English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 751


In the soohi raag Guru Nanak Devji is blessing us with the divine colour of Akal Purakh ji's Naam. Guruji says there is ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad, One creative, destructive, nourishing Being who is found through the True Guru's Grace.

kachaa rang kasumbh kaa thorh-rhi-aa din chaar jee-o.
Kasumbh is talking about a flower called the safflower and this flower is a plant which is used for coloring and gives a yellow dye or red in some cases. But the problem with the safflower is that its rang, it's color is kachha, not long lasting, one which is transitory, which only remains for a small amount of time. If you color something in the color of safflower, it loses it color very quickly. Guruji says, Just like the color of the safflower is transitory so is this world. Why? Because just as that color only remains for thorh-rhi-aa, means small amount of time, din chaar, for a few days. Chaar actually means four but in Punjabi if you say, Chaar k din it means only a few days, not four days. What Guru Sahib is saying is, The color of safflower only remains for a few days. But not just the color of safflower, this maya, this illusion only remains for a few days then it fades away.

Vin naavai bharam bhulee-aa thag muthee koorhi-aar jee-o.
Naavai means Waheguru ji's Naam, without Waheguruji's naam bharam bhulee-aa, the whole world is lost in doubt and people are engrossed in falsehood and they have become koorhi-aar, have become false in themselves, and also become thag muthee, which means thieves within themselves. They are plundered and robbed by all the thieves around them. What are the thieves in this world? They are lust, desire, ego, hatred. These thieves are the ones that do the most damage because they steal from your soul.

Sachay saytee rati-aa janam na doojee vaar jee-o.
Those who are rati-aa, coloured with the colour of the True Waheguru they don't have to be born doojee vaar, born again. They do not have to come to this world again. They are free, they are liberated.

Rangay kaa ki-aa rangee-ai jo ratay rang laa-ay jee-o.
That person who is already coloured in the Divine colour, how can you color them? How can any colour touch them? Those people who colour themselves in the true colour of God's name they are not touched by any other colour of this world, of this false maya, false illusion. This is only if they are completed rang laa-ay, if they are completely attached.

Rangan vaalaa sayvee-ai sachay si-o chit laa-ay jee-o.
Guruji says, Serve the One who colours this whole world, Waheguru. Attach your chit, your consciousness, to the True Waheguru.

Guruji says, Pause and Think !

Chaaray kundaa jay bhaveh bin bhaagaa Dhan naahi jee-o.
Chaaray kundaa means four corners of the earth, bhaveh means to wonder. You can wonder across the four corners of the earth but without fortune you will not obtain Dhan, wealth. Guruji says. Does not matter where you go, you can't obtain the wealth, doesn't matter how far you go you can't obtain it unless it is in your destiny.

Avgan muthee jay fireh baDhik thaa-ay na paahi jee-o.
If we walk around full of vices, full of bad things we are just like a baDhik, a prisoner, a fugitive on the run and thaa-ay na paahi jee-o, and we cannot find any place of rest. We will find no place of rest if we attach ourselves to this falsehood.

Gur raakhay say ubray sabad ratay man maahi jee-o.
Only those who are protected by Waheguru are liberated by Waheguru. Why? Because within their mind they are coloured with the Shabad, with the Word, with the Gurmantra in their mind, because of this they are saved.

Chitay jin kay kaprhay mailay chit kathor jee-o.
Chitay means white, those who wear white clothes their minds are cruel and mailay, filthy. Guruji is saying, Some people dress outwardly as if they are pure but inwardly they are impure. Do not judge someone with their outward appearance.

Tin mukh naam na oopjai doojai vi-aapay chor jee-o.
Guruji is saying, Those people who are there to trick the world, they only say the name of Akal Purakh outwardly. It doesn't really affect them. They don't really go into that colour of God's name. Why? Because they are engrossed in this world of duality they are chor, they are just thieves.

