English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 722


thila(n)g ma 1 ||
Sathiguru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj begins today's shabad -

Eiaanarreeeae maanarraa kaae karaehi ||
Eiaanarreeeae - O foolish soul bride. Eiaanarreeeae means that soul bride that is stuck in spiritual ignorance. Maanarraa kaae karaehi. Why do you karaehi, why do you do, why do you have so much maanaaraa? Maanaarra means ego. Why are you so egotistical? Why are you so proud of material things. Why are you so proud of your youth, your beauty, your wealth or any of these things which are all going to pass away? Stuck in these things you are not realising something. What is that thing? Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj says -

Aapanarrai ghar har ra(n)go kee n maanaehi ||
Aapanarrai ghar, inside your own house, which house? In side yourself, inside your soul, deep within you, there's har, Waheguru lives there inside you. Not outside but inside you. Why don't you maanaehi, why don't you enjoy the ra(n)go, the love of God? He is within you, Waheguru Jee is within you. Maanaehi means to enjoy, ra(n)go means love.

Sahu naerrai dhhan ka(n)maleeeae baahar kiaa dtoodtaehi ||
Sahu naerrai, That sahu, That Waheguru, That Lord God is naerrai, is close to you. Dhhan ka(n)maleeeae, O ka(N)maleeeae, O foolish bride, dhhan meaning soul bride. O foolish soul bride, baahar kiaa dtoodtaehi. Why do you dtoodtaehi, dtoodtaehi means to look out, to look around, to search for. Baahar means outside. Why are you looking externally? When Waheguru Jee is dwelling inside you? Sathiguru Paatshah Jee gives us a updesh, gives us a message -

Bhai keeaa dhaehi salaaeeaa nainee bhaav kaa kar seegaaro ||
In your nainee, in your internal eyes - what eyes is Maharaj Jee talking about? Guru Jee is talking about our internal eyes of the man, and budh, our mind and our understanding. Take the salaaeeaa, take the implement of love, of shardha, and take the mascara, the decoration, the surma - loosely we can translate as mascara, it's the black substance that is applied to the eyelashes or around that area. So, take the surma, take the mascara of loving fear of Waheguru. when we say loving fear, we mean that fear that arises out of loving someone, that you don't want to hurt them, you don't want to do anything that would go against them, which wouldn't please them. So take that mascara of the loving fear of Waheguru, of your husband Lord, take the implements of love, and apply that to the eyes of your man - your mind, and your budh - your understanding inside your conscious. Bhaav kaa kar seegaaro, and seegaaro, adorn yourself, decorate yourself with bhaav, with true love for God. That should be your decoration that you wear.

Thaa sohaagan jaaneeai laagee jaa sahu dhharae piaaro ||1||
Sathiguru Paatshah Jee says that jaaneeai, only then will you be known to be laagee, to be walking along the path and attached to Waheguru. Only then will it be known that you are attached and walking on Waheguru Jee's path as a sohaagan, as a true soul bride. Jaa sahu dhharae piaaro - if inside your heart you dhharae, you enshrine the piaar, the love of sahu, of Waheguru in your heart.

Eiaanee baalee kiaa karae jaa dhhan ka(n)th n bhaavai ||
O, what can the eiaanee, eiaanee means ignorant and foolish baalee, young soul bride, kiaa karae what can she do? Jaa dhhan ka(n)th n bhaavai - when she is not bhaavai, she is not pleasing to her ka(n)th, to her husband Lord. She doesn't know what to do.

Karan palaah karae bahuthaerae saa dhhan mehal n paavai ||
She cries out and does many karan, means to cry out. Palaah means many different methods she tries, karae bahuthaerae, many do this. Bahuthaerae - she does many, and many people are on this path. What does this mean? She cries out in many ways. When we are talking about the soul bride here, remember it's internal, we're talking about each one of us, whether we're male or female, the soul bride is within each one of us. Karan palaah karae bahuthaerae - she may cry in many ways, she may try many different methods, saa dhhan mehal n paavai. But that dhhan, that soul bride does not paavai, does not find the mehal, the true abode of Waheguru within. That true place of rest, that union with Waheguru. You may try many ways of fashion with your own mind, but they will not take you to Waheguru. Only what The Guru says will take you to Waheguru.

Vin karamaa kishh paaeeai naahee jae bahuthaeraa dhhaavai ||
Without karamaa, without selfless deeds, kishh paaeeai naahee, we don't paaeeai, we don't find anything. There's nothing to be found without selfless deeds. Jae bahuthaeraa dhhaavai - even if we dhhaavai, even if we dhhaavai means to literally run around in all directions.

Lab lobh aha(n)kaar kee maathee maaeiaa maahi samaanee ||
The soul bride is maathee, is intoxicated with aha(n)kaar, with ego, with lobh, with greed. Lab referring to the greed of eating more, wearing more, that type of greed. Lobh is talking much more about a sort of envy of others. This envy, greed, ego inside, that is what the soul bride is maathee, is intoxicated with. She is samaanee, is so engrossed, maahi, in maaeiaa, in this illusion of the world.

