English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 704


Jaithasaree mehalaa 5 ghar 2 shantha
Sathiguru Arjan Sahibjee Maharaj is speaking to us today in this hukamnama sahib. Maharaj jee is speaking through the Jaithasaree ragini, Jaithasaree mehalaa 5, ghar 2 - in the second house of rhythm, beat and tune and shantha - literally means hymns of praise, songs of Akaal Purakh.

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
There is One Eternal Waheguru who is the creator of all, brings Light to all, who is forever Eternal - sathi, who is found through the gur prasaadh - through the Grace of the Guru.

Salok |
Sathiguru Arjan Sahibjee has jee four saloks in this shabad and each salok is followed by a shabad.

Oochaa agam apaar prabh kathan n jaae akath |
Maharaj Sahibjee says oochaa agam apaar - Maharaj jee is oochaa - the highest of the high, agam - beyond our gamta - meaning our thoughts; Waheguru jee is beyond our thought process, the Lord God is beyond our thoughts and our thinking. Apaar, paar means to be within some sort of limit, apaar - Waheguru jee is limitless. Prabh means Waheguru jee is all knowing. Waheguru jee is oochaa - highest of the high, agam - which means beyond the workings of our mind, Waheguru jee is apaar - is limitless, Waheguru jee is prabh - which means samrath - meaning all knowing, also omnipotent. Kathan n jaae akath - waheguru jee is akath - is beyond description, kathan n jaae - there is no person who can say I've completely described Akaal Purakh. Waheguru jee's descriptions, like Waheguru jee's name are limitless. So many names for Waheguru: Hari, Narayan, Prabhu, Waheguru, Akaal Purakh, Karta Purakh, Nirbhau, Nirvair - all of these names for that One Eternal Light - that Ik oankaar. Waheguru jee is limitless ocean - that is what Guru sahibjee is telling us in this first line.

Naanak prabh saranaagathee raakhan ko samarath |1|
Seeing this, point of this salok, the meaning that Guru Sahibjee is saying is that realize that Waheguru jee is the most and is the only Infinite One. Waheguru jee is the Eternal, never ending friend and guide: that limitless ocean, the Eternal giver. Naanak prabh saranaagathee - sathigurujee says I've aagathee means to come into saran - the protection of that Prabhu, that Waheguru, that Lord God raakhan ko samarath - because I've realized that he samrath- He is the One who can raakhan ko - who can save us, liberate us, samrath meaning that all powerful. Waheguru jee has that power to save us, no one else has that.

Shanth |
Guru jee begins the shanth,

Jio jaanahu thio raakh har prabh thaeriaa |
Waheguru jee jio jaanahu - jio - as You jaanahu - know, You know my faults, they are countless thio raakh - even as I am please raakh - please save me Waheguru, I've come to Your door har prabh thaeriaa - because O Lord God Waheguru, O Hari, O God I am thaeriaa - I am Yours. I am still Your child please save me. I have nowhere else to go.

This line can also be interpreted to mean jio jaanahu thio raakh - as You see fit O Waheguru, as You know please save me in that way.

Kaethae gano asankh avagan maeriaa |
Maeriaa means mine, avagan means demerits. Demerits also means vices, my vices, my sins, my bad qualities, Guru sahibjee says, kaehtae gano - how can I count them, they are asankh - they are limitless, my bad qualities, my vices.

Asankh avagan khathae faerae nithaprath sadh bhooleeai |
Asankh - countless, avagan - sins and vices I have, khathae means misdemeanors. I have countless vices within me, I've commited countless sins and because of this I've gone through the faerae - the cycles of birth and death again and again, nithaprath - day and night, meaning every day, every minute sadh bhooleeai - forever I am always committing mistakes. This is the way of standing in front of the Guru. When we go to see the Guru we must accept all of these mistakes. Hiding a disease from a doctor is not the way to go about being cured.

