English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 713

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is on Ang 713 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Todee Raag.

todee mehlaa 5
Satgur Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj is blessing us today with the Hukamnama in Todee musical measure. Guru Sahib Ji begins the shabad with:

satgur aa-i-o saran tuhaaree.
satgur O eternal Guru,aa-i-o - I have come into saran - protection, tuhaaree - yours. Shatgur Maharaj Ji I have come into your saran. What does it mean to come into the saran, fall into the protection of. Coming into the protection means to walk within the Guru's will, to have that raamkaar we talk about. We hear in Gurbani we do everyday chaugirad hamaaray raamkaar duKh lagay naa bhaa-ee chaugirad Around all four directions there is this raamkaar, there is this line of protection protecting me. What is this line that Guru gives us? When the Guru instructs us, "don't do this", it is that line around us. When the Guru instructs us to sing the mantar, to sing Guru's praises all the time, that is the line being drawn around. satgur aa-i-o saran tuhaaree To come into the protection of the Guru does not mean to simply physically, only on physical level, it also means on spiritual level, at all times you can be in Guru's protection by meditating upon Guru's name. And what happens to beings that come into the protection of the Guru?

milai sookh naam har sobhaa chintaa laahi hamaaree. ||1|| rahaa-o.
milai They receive sookh eternal peace, naam the name of the Lord. They receive peace through the name of the Lord. The only way of receiving the eternal peace is through the meditation upon Naam. har sobhaa They gain the glory of the Lord, not the glory and the praise of the world but the praise of the Lord. That is what you gain. Guru Ji is saying if you are coming into the protection of the Lord, don't come thinking I am going to gain the glory of the world. It is har sobhaa, the glory of God. chintaa laahi hamaaree If you once fall into the protection of the Guru all of your chintaa, all of your anxieties will be laahi will be taken away. Your anxieties of birth and death, your anxieties of stress of life, all of them will be taken away. rahaa-o Guru Ji says pause and think about this today.

avar na soojhai doojee thaahar haar pari-o ta-o du-aaree.
avar na soojhai I cannot see, soojhai I cannot find out, see or think about any other, doojee thaahar, doojee means any other, thaaharhaar pari-o ta-o du-aaree I have haar, what Guru Sahib Ji is saying that I have given up, pari-o - I have fallen into, I have fallen at ta-o du-aaree your door. I have given up on all of mine clever tricks, all of my own thoughts and all of my own powers and on my sense of self, my ego, and I have fallen at your door.

laykhaa chhod alaykhai chhootah ham nirgun layho ubaaree. ||1||
laykhaa chhod alaykhai chhootah, laykhaa chhod Please do not chhod take into account all of my laykhaa, all of my sins, vices and virtues. If you start looking at my vices and virtues Waheguru I can never be forgiven, I can never be accepted, I can never be liberated. alaykhai chhootah The only way of being saved is that you discard all of my accounts. If you don't take into account my good and bad deeds we can never be saved, through saing I will be the best. The only way of being saved is by falling on Guru Ji's feet and saying, "Guru Ji, my sins are countless, I cannot be saved through my own actions, I can only be saved through your Grace. ham nirgun I am full of vice, layho ubaaree please save me O Guru.

sad bakhsind sadaa miharvaanaa sabhnaa day-ay aDhaaree.
sad bakhsind Because you are sad forever, bakhsind forgiving, sadaa miharvaanaa always full of mercy, sabhnaa day-ay aDhaaree you day-ay- give everyone aDhaaree your support. You are the one who gives support to everyone in the whole world.

naanak daas sant paachhai pari-o raakh layho ih baaree. ||2||4||9||
naanak daas Satgur Sahib Ji says I as the daas, a slave of the Guru, sant paachhai pari-o, I have fallen paachhai following the saints, the holy beings who walk upon your path, pari-o and that is where I am. raakh layho ih baaree The Ardaas I have upon my lips please raakh layho save me ih baaree in this time, in this opportunity of the human life I have please save me O Guru Ji in any way that you can.

sad bakhsind sadaa miharvaanaa sabhnaa day-ay aDhaaree ||
naanak daas sant paachhai pari-o raakh layho ih baaree ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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