English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 688

Saadhasangath jio, Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee, Guru Nanak Sahib Jee is blessing us today. Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Jee begins the shabadh with -

Jeevaa thaerai naae man aanandh hai jeeo l
Maharaj Sahib Jee says that those guramukh piaarae, those beloveds, those blessed souls whose jeevaa, whose life is thaerai naae, is absorbed in Your Name, those guramukh piaarae who get up in the amritvela, the ambrosial hours of immortal nectar, in the early morning they rise up and the first thing they say is Waheguru! Waheguru!! Waheguru!!! They're absorbed in practicing their banis throughout the day, remembering You again and again, and on their lips is always the Name of the Lord. Those people who live such a life, Maharaj Saahib Jee says, man aanandh hai jeeo - their minds are filled with aanandh, eternal bliss. Sathiguru Maharaj Saahib Jee says jeevaa thaerai naae, that Your Name is what truly blesses me with spriritual life. Without the Name of the Lord, there is spiritual death, the soul withers away. Maharaj Saahib Jee says that those people who live in the Name of the Lord, meditating on the Aakaal Purakh, they have aanandh - 'dh' meaning the sense of duality, of attachment to this world, 'aanan' meaning without. Those people are blessed to be freed from the entrapment of attachment; who live by Your Name, who have dedicated their lives to the Name of the Lord, to the Name of God.

Saacho saachaa naao gun govindh hai jeeo l
That Waheguru is saacho, is eternally true, and His Name, the Name of the Lord is eternally true as well, and so are the gun, the praises of govindh, the Creator of this world, the Protector of this world, govindh, that Waheguru Jee's praises are eternal, never -ending.

Gur giaan apaaraa sirajanehaaraa jin sirajee thin goee l
Through the apaaraa, the limitless giaan, spiritual knowledge which is given to us by the Guru, we can understand the sirajanehaaraa, we can join with, be united with that Creator Lord Waheguru. That Waheguru Jee who has sirajee, who has created this universe can goee, can destroy it as well. That Waheguru who has created us, jin sirajee thin goee, can destroy the ego, the desire, the lust, the evils within us.

Paravaanaa aaeiaa hukam pathaaeiaa faer n sakai koee l
Maharaj Saahib Jee says that when we receive the paravaanaa, the call of death, the message of death, hukam pathaaeiaa - and this is sent out, pathaaeiaa by the hukam, by the command of the Lord, by Waheguru, by God's will; faer n sakai koee - no one can faer, no one can challenge this, no one can turn away from this, no one can say no, I'm not going today, I've got this to do, I've got that to do, death cannot be turned away by anybody.

Aapae kar vaekhai sir sir laekhai aapae surath bujhaaee l
Waheguru Jee aapae - himself, kar - has created this world, and vaekhai - sits within the hearts of all and watches all. Sir sir laekhai, sir sir means to have different laekhai. Everybody's accounts are different according to their past actions which they have committed. Some are called paapee, sinners, some are called punnee, charitable, and everyone's laekhai, everyone's account is different according to the different actions that we commit. Aapae surath bujhaaee - Maharaj Saahib Jee says that Waheguru himself sits in the Guru, and bujhaaee, and blesses us with the understanding and the surath, the awareness of the Lord, the Waheguru.

Naanak saahib agam agochar jeevaa sachee naaee l 1 l
Naanak - Sathiguru Saahib Jee says, saahib agam agochar - that Lord of the world Waheguru, that Saahib, that Master is agam, is beyond the thoughts of the mind, is agochar, is beyond perception by these senses. Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee says, jeevaa sachee naaee - that true spiritual life is only possible through the Name, the true Name of the Lord Waheguru.

Thum sar avar n koe aaeiaa jaaeisee jeeo l
Waheguru! There is no one avar, who is sar, on par with You, at the same level as You. Why? Because You are the One Lord God, Who is never created or destroyed. You are beyond all of creation and destruction. Everyone else aaeiaa jaaeisee jeeo - aaeiaa, come onto this earth, and jaaeisee, go away from this world. O Waheguru, You are the only eternal One, everything else is temporary.