Mool na boojheh aapnaa say pasoo-aa say dhor jee-o.
Guruji says, They do not recognize their mool. Man tun jot swaroop hai aapna mool pehchan! Guruji says. They do not understand their mool, their root. They do not understand where they came from which is Waheguru. Those people who do not recognize this are pasoo-aa, are animals. Without understanding why we came on to this earth, we eat, we sleep and we die. Without reaching to Waheguru what have we achieved? Nothing!

Nit nit khusee-aa man karay nit nit mangai sukh jee-o.
The man, mind, always want nit nit, which means more and more. Again and again the mind wants happiness. Again and again we beg for sukh, peace. We all do!

Kartaa chit na aavee fir fir lageh dukh jee-o.
But Guruji says, If the Creator is not in your mind, in your consciousness then you will be afflicted by pain, again and again. Only those people who had Waheguru in their minds could be cut in half and still be repeating the mantra, Satnaam Waheguru. Only that Gurmukh who is completely imbued in Guru's love could sit on the hot burning plate in these days. Those days of hot, haar month, and still say, Tera kiya meetha lagay har naam padarath nanak mangay.

Sukh dukh daataa man vasai tit tan kaisee bhukh jee-o.
Guruji says, Within whose minds abides the sukh dukh daataa, the giver of peace and pain both, how can that person in their tan, in their body feel any hunger. When you have got Waheguru what else do you hunger for?

Baakee vaalaa talbee-ai sir maaray jandaar jee-o.
Those people who have deaths according to their past actions are summoned to the court of Dharam raja. Their heads are beaten by the messengers of death.

Laykhaa mangai dayvnaa puchhai kar beechaar jee-o.
When your account is called for, when it is being reviewed and when it is being discussed.

Sachay kee liv ubrai bakhsay bakhsanhaar jee-o.
Only those people who have true love for Akal Purakh, for the True One will be saved. Only True love for Waheguru can save you because He is bakhsay bakhsanhaar, He is the forgiver.

An ko keejai mit-rhaa khaak ralai mar jaa-ay jee-o.
If we make anyone else our friend we must recognize that every person we make our friend on this earth will khaak ralai and mingle in with the dust and die. Every human being we make friends with will mix in with the dust, just like us.

Baho rang daykh bhulaa-i-aa bhul bhul aavai jaa-ay jee-o.
We see so many colours, we see so many things going on this earth we are bewildered, we are lost and we come and go in reincarnation on this earth.

Nadar parabhoo tay chhutee-ai nadree mayl milaa-ay jee-o.
Only through Waheguruji's Grace can we be saved. And only through His Grace can we be reunited with Him.

Gaafal gi-aan vihooni-aa gur bin gi-aan na bhaal jee-o. Gaafal means careless, gi-aan means wisdom, vihooni-aa means to not have any, gur bin means without the Guru, bhaal means to find. Oh careless fool, you cannot find wisdom without the Guru.

Khinchotaan viguchee-ai buraa bhalaa du-ay naal jee-o.
Without the Guru what happens? Inside you there is indecision, there is conflict to ruin you if you try and look for knowledge without the Guru. The good and bad will pull you inside, because they are with you. You won't know if you are to do good or bad without the Guru.

Bin sabdai bhai rati-aa sabh johee jamkaal jee-o.
Anything without the Guru's mantar, without having fear and respect for God will come under the hands of messenger of death.

Jin kar kaaran Dhaari-aa sabhsai day-ay aaDhaar jee-o.
He who created this whole creation will sabhsai day-ay aaDhaar jee-o, gives sustenance to all.

So ki-o manhu visaaree-ai sadaa sadaa daataar jee-o.
How can we forget Waheguru from our manhu, from our mind. Forever and forever He is the daataar, He is the Giver. How can we forget that great Giver who has given us His breath of life.

Naanak naam na veesrai niDhaaraa aaDhaar jee-o.
Oh Nanak, never foget the Guru's mantar, Waheguru's mantar, the moolmantar because Guruji's Naam is the support for those who have no other support. Those who have no other support are supported by Waheguru ji's Naam.

Today Guru Nanak Devji is telling us leave the false colour- the falsehood and colour yourself in the love of God's Name

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!

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