru, I cannot ambrhaa, cannot reach it, cannot go anywhere near it, I cannot contemplate going anywhere near it. sad kurbaanai Forever and forever I am a sacrifice to you O Waheguru Ji.

su-inaa rupaa rangulaa motee tai maanik jee-o
suinaa rupaa gold, silver rangulaa motee colorful, beautiful pearls, maanik diamonds, rubies

say vastoo seh ditee-aa mai tinH si-o laa-i-aa chit jee-o
she Waheguru my husband Lord has say vastoo diteeaa blessed me with these things, these commodities. He blessed us with these eyes that are like diamonds. He blessed us with this body which is like gold. You understand Guruji is counting the blessings that Waheguru Ji has given us, the countless blessings. But what have we done? mai tinh sio laaiaa chit jeeo I have laaiaa attached my chit concentration, my focus just to these external things and not to Waheguru. I have forgotten my Waheguru Ji. I have forgotten the one who has created these gifts. As Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says on Ang 676 in the Raag Dhanaasree Daat piaree visar-eeya dataa-raa We love the gifts that Waheguru Ji gives us but we have forgotten who created them, the dataaraa.

mandar mitee sand-rhay pathar keetay raas jee-o
These houses mandir made out of mitee dust, dirt and bricks are sand-rhay pathar embellished with stones, marbles and other materials.

ha-o aynee tolee bhulee-as tis kant na baithee paas jee-o
I have been bhulee-as diluted by these things around me, aynee tolee these houses, the world all around me, tis kant na baithee paas jeeo that I have never gone and sit with my husband Lord, I have never looked inside me for Waheguru, I have looked only outside.

ambar koonjaa kurlee-aa bag bahithay aa-ay jee-o
koonja the cranes speak over me, kurlee-aa they cry out. bag bahithay aa-ay jeeo The herons have come. What does that mean? That symbolizes the passing away of the soul. The bag heron has always been in Punjab the symbol of falsehood. The false herons have come and sat down.

saa Dhan chalee saahurai ki-aa muhu daysee agai jaa-ay jee-o
The bride has to leave for her sahurai in-laws house. muhu means face, daysee means the show; with what face can she, the soul bride show in the next world, agai jaa-ay?

sutee sutee jhaal thee-aa bhulee vaatrhee-aas jee-o
All day, all the time the soul bride is sutee completely diluted, in the drug of sleep? What does that mean? We are diluted, we think we are going to stay in this world forever, we are diluted in that drug. bhulee means forgotten, vaatrhee-aas the path. We have forgotten about the path the same way we have forgotten about the GuruSikhi in this world because we are entangled in Maya. So we give up our kes, we give up our rooh, we give up our ideals, our morals, why because we are entangled in this web.

tai sah naalahu mutee-as dukhaa kooN Dharee-aas jee-o
We have mutee-as separated like our soul bride from our Lord sah, Waheguru. dukhaa kooN Dharee-aas And now the soul bride has to suffer the pains.

tuDh gun mai sabh avganaa ik naanak kee ardaas jee-o
O Waheguru you have all the virtues and I have all the bad qualities. ik nanak kee ardaas jee-o but Nanak does one ardaas

sabh raatee sohaaganee mai dohaagan kaa-ee raat jee-o
All of the virtuous soul brides get to worship you, enjoy you, for the whole night. When will this beleaguered, unworthy, lowly soul bride get to spend time with you? When will my night come? So Guru Sahib is talking here about when will my time of union with you come O Lord, O Waheguru. O my Satgur when will that time come? That is the only Ardaas. And Satgurji is saying to us that should be the only Ardaas we should have it now in our minds and hearts and prayers for today.

tuDh gun mai sabh avganaa ik naanak kee ardaas jee-o
sabh raatee sohaaganee mai dohaagan kaa-ee raat jee-o

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!

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