English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 694


Bhagat Ravidas ji Maharaj is talking to us today in the Dhanaasaree Raag. This is a Raag in which all anxiety disappears. Dhanaasaree Raag is a Raag in which there is no such thing as anxiety, there is no worry. Why, because it is all taken away by Waheguru.

The Dhanaasaree is an evening Raag and it takes away all worries, it dissolves all worries, because Waheguru is more powerful than them. Worries are created by the mind, love is created by the soul.

ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh
Bhagat Ravidas ji says there is One creative, protective, destructive being who is true and is found through the true Guru’s grace.

ham sar dheen dhaeiaal n thum sar ab patheeaar kiaa keejai
There is no one as worthless as me, O God, there is no one as lowly as me. O God, there is no one as lowly as me and there is no one as high and compassionate and great as you. O Waheguru, I am so lowdown, I am so full of sin, how can I possibly pass your test, how can I possibly cleanse myself, Bhagat ji is saying, what can I do, it is beyond my reach.

bachanee thor mor man maanai jan ko pooran dheejai
Then Bhagat ji comes up with the answer, he says in order to cleanse this mind, bachanee thor, thor means yours, bachanee means words, mor means mine, man means mind, maanai means to surrender, to accept, jan ko pooran dheejai, Bhagatji says bless your servant with this one perfection, this one art, this one love, which one? May my mind surrender and accept your word, may my mind die in the shabad, may my mind be dissolved in the shabad. That is the only way, through the naam to reach Waheguru.

hau bal bal jaao rameeaa kaaranae
Then Bhagat ji says I am a sacrifice to that great Lord who is pervading through all.

kaaran kavan abol Rehaoo
O Waheguru, what reason are you silent for? Bhagat Ravidas ji is crying out to God and saying hey waheguru listen to my ardas. Bhagat ji says pause and think about these lines.

bahuth janam bishhurae thhae maadhho eihu janam thumhaarae laekhae
bahuth means many, janam means incarnation. When Bhagatji says many, he does not mean hundreds, he does not mean thousands, he means billions of trillions, millions upon millions of incarnations. And what happened, why have we come upon this earth, because in our previous incarnations bishhurae thhae, for many incarnations we have been separated, we don’t understand this. We think we have come on this earth for some other reason. We were separated from Waheguru, the drop was separated from the ocean that is why we are here, that is why we have taken this journey upon ourselves. It is because of that separation that we are here. Many incarnations we have been separated, O my Lord God, O Waheguru. Bhagat ji is saying I am taking an active step to dedicate this life to you, no matter what. This life is not going to go past like the others. May Bhagat ji tell us, may we learn from Bhagat ji, that we won’t let this life go. Each day, each second is going past without simran, without focusing on God, without seva, without listening to our souls, us being in doubt. Let us get rid of that, let us walk upon the Guru’s path. If we don’t wake up every morning, let’s start doing that, if we don’t do our nitnem, let’s do that, if we have not done simran before, lets try and do simran, lets dedicate this life, who knows when we will get it again. This is the diamond that we have now, if it goes out of our hands, it’s gone. You have the chance, you have the power, you have the love, go for it.

kehi ravidhaas aas lag jeevo chir bhaeiou dharasan dhaekhae
Then Bhagat ji says, Ravidas says, I place all my hopes in God, there is no one else that you can put your hopes into, everyone else will let you down, only I place my hopes in God. O God it’s been so long since I have seen You, it’s been lifetimes, billions of lifetimes, since when I was one with You, I want to go back to that point. I am separated from You, I want to become one with You.

In this shabad, Bhagat ji is telling us it is our chance, what we do with it is up to us. We have this one chance in our hands, this diamond is in our hands and it is up to us. We ought to dedicate it to God, we have dedicated it to our mind, to our ego, to our lust, to our attachment, to our greed, to our anger. There are only two ways to living, you either live in ego, or you live in Waheguru. There are only two ways of living on this earth, you either listen to your mind, or you listen to the Guru, you have only two choices.

With Bhagat ji’s grace, with Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s grace, with Waheguru’s grace, may we choose His path.

hau bal bal jaao rameeaa kaaranae ||
kaaran kavan abol || rehaao ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!