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English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 754


Soohee mehalaa 3 |
Sathiguru Amardaasjee Maharaj is blessing us in Soohee raag today. Sathiguru Patshahjee has based this shabad on the rehao lines:

Vaahu vaahu poorae gur kee baanee |
Vaahu vaahu - blessed, blessed, all hail! Amazing! Vaahu - when comparing to an English word it translates as Wow! No other words can describe the feeling when you say vaahu - wow! Amazing! Beyond words! Where no words can fit - that is what vaahu is talking about, that experiences which is beyond all words. Guru Sahibjee says, vaahu vaahu poorae gur kee baanee - the baanee of the perfect Guru are beyond words. The baanee of the Guru takes you to a realm which is beyond this world, it takes you to experience something which is out of this world, which is amazing.

Poorae gur thae oupajee saach samaanee |1| rehaao |
This baanee - these words of the true Guru - the whole of Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Jee Maharaj has poorae gur thae oupajee - has sprouted forth, has sprung forward from the perfect Guru. Saach samaanee - what does this baanee do? If you meditate upon this baanee - if you meditate upon the Naam - the name of the Lord, Waheguru, if you meditate upon the name of God again and again you will samaanee - you will merge in with the Truth, with the Eternal Waheguru. Why? Because this eternal fountain of Guru's baanee has emerged from Waheguru. The droplet of water and the ocean are the one and the same. In the same way this fountain has sprung forth from inside the Guru, from inside the Guru this baanee has come forward into the world on the 1,430 angs of Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj and this baanee will take you just like a river takes along everything in its path and merges them back in with the ocean. In the same way the Guru's baanee will sweep you along. If you ride the wave of Guru's baanee, if you read the Guru's baanee daily, if you meditate upon the Guru's baanee, if you do veechar - if you understand, if you try to live by the Guru's baanee then the Guru's baanee will take you back into the ocean of God because that is where the Guru's baanee has sprung forth from. This whole shabad is based upon that central point. So Guru piaareo when we are looking through rest of the hukamnama, through rest of the vaak let us keep central points in mind that Guru's baanee is taking us back into Waheguru.

Kaaeiaa kaaman ath suaaloui pir vasai jis naalae |
That kaaeiaa - that body and kaaeiaa here is used in a feminine sense, kaaman meaning soul bride, that body, that soul bride - body here is taken in a spiritual sense, the spiritual body - that spiritual body, that soul bride who vasai jis naalae - who abides with her husband, her Lord God Waheguru, that soul bride, that body is suaaloui - that soul bride is beautiful. What is guru sahibjee saying here? Guru sahibjee is saying that that soul bride who has realized that God lives within and who has meditated upon the Guru's words and who has followed the baanee - the immortal words of the perfect Guru and who has merged back with her soul and master - she is beautiful. She has the beauty of virtue, she has the beauty of peace, she has the beauty of contentment.

Pir sachae thae sadhaa suhaagan gur kaa sabadh samaalae |
She is forever suhaagan - she is forever happily married. There is no separation from the eternal Waheguru, when you merge in, that is it! Gur kaa sabadh samaalae - how did she get to that point? She samaalae - it literally means to look after. What does that mean, to look after? It means to be reminded of again and again. Because she kept reminding herself, she kept repeating Guru's shabad she merged in with that eternal Lord God Waheguru.

Har kee bhagath sadhaa rang raathaa houmai vichahu jaalae |1|
The bhagath - the devotional worship of Waheguru raathaa - imbues you in the color of God's love sadhaa - forever and ever. Houmai vichahu jaalae - this disease of houmai - of ego is burnt from within, is removed by meditating upon Guru's shabad.

Vaahu vaahu poorae gur kee baanee |
Guru Sahibjee takes us back to that central point, vaahu vaahu - amazing! Beyond words! Is that baanee - is the words of the true Guru that takes us into a sublime experience.