Einee baathee sahu paaeeai naahee bhee kaaman eiaanee ||2||
Einee baathee, in these ways, baathee can mean words, in this case it means these ways. In these ways, sahu paaeeai naahee, we cannot paaeeai, we cannot find the husband Lord Waheguru. bhee kaaman eiaanee, being intoxicated by all of these things as a kaaman, the soul bride is day by day becoming more and more eiaanee, more and more foolish. Sathiguru Paatshah Jee blesses us and tells us -

Jaae pushhahu sohaaganee vaahai kinee baathee sahu paaeeai ||
Jaae pushhahu sohaaganee vaahai. Jaae - go and pushhahu - ask sohaaganee, those happy soul brides, those saints that are walking on the path. Vaahai means go to, it also means brides. Go to them. Who? To the happily purified saints waking on the path, true soul brides who are truly walking on The Guru's path. Kinee baathee sahu paaeai, ask them, what can we do to find, to paaeeai our sahu, our husband Lord? What do they say?

jo kishh karae so bhalaa kar maaneeai hikamath hukam chukaaeeai ||
Jo kishh karae, whatever Waheguru Jee does, so bhalaa kar maaneeai, accept that as bhalaa, as good. Hikamath hukam chukaaeeai, give up inside your hikamath, your own cleverness, and your own hukam, your own will. Follow the will of God, not your own will.

Jaa kai praem padhaarathh paaeeai tho charanee chith laaeeai ||
That Guru in whose company you find the padhaarathh, the true wealth, of praem, of love, tho charanee chith laaeeai. To His charan, to His Lotus Feet, attach your chith, your consciousness.

Sahu kehai so keejai than mano dheejai aisaa paramal laaeeai ||
Whatever your sahu, whatever your husband Lord Waheguru says, kehai, so keejai, do that. Than mano dheejai, give your than - your body, your mano - your mind, dheejai - give them both to The Guru. Aisaa paramal laaeeai - this is the paramal, the perfume which you should laaeeai, you should put upon yourself.

Eaev kehehi sohaaganee bhainae einee baathee sahu paaeeai ||3||
This is what the sohaaganee says, this is what the happy soul bride who is walking upon The Guru's path says, bhainae, O soul, O sister, einee baathee sahu paaeeai. These are the ways, these are the things to find your husband Lord with.

Aap gavaaeeai thaa sahu paaeeai aour kaisee chathuraaee ||
Aap gavaaeeai - give up your sense of ego, aap. Thaa sahu paaeeai, then you will find your husband Lord. Aour kaisee chathuraaee, there is no other chathuraaee, there is no other clever trick that you can do.

Sahu nadhar kar dhaekhai so dhin laekhai kaaman no nidhh paaee ||
The say that Waheguru Jee dhaekhai, looks at you with nadhar, with his glance of grace, so dhin laekhai, that day will be laekhai, will be blessed. That is laekhai, that is a momentous day. Kaaman no nidhh paaee - on that day, the soul bride paaee - obtains no nidhh, the nine treasures, all of the treasures of the world.

Aapanae ka(n)th piaaree saa sohaagan naanak saa sabharaaee ||
Sathiguru Paatshah Jee says that that soul bride is a sohaagan, is happily and truly a soul bride who is aapanae ka(n)th piaaree, who is loved, piaaree, by her ka(n)th, by her husband Lord. Naanak saa sabharaaee. Sathiguru Nanak Dev Jee says that that soul bride is sabharaaee, she has the bharaaee, the brothers of santokh - contentment, sat - truth, sehaj - intuitive balance and peace, she truly has all of these brothers. Sabharaaee - amongst all, sabh, she is the raaee, she is the queen of all, the highest of the high.

Aisae ra(n)g raathee sehaj kee maathee ahinis bhaae samaanee ||
The soul bride who is raathee, who is imbued with such ra(n)g, such love, sehaj kee maathee, who is intoxicated with the true intoxication of sehaj, of intuitive peace and spiritual wisdom inside, ahinis bhaae samaanee. Ahinis - day and night, samaanee - to be absorbed into, to be pulled into bhaae, into love of Waheguru.

Su(n)dhar saae saroop bichakhan keheeai saa siaanee ||4||2||4||
Sun(n)dhar, she is truly beautiful, and purified. Saae saroop, she has the most beauteous saroop, the most beauteous form, wondrous form. Bichakhan - she is most brilliant, bichakhan means the wisest. Keheeai saa siaanee, and she is known as the true siaanee, to have obtained true wisdom. Sathiguru Paatshah Jee is today's shabad has told us the path of the true soul bride. Sathiguru Jee, Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj, may they bless each of us, and help us with their grace to walk along that path.

Aisae ra(n)g raathee sehaj kee maathee ahinis bhaae samaanee ||
Su(n)dhar saae saroop bichakhan keheeai saa siaanee ||4||2||4||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.

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