English Hukamnama Katha - Ang 711

The Hukam today is by Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji in Raag Todee on Ang 711and 712 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

todee mehlaa 5 ||
Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj is speaking to us today. Satgur Ji begins in todee mehlaa 5 - in Todee Raag. Guru Sahib Ji, in this Raag, puts down two ways of living. Either you live in remembrance or you live in forgetfulness. Satgur Maharaj Ji says the path of remembrance is the path that gives you happiness. The path of remembrance is the path that gives you fulfillment. The path of remembrance is the path that brings you closer to the God or the Guru. The path of forgetfulness is the path of pain, it is a path of poison, it is a path of burning. And that is what Guru Ji says in the Hukamnama today.

har bisrat sadaa khu-aaree ||
Those people who bisrat, those people who walk on the path of forgetfulness they bisrat, they forget Hari, Parmaatama, Waheguru, God. sadaa khu-aaree - forgetfulness, forever and forever it leads you to khu-aaree.khu-aaree can mean ruin, khu-aaree can mean wandering aimlessly, khu-aaree can mean being alone and supportless. When you forget Waheguru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji says don't think that by forgetting Waheguru, that path of forgetfulness will lead anywhere else other than ruin. Forgetting Waheguru will only lead us further and further away and down this path of ruin. Satgur Ji, Sachay Paadshah takes us from looking at this path of forgetfulness and shows us sadaa khu-aaree it always leads us to sadness, it always leads us to ruin. But on the other hand Guru Ji brings us back to the path of remembrance.

taa ka-o Dhokhaa kahaa bi-aapai jaa ka-o ot tuhaaree || rahaa-o ||
jaa ka-o, that person who has, ot - support, which support? tuhaaree, Waheguru that person who has you to support them, O God, that person who is walking on the path of remembrance, who has your support in every part of their life then taa ka-o Dhokhaa kahaa bi-aapai how can Dhokhaa, how can they be deceived? Dhokhaa means deception; kahaa means how. Guruji is asking this rhetorical question from us, in order to ask ourselves- O my mind there are two paths; one is leading to ruin and the other is where you are always supported, where you cannot be deceived. And if we look, why this person cannot be deceived, Guru Granth Sahib Ji tells us na Oh marai na Thagay jaheh Jinkay Raam Vasai Mann mahai Those people who have Waheguru in their mind, in their heart and soul they cannot die or be deceived. The greatest deception in this world is Mai-aa/Maya. These things in this world that look like glitter like gold but when you touch them they are like glass, they break into pieces. These alup sukh - little tiny pieces ofsukh - happiness, remain only for small amount of time before they turn into sadness. That person who remembers God lives in this world but remembers that the joys of this world are transitory; doesn't get deceived, does not lose him or herself in them. rahaa-o Guru Ji says pause and think about this. Do you want to lose yourself in them or do you want to catch on the remembrance of the Almighty.

bin simran jo jeevan balnaa sarap jaisay arjaaree ||
Maharaj Ji brings us back to the other point of view. bin simran - without Simran; now Simran is talking about very deep state of meditation. Simran is constant remembrance of Waheguru and it begins from the meditation with the tongue and becomes thisSimran which happens again and again. And if you want to talk about Simran, I suggest reading Shabad by Bhagat Ravi Daas Ji. chit simran karo Nain avlokano Bhagat Ravi Daas Ji says chit simran karo inside your consciousness remember God all times. That is simran, but what is that borne from. That is borne from meditating from your tongue, from calling out with your voice. Now Guru Ji says bin simran without this path of remembrance, what happens jo jeevan balnaa, balnaa has two meanings. Sampardayee MahaPurakh has given the meaning "burn" like we say koyee cheez baldee hai and on the other hand Prof. Sahib Singh and in Maha Kosh balnaa is passing your life. And both meanings work. bin simran jo jeevan balnaa sarap jaisay arjaaree that jeevan, those moments of your life that passes without the loving remembrance of God, to take the meaning from Maha Kosh , balnaa as passing; that life that passes without the remembrance of God, walking on the path of forgetfulness is like sarap jaisay arjaaree, asjaaree means lifetime; jaisay - of asarap - snake. Just like a snake may live for many years, but all the snake does is build up its poison. In the same way you may do many things but without walking on the path of remembrance of God, ultimately even those things that you thought were sweet will turn to poison. Now to take the Sampardayee meaning of balnaa is to burn. Without remembering God a human being burns. But how does the human being burn? Just like a snake burns in its own poison same way the person who does not remember Waheguru , they burn in their own poison. kaam kroDh Kayaan ko galai Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj says lust and anger they do not just affect other people. The lust of one person, the desire of one person, the anger of one person may manifest upon itself, may physically burns inside one person, may burn inside another person, but inside the body and mind of that person, even they are affected by the anger. The anger is burning them inside. That desire is burning them up inside. Guru ji says goes on to explain further:

nav khandan ko raaj kamaavai ant chalaigo haaree. ||1||
nav khandan There used to be in traditional Indian thought - there arenav khandan - nine different parts of the world. Just like we say now there are seven continents in the world, in the same way they used to divide this world into nine different parts. Maharaj Ji says even if you were to rule on the entire nine parts of the world; raaj kamaavai means to rule over; ant chalaigo haaree in the end you may win over the many pieces of the land but you will end up, if you are walking on the path of forgetfulness, even the king of the whole world will leave this world defeated with nothing. Satgur Paadshah Ji Maharaj is saying O human being this path of forgetfulness leads to ruin, it leads to burning, it leads to poison inside and it leads to loosing the greatest gift that you got from God, which is this human life. Now on the other side Guru Ji brings us back to the path of remembrance . He says:

gun niDhaan gun tin hee gaa-ay jaa ka-o kirpaa Dhaaree.||
Only those who gaa-ay sing the gun - praises of Waheguru; niDhaan means treasure. Only those people who sing the praises of Waheguru, who is the treasure of all praise, the treasure of all virtue- jaa ka-o kirpaa Dhaaree who have Wahegur Ji'skirpaa, Waheguru Ji's grace. O human being if you are sitting in the Gurdwara Sahib now, repeating the name of God, that is the grace of God working within you. If you are listening to daily Hukamnama that is the grace of God working inside you. If you are listening to Kirtan in the car that is grace of God. tin hee gaa-ay jaa ka-o kirpaa Dhaaree Only those people can sing his praises, can sing Waheguru's praises who can connect to the Almighty AkalPurakh Waheguru, the source of all joy. Only those can connect to the source ,that Waheguru Ji, who have Waheguru Ji's grace.

so sukhee-aa Dhan us janmaa naanak tis balihaaree. ||2||2||
Maharaj Ji says that person who immerses himself or herself on the path of remembrance of God so sukjee-aa only that person is happy in this world.Dhan us janmaa, Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says blessed is that person's life, naanak tis balihaaree if you ask me, Guru Arjan Dev Ji says I am ready to sacrifice to that person. Walking on the path of forgetfulness there is poison, there is ruin, there is defeat; walking onn the path of remembrance, there is happiness, there are blessings. On the path of remembrance even the Guru is ready to sacrifice for that person who walks on the path of remembrance.

gun niDhaan gun tin hee gaa-ay jaa ka-o kirpaa Dhaaree ||
so sukhee-aa Dhan us janmaa naanak tis balihaaree. ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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