Poorae gur thae oupajee saach samaanee |1| rehaao |
This baanee has flown forth from the mouth of the Guru's and the bhagats and the bhaatts and saach samaanee -the words of the respected Gurus, the respected Bhagat Sahibjees they will take you back into Waheguru. Why? Because they have come from God, these are God inspired words. Guru Nanak Devjee calls the baanee - khasam kee baanee - the words of the master Lord God. These words do not belong to anyone, they belong to God. They are beyond the distinctions of caste, color and creed and that is why we hear the words of Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee's words spoken through the mouth of Guru Nanak and sometimes through the mouth of Sheikh Fareed jee, sometimes through the mouth of Bhagat Naamdev jee from Hindu background. Rehaao - Gurujee says pause and think about this. These words of the guru will take you and merge you in with God.

Kaaeiaa andhar sabh kish vasai khandd manddal paathaalaa |
Everything vasai - is within your kaaeiaa - within your body, you do not need to look anywhere else. Khandd manddal paathaalaa - the many continents, the many worlds, the many regions, the nether worlds are all within you.. What does this mean? This means that that God whom you were looking for within the skies, in the heavens and everywhere else that God actually resides within you. In the next tuk Guru Amardaasjee says,

Kaaeiaa andhar jagajeevan dhaathaa vasai sabhanaa karae prathipaalaa |
Kaaeiaa andhar - within your spiritual body vasai - dwells jagajeevan dhaathaa - the life of the world, that eternal giver lives inside you. sabhana karae prathipaalaa - He is the One who nourishes all.

Kaaeiaa kaaman sadhaa suhaelee guramukh naam samaalaa |2|
That kaaeiaa - that spiritual body, that kaaman - that soul bride who keeps the Guru at the center of her life is Guramukh - that means guru-centered and naam samaalaa - meditates upon the naam, remembers the naam at all times, keeps the naam in mind, keeps the name of God in mind at all times is sadhaa suhaelee - is forever blessed.

Kaaeiaa andhar aapae vasai alakh n lakhiaa jaaee |
In this body, Guru sahibjee says again, aapae vasai - Waheguru abides andhar - within this spiritual body. Alakh n lahiaa jaaee - but he is alakh - meaning to be beyond the reach of our mind. Our mind cannot comprehend how great God is, our mind is finite and God is infinite, n lakhiaa jaaee - our mind cannot grasp God. Our mind cannot fathom how great God is. Can we put a whole ocean into the glass? No! It can never happen.

Manamukh mugadh boojhai naahee baahar bhaalan jaaee |
Those people who follow their mind they are mugadh - they are ignorant and boojhai naahee - they cannot understand this. Baahar bhaalan jaae - they go to look for God outside, in the jungles and wherever else. Even if we are not going to jungles but looking for God externally, Guru sahibjee says no, sit down, meditate, go into the sangat, yes go into the sangat and what will the sangat tell you? The sangat will tell you to look for naam within and the sangat will tell you to meditate - that is the point of going into the sangat. Many times we say oh it says not to look for God outside. Gurbanee is telling us that but gurbani is also telling us that sit in the sangat as that is the way you will look inside you by meditating upon the naam within the sangat.

Sathigur saevae sadhaa sukh paaeae sathigur alakh dhithaa lakhaaee |3|
If you serve, saevae means to follow what the Guru says, if you follow what the true Guru says then you'll find sadhaa sukh - the true eternal peace. Sathigur alakh dhithaa lakhaaee - the true Guru will show you that Lord God who is alakh - who is beyond the grasp of your mind. Dhithaa lakhaaee - the true Guru will show you that God who is beyond the grasp of the mind.

Kaaeiaa andhar rathan padhaarath bhagath bharae bhanddaaraa |
Inside the kaaeiaa - inside this spiritual body is jewels, diamonds - jewels of harmony, jewels of peace - everything is within you! Peace of mind is already within you. Bhagat bharae bhanddaaraa - the bhanddaaraa - the treasure of devotional worship is also within you but you need to meet with the Guru and the Guru will show you all this inside you!

Eis kaaeiaa andhar noukhandd prithamee haatt pattan baajaaraa |
Inside this body is the whole world! Noukhandd prithamee - means all of the continents of this earth. Haatt pattan baajaaraa - all of the houses, all of the markets, everything is within you! Gurujee is telling us this so that we look inside ourselves.

Eis kaaeiaa andhar naam no nidh paaeeai gur kai sabadh veechaaraa |4|
Inside this body we can find the naam - the experience of God's name but gur kai sabad veechaaraa - but only when we contemplate, when we meditate, when we understand the Guru's words, Guru's shabad.

