English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 729

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Kee Fateh

Satguru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj is blessing us today with Hukamnama on Ang 729 of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, in Soohee Raag.

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Satguru Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj is speaking to us today in Soohee Raag.

Jin kau bhaandai bhaao tina savaarsee.
Guru Maharaj Ji says Gurmukho 'jin kau', those people who have 'bhaandai', the cup of bhaao, of love, 'tina savaarsee', they are savaaarsee, they are blessed by Waheguru Ji. What is this cup of love where is this? Those who in their heart carry the love of the Lord, who truly from their hearts, who are in love with Waheguru Ji, with the Lord God they are the ones who receive the ultimate blessings.

Sookhee karai pasao dookh visaarsee.
When those Gurumukh pyaaray are covered in love, Waheguru Ji gives them the 'pasao', the gift of Eternal peace, Eternal happiness and all of their 'dookhs', their pains are forgotten. In love of that ecstasy all the pains are taken away. The pains of separation may remain so many years but in that one moment of union all of those pains of separation are taken away. And another meaning of this line is that upon those who remember Waheguru Ji, He blesses them with the gift of 'sookhee', of 'pasao', of Eternal happiness. But those who forget Waheguru, all they get pain.

Sahsaa moolay nah sarpar taarsee.
There is not even a 'moolay', tiny bit of 'sahsaa' - doubt, that certainly, Waheguru Ji will save those who are in love with Him.

Tinha millia Gur a-ay jin kau leekhiaa. Amrit Har ka naao dayvai deekhiaa.
Those people who have been 'millia', united with the Guru, they have 'a-ay', they have come into the protection of the Guru. 'Jin kau leekhiaa' - upon whose forehead there is such destiny written down. And those Gurmukh pyaaray are blesses with the 'deekhiaa' with the teachings and they're blesses with the initiation of the Amrit. The external Amrit of the Khanda and the baattaa and the internal Amrit of Naam. Both of those Amrits come from 'Har ka naao' - from the Name of Hari, of Waheguru. They come into the protection of the Guru, the Guru blesses them with the initiation of the Name of the Lord.

Chaaleh Satgur bha-ay, bhaveh na bheekhiaa.
And those who 'chaaleh', who live their lives in the Will of the Satguru, they do not have to come into the 'bhaveh', the cycle of begging. What does that mean when we come onto this earth in various life forms, we're always begging, we're always asking for something, always looking for something. Those Gurmukh pyaaray are taken out of this cycle of begging.

Ja kau mahal hajoor doojay nivai kis. Dar darvaanee nah moolay puchh tis.
Those who see Waheguru Ji's mahal, Waheguru Ji's house, the mansion of God within them. Those who've seen, the God abides with them at all times. Who else do they have to 'nivai' -bow to? The 'darvaanee' - those who are the gate keepers, Dharam raajaa, the Lord of Righteousness. He is at the Gate of the Lord's mansion. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji says, the gate keepers can't say anything, they cannot put any restrictions on the Gurmukh pyaaray, no-one can even ask where are you going, where are you coming from? Those gurmukh pyaaray come and go in the Will of the Lord. They are truly sitting at the gate of the Lord day and night, there is not even a 'moolay', a tiny bit of 'puchh', a tiny bit of questioning upon them. The Gurmukh comes and goes in the Grace of the Lord

Chhootai taa kai bol Sahib nadir jis.
Those people who have the 'nadar', the Grace of the Lord God, others can be 'liberated' -chhutai - by their 'bol', through their words. Those pyaaray through their words, what words do they speak? Amrit bachan saadh kee baanee, those Holy beings, they speak the Bani of the Guru. And those who follow their wisdom, their teachings, they are liberated.

Ghalai aanay aap, jis naahee doojaa matai ko-ay. Dhahi ousaaray saaj jaanai sabh so-ay.
They are called back and sent out, backwards and forwards, by Waheguru Ji himself. That Waheguru is the One who sends them and brings them back. There is no other person who gives Waheguru Ji 'matai' - who says Waheguru Ji do this, no do this! There is no advisor of God. Waheguru Ji doesn't ask anyone. He sends his gurmukh pyaaray onto this earth when it pleases Him. He is the one who 'dhahi', who destroys, who 'ousaaray' and 'saaj's', who embellishes and decorates. He is the one who destroys evil from within us, he is the one who creates love. He is the one who embellishes this love with giaan, with knowledge,. He knows the news within your heart, all of your thoughts.

Naao Nanak bakhsees nadree karam hoe.
And Satgur Nanak Dev ji Maharaj ji says,' Oh, people of the world!', the Name of God is only found through'bakhsees'- through the blessing of the Lord, through Grace of Waheguru. And only when we enter into his Glance of Grace, his Glance of 'nadar', his Glance of 'kirpa', of compassion and love, then we are blessed with the Naam.


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