Moh magan bikaraal maaeiaa tho prasaadhee ghooleeai |
I am magan - I am completely intoxicated with the moh - with the attachment to this illusion of the world, bikaraal maeiaa - bikaraal means treacherous, this deceiving, this deception of maaeiaa - this illusion of the world, this illusion of material goods. I am completely attached to those things. Maaeiaa literally means that which seems real but isn't. all of the material goods of this world which seem like they will last forever but they really don't. All these houses we build. How many emperors have come and gone on this earth, building great buildings which are now dust. Maharaj I am now attached to all of these things. Tho prasaadhee ghooleeai - only through Your prasaadhee - Your Grace can I be ghooleeai - can I be saved, can I be united with You.

Look karath bikaar bikharrae prabh naer hoo thae naeriaa |
Look - secretly, I believe that I am not being seen by anyone but You are with me wherever I go. Look karath bikaar bikharrae - I karath - I commit bikaar - sins, bukharrae - horrid sins and I don't realize that prabh naer hoo thae naeriaa - that You are nearer than the nearest thing to me. Bhagat Ravidaasjee says, kehi ravidhaas haath pai naerai - that God is closer to You that Your hands and feet. What does that mean? - That when we get hurt, what's the first thing which goes there? - Our hands. Even closer, in our times of pain, than our hands is Waheguru: near hoo thae naeriaa - You are closer than the closest. Near hoo thae naeriaa You are closer than the closest friends who turn their back on me, You are closer than the closer relatives who cannot save me but I do not realize this.

Binavanth naanak dhaeiaa dhaarahu kaat bhavajal faeriaa |1|
Sathiguru Maharaj sahibjee says binavanth - humbling praying in front of Akaal Purakh, humbly begging that dhaeiaa dhaarahu - that please bless me with Your Grace. Kaat bhavajal faeriaa - You Yourself Waheguru, please, with your Grace with your mercy kaat - take me out of these faeriaa - take me out of these cycles of bhavajal - of this ocean of fear. Take me out of the cycles of life and death.

Salok |

Nirath n pavai asankh gun oochaa prabh kaa naao |
Your gun - Your virtues Waheguru are asankh - are countless, are beyond any limit, nirath n pavai - I cannot count them all. Oochaa prabh kaa naao - Your name Oh Waheguru is oochaa - is the highest upon this earth Waheguru.

Naanak kee baenantheeaa milai nithaavae thaao |2|
Sathiguru Arjan Devjee offers this baenantheeaa - this humble supplication milai nithaavae thaao - milai - may I be blessed with thaao - a place because I am nithaavan - means that person who has no place of rest. We may think oh we have a house, we have this, we have that. How many have we been born into and left? How many bodies have we been born into and left? How many times have we had to leave and come back, leave and come back, leave and come back? Truly we have no place of rest. We are sitting here now and our mind is homeless. What does that mean? Our mind is not sitting with us, our mind is thinking about yesterday or our mind is thinking about what happened the day before or what's going to happen tomorrow, or who said this, what happened here, or last time I was in India, last time when I was here, last time when I was there. The mind is not resting within us, it's truly nithaavan - it has no place of rest and Maharaj sahibjee says please bless me with a place of rest in Your charan - in Your Lotus Feet, Oh God.

Shanth |

Dhoosar naahee thaao kaa pehi jaaeeai |
There is no other thaao - no other place kaa pehi jaaeeai - to whom can I go? There is no other thaao - there is no other place of rest for this mind, Gurujee says.

Aath pehar kar jorr so prabh dhiaaeeai |
When you've realized this as Guru Gobind Singhjee Maharaj writes in Ramaa avataar - sagal dhuaar ko shaadd kai gehiou thuhaaro dhuaar - that I've given up all other doors and come to You. When you've realized that there is no other place, aath pehar - twenty four hours/day kar jorr - fold together your hands and so prabh dhiaaeeai - that prabh - that Waheguru dhiaaeeai - meditate upon that Lord God. Kar jorr - kar jorr means putting together your hands. Spiritually it means putting your mind and intellect together, your man and budh and saying Waheguru jee I have given up both on the thoughts of my mind and the many ideas that my intellect comes up with, I am only depending upon you now. I've given up on all of my own power.