Kaaeiaa andhar thol thulaavai aapae tholanehaaraa |
Inside this body Guru is weighing up our virtues, aapae tholanehaaraa - He Himself is the One who weighs then up inside and thulaavai - He is the one who shows us how to live a virtuous life.

Eihu man rathan javaahar maanak this kaa mol afaaraa |
That mind who is connected to God has within the diamonds, the jewels, the gems of spiritual wisdom, contentment, wisdom, harmony, peace this kaa mol afaaraa - the price of that mind that is connected to the Guru is completely priceless, is afaaraa - is beyond all prices, is completely priceless.

Mol kith hee naam paaeeai naahee naam paaeeai gur beechaaraa |5|
For any mol - for any value you cannot value God's name, you cannot say oh I will give you $500 and I'll get the name of God, no! Gurbani tells us that man de raam leea hai mol - you have to give your mind to the Guru and then you get the name of God. How can you find the naam - the name of God? Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj, Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj is telling us that you can find the name of God through the gur beechaaraa - through the guru's wisdom, through following what the Guru says.

Guramukh hovai s kaaeiaa khojai hor sabh bharam bhulaaee |
Guramukh - the one who is guru centered, who follows what the Guru says, who makes the Guru as the center of his life s kaaeiaa khojai - he looks within his spiritual body. Hor sabh bharam bhulaaee - everyone else is deluded by their bharam, by their doubts. Gurujee is telling us that get up every morning, close your eyes, chant the Waheguru mantar and that is where you'll find the name of God.

Jis no dhaee soee jan paavai hor kiaa ko karae chathuraaee |
That humble servant finds this gift who has been given this gift - dhaee - by Akaal Purakh. Kiaa ki karae chathuraaee - how can anyone else play clever tricks with God. God is all knowing, all hearing, all seeing!

Kaaeiaa andhar bho bhaao vasai gur parasaadhee paaee |6|
Bho - that cleansing fear of God and that bhaao - that love of God resides within this spiritual body of yours. Gur parasaadhee paaee - through the Guru's grace you can find this within you.

Kaaeiaa andhar brehamaa bisan mehaesaa sabh oupath jith sansaaraa |
Inside this body are all godly powers! The powers of creation which we call brehamaa, the powers of sustainence which is called bisan (Vishnu) and the power of destruction - mahaesaa (Shiv) is all within this body. All of these powers dwell inside. Sabh ooupath jith sansaaraa - the essence of creation is within you. These are deep things that Guru Amardaajee is telling us today. They are telling us that all divine power are within us, within this spiritual body. God has put the seed within all of us and we will find this when we sit down and look inside.

Sachai aapanaa khael rachaaeiaa aavaa goun paasaaraa |
That Eternal Truth has made this game within us, aavaa goun paasaaraa - this creation, coming on to this and going,

Poorai sathigur aap dhikhaaeiaa sach naam nisathaaraa |7|
- the perfect Guru app dhikaaeiaa sach naam nisathaaraa - shows him what? That sach naam, only through the True Name, only through the eternal Name of God can we find nisathaaraa - can we find liberation.

Saa kaaeiaa jo sathigur saevai sachai aap savaaree |
That body, that spiritual body who saevai - serves the true Guru is savaaree - is embellished and decorated by the True Guru Himself.

Vin naavai dhar toee naahee thaa jam karae khuaaree |
Without the name of God there is no toee - there is no place of rest at the court of Waheguru. Thaa jam karae khuaaree - those people who do not have the name of Waheguru, who do not meditate upon God's name, who do not look into the shabad they are made khuaaree - they are followed and captured, made to suffer by the Jam, by the messengers of Death,

naanak sach vaddiaaee paaeae jis no har kirapaa dhaaree |
Satgur Amardas ji Maharaj ji says that those who are blessed with the Grace with the Kirpa, Hari, of Waheguru they find the sach, the true vadiaae the true Glory, True Glory is found by singing the Glory of the Tue One. If you sing the Glory of the True Lord God Waheguru you will find True Glory within your Life.

Vin naavai dhar toee naahee thaa jam karae khuaaree|
naanak sach vaddiaaee paaeae jis no har kirapaa dhaaree |8|2|

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !


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