English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 744

Soohee mehalaa 5 |
Arjan Sahibjee Maharaj begins the shabad today,

Ghar kaa kaaj n jaanee roorraa |
Sathiguru Patshahjee says that the human being doesn't know the kaaj - the work, the affairs of his/her own home. What does this mean: Ghar kaa kaaj n jaanee roorraa? Sometimes we say to people don't pay attention to what he is doing, pay attention to what you've got to do. That is what Guru Sahibjee is saying, that we have lost the true sense of what we have to do. We've lost the idea that Guru Arjan Sahibjee tells us in Rehraas Sahib that Gobind milan ki eh teri bariya - this is the chance to meet God, to unite with Waheguru. Guru sahibjee says that you lose sight of this vision again and again, why? Why have you forgotten what you need to do in your true house? What is your true house? - the Saadhsangat. Where is your true home? - In the true feet of the Lotus Guru. Where is your true home? - to be united with the Lord. You've given up the affairs of your own house, the work of your own house, what you have to do inside yourself. Instead what are we doing?

Jhoothai dhandhai rachiou moorraa |1|
The moorraa - the fool is completely entangled in jhoothai dhandhai: jhoothai means false, dhandhai means affairs, in those things which are transitory, which will pass away. The human being has given up focusing on true Lord, on Satnaam, upon Lord God, upon Waheguru and instead is entangled in all of the attachments. Guru Sahibjee humbly offers this prayer,

Jith thoon laavehi thith thith laganaa |
O Wahegurujee - jith thoono laavehi - wherever you attach us thith thith laganaa - we are attached on to that path.

Jaa thoon dhaehi thaeraa naao japanaa |1| rehaao |
Only when You dhaehi - You bless us thaeraa naao japanaa - we meditate upon Your name. Rehaao - Guru Sahibjee says pause and think about this today.

Har kae dhaas har saethee raathae | The servants of hari, the servants of Waheguru har saehtee raathae - are completely imbued, are completely colored in God's love.

Raam rasaaein anadhin maathae |2|
Anadhin - day and night they are maathae - they are completely engrossed in raam rasaaein - in drinking the essence of God's name, rasaaein - the treasure of all ras, of all pleasure, the true essence of God's name.

Baah pakar prabh aapae kaatae |
What happens? Prabh aapae kaatae - Wahegurujee carries them out Himself of all attachments, break away all of their attachments and holds them by their baah - by their arm.

Janam janam kae ttoottae gaatae |3|
Those who have been separated from God from janam janam - from many past life times are gaatae - are then united with Waheguru.

Oudhar suaamee prabh kirapaa dhaarae |
O suaamee - O Waheguru please dhaarae - please bless me with Your kirpaa - with Your grace and oudhar - save me Waheguru, liberate me.

Naanak dhaas har saran dhuaarae |4|29|35|
Guru Arjan Sahibjee says I am Your dhaas - Your servant and I've taken saran - I've taken protection of Hari, of Waheguru at Your dhuaarae - what door is that? The Gurdwara - the Guru's door, I am at Your door O Guru Sahibjee and please save me in any way you can.

Oudhar suaamee prabh kirapaa dhaarae |
Naanak dhaas har saran dhuaarae |4|29|35|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!

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