Dhiaae so prabh sadhaa apunaa manehi chindhiaa paaeeai |
Dhiaae - meditate upon that prabh - that Waheguru sadhaa apunaa - always understand that Waheguru jee is your own, Waheguru jee is closer to you than anyone else, the whole world may turn its back but Waheguru jee is still there. Siri Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj - the great Guru who didn't even turn His back on cannibals, still could see a Light in them, still could see a future in them. Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj never turns their back. Manehi chindhiaa paaeeai - you will paaeeai - will find the chindhiaa - those thoughts, those desires of the mind. All of those thoughts will come to fruition if you come to meditate upon the Guru, upon the Waheguru.

Thaj maan mohu vikaar dhoojaa eaek sio liv laaeeai |
Wahegurujee says thaj maan - give up your maan - your ego, your moh - your attachment to the world, vikaar - all of the sins that you commit, dhoojaa - all of the sins that you commit - this love of duality, this love for the illusion of the world. This is the way of eaek sio liv laaeeai - this is the way of attaching your liv - your consciousness to the eaek - that One Akaal Purakh.

Arap man than prabhoo aagai aap sagal mittaaeeai |
Sathiguru Maharaj jee says arap - dedicate, give up, hand over, surrender your man - your mind and your than - your body prabhoo aagai - in front of the Guru. Aap sagal mittaaeeai - this is the way of getting rid of all of sense of ego, all sense of aap, all sense of I - that is the way of eradicating all of your ego, giving your mind and body to the Guru.

Binavanth naanak dhaar kirapaa saach naam samaaeeai |2|
Sathiguru Maharaj Sahibjee humble prays that oh Sathiguru dhaar kirapaa - please bless us with this Grace that saach naam samaaeeai - that we may merge into the True Name, the Satnaam - the Eternal name.

Salok |

Rae man thaa ko dhiaaeeai sabh bidh jaa kai haath |
O my mind thaa ko dhiaaeeai - meditate upon that Waheguru sabh bidh jaa kai haath - in whose hands, in whose haath - sabh means all, bidh means everything, all methods, all plans - everything.

Raam naam dhan sancheeai naanak nibehai saath |3|
Gather together the wealth, you want to gather together wealth? Guru Sahibjee says yes, do it! Which wealth? - the raam naam - the wealth of God's name. Naanak nibehai saath - Guru Arjan Devjee says that this will always be with you in this world and the next.

Shanth |

Saatheearraa prabh eaek dhoosar naahi koe |
That eaek - that One prabhu, that One Waheguru is our true guide and friend, saatheearra - meaning true guide and friend. Dhoosar naahi koe - there is no other who has looked after us from the womb until the day and beyond the day of the funeral pyre.

Thaan thananthar aap jal thal poor soe |
Thaan thananthar aap - in all places, between all places aap - there is that one Waheguru. Jal thal poor soe - within the jal - the water, within the thal - the land that Waheguru is poor - is perfect and pervading through all.

Jal thal meheeal poor rehiaa sarab dhaathaa prabh dhanee |
That Waheguru jee is poor - is pervading through the jal - the water, thal - all of the water, meheeal - all of the sky - everywhere! Sarab dhaathaa - Waheguru jee is the giver to all - to sarab. Prabh dhanee - that Waheguru is the greatest and the wealthiest of all, the master of all.

Gopaal gobindh anth naahee baeanth gun thaa kae kiaa ganee |
He is the One who has nurtured this go - this world, He is the One who gobindh - who puts Light in our indriaa - in our senses, He is the One pervading through our senses. Anth naahee - there is no limit to Waheguru, there is no end to Waheguru. baeanth gun thaa kae kiaa ganee - how can I count the gun -the virtues of Waheguru, they are baeanth - they are limitless. Seeing these limitless gun - seeing these limitless virtues Maharaj jee say,

Bhaj saran suaamee sukheh gaamee this binaa an naahi koe |
Run into the saran - the protection of that suaamee - that Lord Waheguru. Bhaj - meditate upon Waheguru in saran suaamee - in Waheguru jee's protection, in Waheguru jee's wisdom. Meditate upon Waheguru in the saran - in the protection of the Guru, following what the Guru says because sukheh gaamee - because that Waheguru is the One who is the giver of all sukheh - of all peace, happiness and bliss. this binaa - without that Waheguru an naahi koe - there is no other.

