English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 749

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is in Soohee Raagini on Ang 749 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj by Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

soohee mehlaa 5
Satgur Guru Arjan Dev Ji is blessing us today. Maharaj Ji begins with:

tuDh chit aa-ay mahaa anandaa jis visrahi so mar jaa-ay.
O Lord God, Waheguru when tuDh you aa-ay come into my chit consciousness, into my thoughts, into my mind, into my heart, when I start thinking of you, when I have feelings of love well up in my heart for you mahaa anandaa then I receive maha, maha means the greatest, beyond anything else anandaa bliss; that bliss which is never ending, that bliss which comes for meditating upon you, O Waheguru. jis visrahi and those who visrai have forgotten you O Waheguru. O God who have forgotten you mar jaa-ay Maharaj Ji says those people mar die and jaa-ay they go into the cycle of reincarnation. Satgur Maharaj Ji is telling us that by remembering Waheguru Ji we can receive the most highest and the greatestand the only eternal bliss which is anand through meditating upon Waheguru and that forgetting Waheguru leads us only into the cycle of life and death, the reincarnation.

da-i-aal hoveh jis oopar kartay so tuDh sadaa Dhi-aa-ay ||1||
O Waheguru those upon who you are da-i-aal, da-i-aal means merciful those upon who you are merciful so tuDh sadaa Dhi-aa-ay they sadaa forever, Dhi-aa-ay meditate upon you. Hay Waheguru Ji through grace we remember you. Those who remember you, remember you through grace. Those who chant upon you in the Nitnaym, in their meditations, in their Kirtan, that all happen only through your grace.

mayray saahib tooN mai maan nimaanee.
mearay saahib O my Lord, Guru Arjan Dev Ji says tooN mai maan nimaanee I have nothing which I can be proud of, I have no other honor, nothing to be proud of, why is Satgur Ji saying that? Out of humility Maharaj Ji is saying not committed any praise worthy acts. nimaanee I am forlorn, I have no other honor, I have nothing else, you are mai maan; mai means mine, maan means my only honor. You are the only one who I have placed my faith in. There is no other in whom I place my faith in, you are the only one O Waheguru.

ardaas karee parabh apnay aagai sun sun jeevaa tayree banee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
And I am offering this ardaa my prayer, my supplication in front of my loving Waheguru. apnay aagai- apnay knowing Waheguru as my own, knowing that Waheguru is the only one who will protect me, knowing that Waheguru is the only one who is with me at all times; aagai and I put this ardaas in front of this hope, this desire in front of my Lord God. Satgur Ji says that when you do this keep that bhaav that feeling of apnaa the feeling that Waheguru is your own. Waheguru is your father , your mother, the one who is with us at all times through the thick and the thin. sun sun jeevaa tayree banee This is my ardaas O Waheguru Ji. Satgur Guru Arjan Dev Ji has written sun sun twice, why? With both of your ears, with all of your consciousness, completely focused upon the Guru's words; jeevaa tayree banee that I may listen and I may be given the gift of true life, the eternal life by listening your baani, through your words. That I may learn and I may accomplish the true mission of this life which is to listen to the baani and merge in with the Shabad, the word. rahaa-o Guru Ji says pause and think about this today.

charan Dhoorh tayray jan kee hovaa tayray darsan ka-o bal jaa-ee.
This Ardaas, supplication carries on. Guru Arjan Dev Ji says may I become the charan Dhoorh, charan means the feet and the Dhoorh means dust; may I become the dust of the feet of tayray jan kee your servants. What does that mean? It means may I take in the inspiration of your servants at all times. May I become the dust of their feet. Why do we want the dust of their feet, because the path they walk along, it does not matter where they are walking? In everyday life the path they are walking internally is the path of God. And Guru Ji says if I take the dust of their feet I am taking dust of that path. Let me take inspiration from their lives. tayray darsan ka-o bal jaa-ee. By taking an inspiration from them I am abal jaa-ee sacrifice, I surrender to you and beg for your Darshan.

amrit bachan ridai ur Dhaaree ta-o kirpaa tay sang paa-ee. ||2||
And by doing this Satguru Ji please bless me with the grace, amrit bachan, your immortal words, your immortal Baani. ridai ur Dhaaree I may be able to Dhaaree enshrine your words, that I may embed your words into my ridai heart deep within me, ur means deep inside, Dhaaree means to enshrine, to embed; so that my mind, body and soul is colored with the love of your words. ta-o kirpaa tay sang paa-ee But only through your kirpaa, your grace can I find the sang congregation, can I find the company of the holy saints.

antar kee gat tuDh peh saaree tuDh jayvad avar na ko-ee.
saaree means my entire, antar means internal; gat means state. I place my internal state tuDh peh saaree in front of you Waheguru. There is no other to whom I can tell my pains to, everyone is inflicted with their own pains, you are the only one who can remove my pains. tuDh jayvad avar na ko-ee There is no other great as you. jayvad means your level as great as you.

jis no laa-ay laihi so laagai bhagat tuhaaraa so-ee. ||3||
That person to who you laa-ay laihi, laa-ay means to attach, Waheguru Ji, Satgur Ji through your grace those who you attach to your meditation, to your love, to your devotion, so laagai they are attached. bhagat tuhaaraa so-ee And that person is called your bhagat your devotee.

du-ay kar jorh maaga-o ik daanaa saahib tuthai paavaa.
kar means hand, du-ay means both; putting both of my hands together, jorh placing them together, maaga-o ik daanaa I maaga-o beg for ik daanaa this one gift, daanaa means gift. Externally we put our hands together to show the Guru that nothing is within our hands, everything is in the hands of the Guru. And internally putting our mind, intellect together and saying, O Guru my mind and intellect are nothing, I only want your wisdom, your mat. saahib tuthai paavaa If my saahib master is tuthai pleased I will paavaa receive this gift.

saas saas naanak aaraaDhay aath pahar gun gaavaa. ||4||9||56||
Satgur Guru Arjan Dev Ji says with saas saas with each breath may I aaraaDhay meditate upon you and aath pahar 24 hours a day may I gaavaa sing your gun your virtues and your praises. Satgur Maharaj Ji is saying to us today, O Gursikho keep this Ardaas within your heart mayray saahib tooN mai maan nimaanee Waheguru Ji is our honor, Waheguru Ji is the one in which we should take our pride, Waheguru Ji is our aapnaa own. ardaas karee parabh apnay aagai sun sun jeevaa tayree banee And if we do this ardaas we also will be rejuvenated through the shabad, through the words of the Guru.

du-ay kar jorh maaga-o ik daanaa saahib tuthai paavaa ||
saas saas naanak aaraaDhay aath pahar gun gaavaa ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !