Jaithasaree mehalaa 5 l
Sathiguru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj is speaking to us today. Maharaj Sahib Jee is saying to us, O human being, you've been through many life forms, many reincarnation cycles again and again, again and again, and in this human life this is the prayer, this is the plea that you must put before Akaal Purakh, before Waheguru, before the Lord.

Aaeae anik janam bhram saranee l
Aaeae - I have come, anik janam bhram saranee - into your saranee, into your protection after anik, countless janam, reincarnations. Bhram means to wander through. After wandering through countless life forms, being born, dying, being born again, countless times, beyond calculation, Maharaj Jee says in all these life forms I have gone, and now I have come into your saranee, into your protection O Waheguru, O great God. What is the ardaas when we enter into this protection?

Oudhar dhaeh andh koop thae laavahu apunee charanee l 1 l
Oudhar - Liberate me in my dhaeh, in my spiritual body, my soul, andh koop thae - from this andh means literally blind, so dark, so full of darkness that it seems I'm blind, koop- this well. What well is this? The well is of this world. In the well of this world, there is the darkness of spiritual ignorance, there is the darkness of attachment to transitory objects, to this illusion of the world, to what we call maya, to our wealth, to our physical body, to all of these things. Maharaj Sahib Jee, Guru Arjun Dev Jee is saying to us, oudhar dhaeh, O Akaal Purakh, O God, liberate me from this andh koop, from this well of darkness, from all of this spiritual ignorance, from all of this attachment. Laavahu - and attach me, apunee charanee - to your charanee, to your lotus feet, to your shabadh, to your mantra, to your Bani, to your words, O God! In this way, by attaching me to your feet, liberate me.

rehaao l
Rehaao - Guru Jee says pause and think about this. What Guru Jee is telling us in these lines is that after all these incarnations, after all these life forms, we must enter into the protection of Waheguru Jee, we have this human life, we have the chance, gobindh milan kee eih thaeree bareeaa, this is the chance to merge with God. The prayer that we should have on our lips is: Please save us, O Lord, and attach us to your lotus feet because that is the only way we can be saved from this hole of darkness, from this pit of darkness, from this pit of spiritual ignorance.

Giaan dhiaan kish karam n jaanaa naahin niramal karanee l
Maharaj Sahib jee says n jaanaa, I do not know anything about giaan - spiritual wisdom and knowledge, dhiaan - about meditation, about concentration, about focus. Kish karam n jaanaa - I know nothing about nishakaam karam, selfless actions. Naahin niramal karaanee - and my own acts are naahin, are not niramal, are not pure. I do not have spiritual wisdom, I do not have focus, I do not have selfless service and I do not have niramal actions.

Saadhasangath kai anchal laavahu bikham nadhee jaae tharanee l 1 l
Maharaj Sahib Jee says please laavahu - attach me to the anchal - to the hem of the robe of the saadhasangath - of your congregation, of the Guru's sangath. In this way I can tharanee- I will be able to swim across the bikham - the terrible, nadhee - river of this world, of the fears and attachment of this world. On one side Maharaj Sahib Jee is giving us the hope that even those who have no knowledge of spiritual wisdom, who have no focus, no selfless service, no pure actions, if they are attached to the saadhasangath, then even they can be liberated. On the other hand Guru Sahib is teaching us that we cannot reach God through our own clever ticks, we cannot reach God by saying I have this much spiritual wisdom, I am this much, I am that much. The only way we can reach Him is through the Guru's sangath, the holy congregation. Joining them we give up our ego, we are attached to the hem of the robe of the saadhasangath, of the holy congregation, and in that way we can be liberated from this world.

Sukh sanpath maaeiaa ras meethae eih nehee man mehi dharanee l
The sukh - the comforts of this world, sanpath - all of the wealth I gathered together, all of my riches, maaeiaa ras meethae - and the essences, the tastes of maaeiaa which I believe to be meethae, which I believe to be sweet, we cannot dharanee, we cannot implant and embed these into our mind. Maharaj Sahib Jee is saying O Waheguru, please remove these from my mind, please do not let these embed themselves into my mind. Maharaj Jee is saying that going into the sangath, you must keep this in your mind that the pleasures of this world are transitory, are passing, are temporary. However, the pleasure of Naam simran goes on forever. When we begin to do simran, sometimes we say I cannot feel any anand, I cannot feel any bliss. However, in the path of meditation, it's a very hard climb at first, sometimes there will be no feeling, especially towards the beginning, but as our sins get washed away we will start getting in touch with our real self, our real soul. Then the anand, the bliss will come, and that bliss will cancel out all the so-called pleasures of the world.

Har dharasan thripath naanak dhaas paavath har naam rang aabharanee l 2 l 8 l 12 l
Maharaj Sahib Jee says this is the mindset you must have. What mindset? Sathiguru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj Jee is saying that O Waheguru, your dhaas - your slaves, your servants, can only find thripath - satisfaction, can only be fulfilled when they paavath - when they are blessed with your dharasan - with your blessed vision, O Hari, O Waheguru. Guru Jee is saying to us, O beings of the world, O beloved Sikhs, this is the ardass, the mindset to have. Maharaj Jee is telling us that this is the only way, only through dharasan, only through merging with the Lord can we find true thripath, true satisfaction. How is this to be achieved? Through having the rang, the love of the Name of Waheguru, of Hari, of the Lord aabharanee - as our only recreation, as our only ornament, to wear the Name of Waheguru around your neck as a necklace at all times, to adorn your hands with the seva of the Guru, the selfless service of the Guru, that is the true decoration, that is the true ornament. In this way, Maharaj Sahib Jee says, with the decoration of the Name of the Lord, with the decoration of humility, of love, of the Name of the Lord upon your tongue, you'll be blessed with that moment to merge in with the Lord.

Sukh sanpath maaeiaa ras meethae eih nehee man mehi dharanee l
Har dharasan thripath naanak dhaas paavath har naam rang aabharanee l 2 l 8 l 12 l

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.