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Raag Dhanaasree bane bhagat kabeer jee kee
The hukamnama sahib today is in the dhanaasree ragini and it is connected with an event in Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee's life. Bhagat kabeer sahibjee used to live in the city of Kansi and one day Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee picked up all their things and they moved to the very barren city of Maghar. The history behind this is, it is said that those people who die in Kanshi, Shivjee - one of the Hindu demi-Gods has given blessing that anyone who dies in Kanshi he will liberate them upon their death. It is said that when Shivjee made this city of Kanshi, according to the mythology it is dedicated to Shivjee, that Viaasmuni came and started teaching in the nearby Maghar. When Shivjee saw that people were moving from Kanshi to Maghar, Shivjee was upset and he sent his son Ganesh and said, go and change this around for me somehow. I want all the people to come back from Maghar to Kanshi.

Now all the people use to go and meet Viaas - he was very very respected, very highly scholarly, therefore all the people loved to listen to him. So Ganesh went and became a student of Viaas as well. One day when he was sitting with his teacher Viaas, O teacher, O Viaas jee whoever dies here what will they become? Viaas jee, first time said liberated. And he asked again O Viaasjee whoever dies here what will they become? Viaasjee said, O they will be liberated. Ganesh again asked Viaas jee whoever dies here what will they become and Viaasjee got angry and said didn't you hear they will become a donkey! As soon as Viaasjee said that Ganeshjee said thataas tu - which means whatever you've said may that become true. From that day the people of that area have believed that whoever dies there becomes a donkey. Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee, because bhagathaa kee chaal niraalee - Maharaj tells us in Anand Sahib that those who are devoted to lord they have a different path to the world. Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee wanted to show the greatness of naam simran and the greatness of Bhagti which cuts through all of these ideas, to the world. So Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee got up from Kanshi and went to Maghar and when they went there the sangtan - the people who came to see them and their wife Mata Loe - they all got together and asked them, why have you gone to live in Maghar? This area is cursed by Viaas and Kanshi is blessed by Shiva. Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee proceeded to tell all those people the greatness of God's name and Bhagatjee says,

Ik-Onkaar sathgur Parsaad

Jo jan bhaao bhagath kash jaanai thaa ko acharaj kaaho |
That jan - that humble servant, that humble being who even knows little, kash jaanai mean to know even a little bit, bhaao means true love and bhagath - devotional worship. Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee is saying that even if someone only knows a little bit thaa ko acharaj kaaho - why should that person be surprised at what I am doing? There are no surprises in this. There is no reason to be upset, there is no reason to be alarmed, bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee is says. Even if you understand a little bit of the true love for the lord you'll understand what I am about to say to you. Thaa ko acharaj kaaho - do not be alarmed, do not be surprised, do not be frightened.

Jio jal jal mehi pais n nikasai thio tur miliou julaaho |1|
Like when the water in a earthen pot, when that earthen pot breaks and the water falls back into the ocean jal jal mehi pais n nikasai - the pais again cannot be nikasai - cannot be taken out, cannot be separated again, like water cannot be separated from water. Once the water of the earthen pot is merged into the ocean again, can it be separated? No, never! Thio tur miliou julaaho - in the same way I've melted into, Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee uses the word julaaho here which means weaver which was the craft which Kabeerjee used to do. This weaver has melted into, has merged into that Waheguru. jio jal jal mehi pais n nikasai - now I cannot be nikasai - nothing can be separated. Once you gain union with the lord that is eternal mukhti. Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee is telling us it doesn't matter where that jivan mukhat - liberated whilst being alive, goes he is eternally liberated and eternally united and no one can break that union with the lord. Thio tur miliou julaaho - in this way I have merged into, melted into julaaho; ju means that thing and laaho meaning which gives me profit - into the name of the lord. Guru Teg Bahadur jee explains this in their bani: naanak leen bhaeiou gobindh sio jio paanee sang paanee - like water merges into water so the souls of the god conscious being merge into the lord.

