English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 754

The Hukam today is from Guru Amardas ji in Raag Soohee.

In this Hukam, he tells us that everything lies inside of our own body and you know we are trained to look outside for everything, but Guruji says that everything is inside us, that within our own body we can find all of the jewels, treasures, all of the nine continents of the earth, all of the cities, all of the creations inside of us.

So, what does He mean by that?

He means that when we immerse ourselves in the Shabad, that we experience everything inside and we understand that we are microcosm of the entire universe.

So, Guruji begins by saying that the body is the bride and God is the Husband and the happy bride meditates on the Shabad and experiences the vibration of the Shabad. And, in that experience she is immersed in deep love and the ego falls away and that experience of surrender and being filled with love happens.

So, Guruji says Waaho ! Waaho ! Blessed is the Bani of the Guru and through it we merge into the Truth.

And then he goes on to say that the Naam is priceless and it is only experienced through contemplating the Guru within yourself, in that personal relationship with the Guru and that when you live as Gurmukh, when your body and mind and mouth are merged into the Guru, then you meditate and you search within your own body and you experience the entire universe.

But, in order to do that, you have to surrender. You can’t do it by being clever, you can’t do it by being foxy, you can’t do it by anything except surrender. When you surrender, then you experience the awe of God and you experience the love of God, and that comes by Guru’s kirpaa.

Guruji ends by saying that we become liberated from the play of birth and death and from the shackles of the world by experiencing the state of Naam, Oneness with God and that the body then becomes beautiful and decorated by God, because we experience all of that incredible beauty of the Light and the pattern of creation within ourselves.

And without that experience, we find no peace, we find no rest and we are subject to the messenger of death to be born again and born again.

And, Guruji ends simply by saying that this experience of the glory of God is a gift, it comes through His kirpaa and that that gift brings emancipation.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!

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