English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 750

Soohee mehalaa 5 |
Arjan Sahibjee Maharaj begins the shabad today,

Sagal thiaag gur saranee aaeiaa raakhahu raakhanehaarae |
Maharaj jee says that thiaag - I've given up, thiaag literally means to renounce, I've given up everything else. What does sagal thiaag - to give up everything mean? Does it mean to go into the jungle? To give up on your family or your home? What Guru Sahibjee is saying is that I've given up placing my hopes in anyone else, I've realized that only one who can support me forever and ever is the eternal Waheguru and I am not looking to anyone else for support. I've realized that Waheguru is my support, Waheguru is my guide, Waheguru is my protection. Sagal thiaag - giving up the hopes I had placed in everything else, everyone else I've come to You O Guru! O great Wahegurujee! O great Lord. Gur saranee aaeiaa - come into the protection of the Guru. What does it mean to come into the protection of the Guru? It means to accept the Guru's Words, to follow what the Guru says, first listen then accept and practice what the Guru says - that is what it means to come into the protection of the Guru. Raakhahu raakhanehaarae - O Great Guru, O Siri Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj You are the One who can save me, please raakhahu - please save me. Raakhahu means to place - please place me on Your path.

Jith thoo laavehi thith ham laageh kiaa eaehi janth vichaarae |1|
Gurujee here speaking complete humility, jith thoo laavehi - in those works, in those things which you attach me to do. Jith - that place where you place me thith ham laageh - I am attached to that type of this, I am attached to that path. Guru Sahibjee is saying where you place me O Lord there I am placed. Kiaa eaehi janth vichaarae - what can this poor creature do? It is all within Your will, it is all in Your command, O Waheguru! Another way of looking at this line is jith thoo laavehi - that path which you've attached me to thith ham laageh - that is what I get attached to kiaa eaehi janth vichaarae - what can these mere beings of the world do to that person who is placed upon Your path by You Yourself God. That devotee who You place on Your path cannot be dissuaded by any of the people of the world.

Maerae raam jee thoon prabh antharajaamee |
O my beloved raam jee - my beloved Wahegurujee thoon prabh antharajaamee - You are the Lord and master who is antharajaamee - who knows my heart. Anthar means within me jaamee means the One who knows. You are the One who knows the inner workings of my mind, my heart, the hopes which are running through my mind which I do not tell anyone, you know them.

Kar kirapaa guradhaev dhaeiaalaa gun gaavaa nith suaamee |1| rehaao |
Kar kirpa - O Wahegurujee, O Sathigurujee guradhaev dhaeiaalaa - O guradhaev - O divine Guru, O Siri Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj, O dhaeiaalaa - O complete treasure of all compassion and kindness and Grace bless me with this kirpa - this Grace, this mercy that gun gaavaa nith suaamee - forever and ever, nith means everyday continuously gaavaa - sing the virtues of my suaamee - of my Lord. May I sing the praises of Waheguru day in and day out. Rehaao - pause and think about this, Guru Arjan Sahibjee is saying this to us today.

Aath pehar prabh apanaa dhiaaeeai gur prasaadh bho thareeai |
Sathiguru Maharaj jee says that aath pehar - pehar are dividings of time and they day was divided into eight pehars - eight different parts of time. Essentially what Gurujee is saying that aath pehar - all hours of the day, 24 hours a day prabh apanaa dhiaaeeai - meditate on Your Waheguru as if Waheguru is Your own and Maharaj jee is saying that Waheguru is the only one who will stay with you forever, with your soul forever - your eternal friend, your eternal mother, your eternal father, your eternal brother and sister is Waheguru, your eternal friend forever and ever. That is the way we should meditate upon Waheguru. Gurujee is saying to us today that when you Waheguru you are saying it to your mother and father. Thoon maeraa pithaa thoonhai maeraa maathaa | Thoon maeraa bandhap thoon maeraa bhraathaa | - You are my father, You are my mother, You are my relation, You are my brother O Waheguru - Gurbani tells us. Don't meditate thinking Waheguru is far away. Meditate with the knowledge and it is knowledge Guru Sahib has blessed us with that Waheguru is always with you, Waheguru has always got his hand there to save you and protect you - that is the way we should meditate upon our Guru, upon Waheguru. Gur prasaadh - through the Grace of the Guru bho thareeai - only through the Grace of the Guru can we sing the praises of Guru day and night of Waheguru and meditate upon Waheguru and through this Grace this bho - this fear of the ocean of the world we can be thareeai - we can be liberated from it, we can cross across this ocean of fear.