Har kae logaa mai tho math kaa bhoraa |
O people of Hari, of the lord - O god's people, Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee is talking to the Sangtan and they are talking to us, mai tho math kaa bhoraa - Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee says, in the understanding of the world I am bhoraa - I am simple minded, I am foolish to do this. If you look at it from the understanding of the world, if you look at it from that angle but Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee is saying if we look into this tuk: har kae logaa - O people of the world mai tho math kaa bhoraa - in my math - in my understanding, bhoraa means to be enlightened. Inside me there is a light, there is jot of Waheguru, I am enlightened with god's grace. Mai tho math kaa bhoraa - I have this light inside me because of this light burning through; the light of jeevan-mukti - the light of being liberated whilst being alive,

Jo than kaasee thajehi kabeeraa rameeai kehaa nihoraa |1| rehaao |
If Kabeera was to thajehi - was to give up my than - give up physical body in Kanshi then what will be the nihoraa - the task there? What would be the grace of Waheguru? What Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee is saying is that I am here in Maghar to show the greatness of God's name, to show the world the greatness of the name of Waheguru. Each step that Bhagat's take - those god devoted beings, bhagats who are devoted to the lord - each step that they take is always devoted to showing the glory of the naam - the glory of the name of the lord. Bhagat Kabeer sahibjee is saying that I am not settling for a liberation of dying and going to Shivpuri - to the city of Shiva - no I don't want that. Whilst being alive I've merged into Waheguru, into that god. Rehaao - Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee says think about this.

Kehath kabeer sunahu rae loee bharam n bhoolahu koee |
Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee is saying listen loee - O my wife, Mata Loee jee and rae loee - O people of the world kehath kabeer sunahu rae loee - listen O people of the world, bharam n bhoolahu koee - let no one be deluded in doubt, not even one person. Bhagat jee is saying get out of these bharams, get out of these delusions, these doubts, and cast them off. All of these delusions, all of these doubts take all of them out of your mind. This is why I am doing this - to take out the bharam - to take out all of your doubts, to make you cast them aside.

Kiaa kaasee kiaa ookhar magehar raam ridhai jo hoee |2|3|
What is the difference between Kanshi and the barren land of Maghar? Raam ridhai jo hoee - if you have raam, if you have Waheguru, if you have the lord in your heart. Bhagat Kabeer Sahibjee is telling us that it doesn't matter whether the Gurmukh piaraa goes and lives in Kanshi or in Maghar - in the blessed or cursed lands because he or she has the greatest blessing to have Waheguru in their heart. Guru Teg Bahadur Sahibjee tells us in their Saloks: raam naam our mai gehiou jaa kai sam nehee koe |

- Raam naam - that person who has the name of lord, of raam, our means in their heart, gaheo means grasped hold of, the one who has grasped hold of the name of the lord within their heart jaa kais am nahee koe - there is no other who is sam - who is equal to that. jih simarath sankatt mittai dharas thuhaaro hoe - by meditating upon Waheguru all troubles are taken away and they are blessed with the vision of, merge into the complete eternal being, Guru Teg Bahadur jee says. In the same way Kabeer jee is saying, raam ridhai jo hoee - if that person has Waheguru within their heart then there is no difference. The gurmukh piaare wherever they go, wherever they step; another interpretation of this shabad: whether they go into sadness, happiness, places and times in their life where people see them as being in pain and happiness, it doesn't matter wherever they go they have Waheguru in their heart at all times, Bhagat Kabeerjee says, it doesn't matter where they go they will always be liberated. That is why Bhagat Kabeer sahibjee did this kautak - played out this play in their life to show the world that it doesn't matter, that the name of the lord cuts through everything, that the name of the lord will save us and liberate us no matter what.

Kehath kabeer sunahu rae loee bharam n bhoolahu koee |
Kiaa kaasee kiaa ookhar magehar raam ridhai jo hoee |2|3|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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