English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 723


Thilang ghar 2 mehalaa 5 |
Satguru Arjan Devjee Maharaj speaks in the ghar 2 - in the second house of beat and rhythm (sur and taal). Satgurujee Maharaj says to us in the first line of this shabad,

Thudh bin dhoojaa naahee koe |
O Wahegurujee thudh bin - without You, there is no dhoojaa - no other. Where ever I look there is You.

Thoo karathaar karehi so hoe |
You are the karathaar - the creator. Karehi so hoe - whatever You do, whatever You Will, that happens, that takes place.

Thaeraa jor thaeree man ttaek |
Thaeraa jor - You are the power behind the universe, thaeree man ttaek - in my mind I have Your support.

Sadhaa sadhaa jap naanak eaek |1|
With Your support sadhaa sadhaa - forever and forever Your Naanak meditates upon eaek - the One Lord, upon You alone, O Wahegurujee.

Sabh oopar paarabreham dhaathaar |
That paarabreham - that limitless Lord Waheguru is dhaathaar - is merciful and charitable upon all.

Thaeree ttaek thaeraa aadhaar | rehaao |
Wahegurujee I have your ttaek - Your support and thaeraa aadhaar - You are the One who is my pillar of strength, the One who nourishes me Wahegurujee. I have only Your support, only Your nourishment, only You as my sustenance, You as my sustainer. Rehaao - Gurujee says pause and think about this.

Hai thoohai thoo hovanehaar | agam agaadh ooch aapaar |
Wahegurujee You are present Now and the Truth Now. In the past you've always been present and in the future You are the One who will always be present. You are aadh sach jugaadh sach hai bhee sach naanak hosee bhee sach, as Guru Nanak Devjee says in the Moolmantar. The forever immortal Truth, agam agaadh ooch aapaar. Satguru Patshahjee Maharaj Guru Arjan Sahibjee is saying to us that God is agam - beyond our grasp/inaccessible, agaadh - limitless, aapaar - with no end. Wahegurujee You are limitless, beyond our mere mortal understanding and You are the the highest - ooch.

Jo thudh saevehi thin bho dhukh naahi |
Those people who serve You, those people have no fear or pain.

Gur parasaadh naanak gun gaahi |2|
Through the Guru's Grace Naanak gun gaahi - sings the praises of that glorious Lord Wahegurujee.

Jo dheesai so thaeraa roop | gun nidhaan govindh anoop |
Whatever I see is Your roop - Your form, O Wahegurujee. You are the treasure of all virtue, You are the seed of the universe, You are anoop - there is no other as beautiful as You, O Wahegurujee.

Simar simar simar jan soe |
O humble being meditate again and again with your mind, body and soul. With your mind, body and soul meditate upon that Waheguru, that Lord who is in all.

Naanak karam paraapath hoe |3|
O Naanak this is only found by those who have karam - who have great fortune and who have God's Grace upon them.

Jin japiaa this ko balihaar |
Those people who have meditated upon Wahegurujee I am a sacrifice upon them, Wahegurujee says.

This kai sang tharai sansaar |
Whoever, from the world, associates with them they are liberated as well by doing the sangat of those mahanpurakhs - those great blessed souls.

Kahu naanak prabh lochaa poor |
Guru sahibjee says, Naanak offers this prayer in front of You, please fulfill my lochaa - my wish that,

Santh janaa kee baasho dhoor |4|2|
I request, I ask for, I beg for the dhoor of - the dust of those humble beings who are in love with You, dust (of their feet - ED) of those humble saints who are Your servants.

Kahu naanak prabh lochaa poor |
Santh janaa kee baasho dhoor |4|2|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh!

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