Aap thiaag hoeeai sabh raenaa jeevathiaa eio mareeai |2|
Maharaj Sahibjee says that thiaag - give up your sense of aap - your sense of self, your ego and this is the way of becoming the raenaa - the dust of the feet of everyone. Sometimes we ask how can we become the dust of feet of everyone? Maharaj jee says that aap thiaag - give up your sense of ego and you will automatically become the dust of feet of everyone - that is the way of doing it. Becoming the dust of the feet of everyone doesn't mean pleasing everyone. Nimartaa - humility and simply pleasing everyone are two different things. We can see this with Siri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj - the embodiment of humility, the embodiment of all divine virtues and yet at times people attacked them. Does it mean they weren't humble? No of course they were still humble but humility doesn't mean simply bowing down to all, humility means removing the sense of ego within. When this sense of ego is removed from within then you truly become the dust of feet of all. Who is within these all? That One Waheguru, become the dust of feet of Waheguru you'll become the dust of feet of all by removing this ego. Humility and cowardice is not the same thing. If Bhai Kaneya jee is putting the water into the mouth of Muslims, Hindu and Sikh soldiers it's because they are completely fearless, not scared of what is going to happen, they are completely fearless because they are in the complete divine love of their Guru, of their faith. Humility has that fearlessness, humility has that Grace, that power. Jeevathiaa eio mareeai - this is the way of dying whilst alive. How do we die whilst being alive? Our ears die when they hear slander, they go deaf to slander - that is dying while being alive. Like we say in the ardhaas jinna ne dekh ke andith keeta - who saw certain things but put them out of their eyes, put them out of their view. What does that mean? To see the shortcomings of other, but to not keep highlighting them again and again, to not make a mockery out of them - the path of being dead whilst alive is killing your eyes if they wander in desire, killing your tongue if it goes towards slander - that is way of dying whilst being alive.

Safal janam this kaa jag bheethar saadhasang naao jaapae |
Bheethar - within this world that person's janam - that person's life is safal - is blessed, is truly fulfilled who saadasang naao japae - who meditates upon the Name of the Lord in the company of the Sangat - the Guru's congregation.

Sagal manorath this kae pooran jis dhaeiaa karae prabh aapae |3|
All of their hopes, sagal means all jis dhaeiaa karae prabh aapae - who is blessed with dhaeiaa - with mercy aapae - by my Waheguru Himself.

Dheen dhaeiaal kirapaal prabh suaamee thaeree saran dhaeiaalaa |
O my suaamee - O my Lord, O my great God Waheguru, O kirapaal - O merciful, O dhaeiaal - O compassionate upon the dheen - upon the lowly thaeree saran dhaeiaalaa - I've come into Your saran - into Your protection. O dhaeiaalaa - O house of compassion, O Waheguru I've come into Your protection.

Kar kirapaa apanaa naam dheejai naanak saadh ravaalaa |4|11|58|
Maharaj Sahibjee says that, please bless me with Your kirapaa - Your Grace and bless me with Your naam - the name of the world, with Your name oh Waheguru! Naanak saadh ravaalaa - forever may I be the ravaalaa - the dust of the feet of the holy ones, those holy souls who meditate upon Your name, those Gursikhs who rise at every amrithvela and meditate upon Waheguru! Waheguru!! Waheguru!!! may I become the dust of the feet of those. Those gursikhs who truly live out the ideals of our ardhaas - jinna ne dekh ke andith keeta - who see the shortcomings of others but do not mock them. Those Gursikhs who are living in that 'dead whilst being alive' may I become the dust of their feet. What does that mean - the dust of their feet? May I take, like the particles of dust a story from their life and inspire me - that is taking the dust from their feet, the dust from the path of God, the path that they are walking. It doesn't matter which direction they are walking in their whole life is a journey towards God. If you take dust, a particle from their path it will inspire you on your path.

Dheen dhaeiaal kirapaal prabh suaamee thaeree saran dhaeiaalaa |
Kar kirapaa apanaa naam dheejai naanak saadh ravaalaa |4|11|58|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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