English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 738


Soohee mehalaa 5 |
Gurmukh piareo Sathiguru Arjan Sahibjee is speaking to us today. Guru Sahibjee says,

Burae kaam ko ooth khaloeiaa |
The manmukh - the mind centered being ooth khaloeiaa - meaning to get up straight away, effortlessly rise up. What does the manmukh - the mind centered being get up for? - The burae kaam - burae means bad, kaam means things. In order to do bad things, bad deeds the mind centered being - manmukh - that person who is far from the Guru's teachings, doesn't listen to the Guru's teaching, does not come into the sangat, does come into Guru's congregation. That person gets up early and does what? - evil deeds.

Naam kee baelaa pai pai soeiaa |1|
But when it's the baelaa - the time to meditate upon the God's name pai pai - with so much pleasure he/she sleeps. At the time its amritvela, time to go to the gurdwara, time to go to the sangat to listen to keertan, to aasaa dee vaar - at that time the person goes to sleep. Guru Sahibjee says, burae kaam Ko ooth khaloeiaa - In this human life he gets up for evil deeds but naam kee baelaa pai pai soeiaa - this is the time to meditate upon the Lord but pai pai soeiaa - but he sleeps in the sleep, in the intoxication of, in the false illusion of maya.

Aousar apanaa boojhai n eiaanaa |
The eiaanaa - the ignorant person doesn't boojhai - doesn't realize this aousar - this chance, this opportunity we have. We have this opportunity to meet God and the human being isn't realizing this.

Maaeiaa moh rang lapattaanaa |1| rehaao |
Instead that ignorant person is lapattanaa - is completely entangled in maya moh - in attachment to material goods, to the physical world, rang - all of the pleasures and the delights of this material world. Rehaao - Guru sahibjee says pause and think about this.

Lobh lehar ko bigas fool baithaa |
When the lehar - the waves of lobh - greed rise up within he gets so happy when he is collecting more things together and getting more and more greedy he gets happy - bigas fool baithaa - meaning to literally puff up with happiness, to swell up with happiness.

Saadh janaa kaa dharas n ddeethaa |2|
That person doesn't have the dharas - the dharshan, doesn't go into the sangat - doesn't have the blessed vision of the saintly beings.

Kabehoo n samajhai agiaan gavaaraa |
This gavaaraa - this ignorant being who is stuck in complete spiritual ignorance - agiaan, kabehoo - at any point n samajhai - doesn't understand.

Bahur bahur lapattiou janjaaraa |1| rehaao |
Bahur bahur - again and again lapattiou janjaaraa - he gets entangled in these nets of entanglement, of attachment, of greed, of anger. Rehaao - Gurujee says pause and think about this.

Bikhai naadh karan sun bheenaa |
His karan - his ears bheenaa - enjoy sun - listening to bikhai naadh - to the sounds of sin, to that music which takes us away from thinking about God, takes us away from helping others, those poisonous words, that poisonous sound - that's what he likes listening to.

Har jas sunath aalas man keenaa |3|
But when the time comes to listen to praise of Hari - to praise of God then the mind goes into aalas - into laziness.

Dhrisatt naahee rae paekhath andhae |
O andhae - O blind being you do not even dhrisatt - you don't even have sight to see what is in front of you.

Shodd jaahi jhoothae sabh dhandhae |1| rehaao |
One day you should shodd jaahi - you will leave all of these material things. Jhoothae sabh dhandhae - all of these affairs that you are running after, all of these things you are running after in life you'll realize that all of these are false. Rehaao - Gurujee says pause and think about this.

Kahu naanak prabh bakhas kareejai | |
Sathiguru Maharaj jee says O God - O prabhu, O Waheguru please bakhas - please bless me.

Kar kirapaa mohi saadhasang dheejai |4|
Please bless me with Your kirapaa - with Your grace and with the company of the saadhasang - with the company of the holy saints. What would the holy saints tell me?

Tho kish paaeeai jo hoeeai raenaa |
They will tell us that tho kish paaeeai - you'll only find some sort of understanding jo hoeeai raenaa - when you become the dust of the feet of all. What does that mean? - To bring humility into your life. Just as the dust doesn't complain about being trampled. So let your ego be trampled.

Jisehi bujhaaeae this naam lainaa |1| rehaao |2|8|
That person who bujhaaeae - who understands this, who understands that the ego must be trampled this naam lainaa - that person can truly meditate upon naam - the name of the Lord. Rehaao - Gurujee says pause and think about this.

Tho kish paaeeai jo hoeeai raenaa |
Jisehi bujhaaeae this naam lainaa |1| rehaao |2|8|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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