Binavanth naanak dhaeiaa dhaarahu this paraapath naam hoe |3|
Sathiguru Maharaj jee again humbly offers this prayer dhaeiaa dhaarahu - please bless me with Your dhaeiaa - Your Grace. The one who asks for Waheguru jee's Grace runs into the protection of the Guru this paraapath naam hoe - that person is blessed with the name of the Lord.

Salok |

Chith j chithaviaa so mai paaeiaa |
Whatever I ask for in this state of being One, in this state of meditating on Waheguru, chith j chithaviaa - in my mind, in my consciousness so mai paaeiaa - that is what I receive.

Naanak naam dhiaae sukh sabaaeiaa |4|
Sathiguru Maharaj jee says by meditating upon the Name of the Lord you will get sabaaeiaa - all sukh, all happiness.

Shanth |

Ab man shoott gaeiaa saadhoo sang milae |
Now my man - my mind is shoott -is liberated because saadhoo sang milae - I joined into the congregation of the saadhoos - those gurmukhs - those Guru-centered beings who are focusing upon controlling their mind and controlling their sins, eliminating them, I've gone into their congregation. That is the way of controlling this mind.

Guramukh naam laeiaa jothee joth ralae |
Sitting with the Guru-centered beings and becoming Guru-centered myself, what do we mean when we say Guru-centered? - completely devoting your life to Guru, understanding the Guru's Words, taking the Guru's Words into your life. Naam laeiaa - I've meditated upon the name of the Lord in that congregation and jothee joth ralae - Light within me has merged into that great Light. My aatmaa - my soul has merged in with the param aatmaa - with Waheguru.

Har naam simarath mittae kilabikh bujhee thapath aghaaniaa |
By meditating - by simarath upon name of Hari, of Waheguru mittae kilabikh - our sins are mittae - are eradicated. Bujhee thapath aghaaniaa - the fires within us of desire, of greed, of anger have been bujhee - have been extinguished. Aghaaniaa - those thirsts of many past lifetimes, those hungers within us have been satisfied, all of those hungers have been taken away.

Gehi bhujaa leenae dhaeiaa keenae aapanae kar maaniaa |
Waheguru jee has taken my by the bhujaa - by the arm. If we ask Gurujee that do we come out of this by ourselves? No! Guru sahibjee says. Waheguru jee took me by the arm and carried me out dhaeiaa keenae - blessed me with their Grace. What is Guru jee taking us by the arm? - When they bless us with their dhaeiaa - with their Grace, with their prasaadh - with their kirpaa. Aapanae kar maaniaa - Gurujee took me in as His aapanae - as His own.

Lai ank laaeae har milaaeae janam maranaa dhukh jalae |
Waheguru jee has taken me into their own ank - into their embrace, has merged me into themselves. Har milaaeae - I've been united with that Hari, that Waheguru dhukh jalae - the pains of life and death have been jalae - have been burnt away, have been eradicated.

Binavanth naanak dhaeiaa dhaaree mael leenae eik palae |4|2|
Sathiguru Arjan Sahibjee offers this humble prayer dhaeiaa dhaaree - that Waheguru jee bless me with their Grace mael leenae eik palae - within an instant mael eenae - I was united with that Waheguru, with that Lord God.

So Sathiguru jee Maharaj in each of these shanths asks at the end, binavanth naanak dhaeiaa dhaaree - at the first shant: kaat bhavajal faeriaa. Then Sathiguru Maharaj jee says in the end of the second shanth: Binavanth naanak dhaar kirapaa saach naam samaaeeai. Then in the third shanth they say: Binavanth naanak dhaeiaa dhaarahu this paraapath naam hoe. Then in the last shanth they say: Binavanth naanak dhaeiaa dhaaree mael leenae eik palae. That transition: the first saying that please bless me and take me out of this ocean of fear, the second saying please bless me with Your name, the third saying that those who are blessed with Your Grace have been blessed with Your name and the last saying with Your Grace I've been united. So let us on this day join together and ask Maharaj jee for this dhaeiaa - this Grace, this kirpaa, for their Blessing; for that is what Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj is instructing us through this hukam.

Lai ank laaeae har milaaeae janam maranaa dhukh jalae |
Binavanth naanak dhaeiaa dhaaree mael leenae eik palae |4|2|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!