Hukamee hoe nibaerr bharam chukaaeisee jeeo l
The nibaerr, the accounts, the final accounts are set through hukamee, through Your command O Lord. Through Your command O Waheguru, which is karamee aapo aapanee kae naerrai kae dhoor, everybody's actions are held to account, and that is Your command. Through actions, some separate from the Lord, and some are joined with the Lord. Bharam chukaaeisee jeeo, Maharaj Saahib Jee is saying chukaaeisee, remove all doubts about this, this is the Truth.

Gur bharam chukaaeae akath kehaaeae sach mehi saach samaanaa l
Gur bharam chukaaeae, the Guru is the one who can chukaaeae, who can remove all the bharam, all the doubts. Akath kehaaeae - Maharaj Saahib Jee blesses us wth speaking about that Lord who is akath, who is beyond all words, who is beyond all sounds. Sach mehi saach samaanaa - those people who follow the sach, the truth of the Guru's words, they samaanaa, they merge into that saach, that eternal Lord Waheguru.

Aap oupaaeae aap samaaeae hukamee hukam pashaanaa l
Aap oupaaeae - Waheguru Jee himself creates all, aap samaaeae - Waheguru Jee himself merges the God conscious beings with Himself. Hukamee hukam pashaanaa - through the hukam, the command of the Lord, you can pashaanaa, understand, you can recongnise, you can join with the hukamee, the Commander of these commands, the Waheguru who creates this hukam.

Sachee vaddiaaee gur thae paaee thoo man anth sakhaaee l
Sachee - true, vaddiaaee, glory is paaee, is found from the Guru. Thoo man anth sakhaaee - in that True Glory of God we understand O Waheguru, that You are the anth, in the end the sakhaaee, the only friend of this man, of this mind. Waheguru Jee You are the only One Who can save me in the the end.

Naanak saahib avar n dhoojaa naam thaerai vaddiaaee l 2 l
Sathiguru Mahraj Saahib Jee says that there is only one Saahib, one Lord, avar n dhoojaa, there is no other. Naam thaerai vaddiaaee - through Your Name Waheguru, I understand your glory, I am blessed with tasting the essence of your vaddiaaee, of your Glory. Thoo sachaa sirajanehaar alakh sirandhiaa jeeo l
O Waheguru Jee! you are Eternally True, sachaa, sirajanehaar - You are the Creator, alakh - You are not knowable, sirandhiaa jeeo, the maker of all Waheguru.

Eaek saahib dhue raah vaadh vadhandhiaa jeeo l
Eaek Saahib, there is only one Lord Waheguru, dhue raah, but there are two paths in this world. One of the guramukh, the Guru centred being; and one of the manamukh, the mind centred being. Vaadh vadhandhiaa jeeo, and Maharaj Sahib Jee says that the mind in caught in the vaadh, this conflict and it engulfs us sometimes, the conflict between having a guru centred life and having a mind centred life.

Dhue raah chalaaeae hukam sabaaeae janam muaa sansaaraa l
Dhue raah chalaaeae, Maharaj Sahib Jee says that these raah, these paths are chalaaeae, are created by Waheguru in Waheguru Jee's hukam. Hukam sabaaeae, this is all in the hukam of Waheguru Jee, of the Lord. Janam muaa sansaaraa - in this sansaaraa, this world, people are janam - are born, and muaa - die. Some are living lives that are guru centred and are merging with the Lord. Those that live their lives guru centred, janam muaa sansaaraa, they find the true life, and muaa - they die whilst being alive. What does that mean? That they have complete control over their senses. When an object of desire comes before them it is as if their eyes have died. Their eyes have died to those desires, their ears have died to slander, their tongue has died to bitter words.

Naam binaa naahee ko baelee bikh laadhee sir bhaaraa l
Naam binaa - without Naam, the Name of the Lord, naahee ko - there is no other baelee - true friend, true support. However, but what does the mind centred being, the manamukh, do? Bikh laadhee. Laadhee - to gather, bikh - poisons of this world, of selfish material gain. Sir bhaaraa - and this is the bhaar, this is the weight upon the head, this is what creates the weight of anxiety, this is what creates the weight of tension. Maharaj Sahib Jee says that the mind centred beings, the manamukhs have to be born again and again in the womb and they hang upside down whilst in the womb with the head facing downwards, and the legs facing upwards, sir bhaaraa, with weight upon their heads.

Hukamee aaeiaa hukam n boojhai hukam savaaranehaaraa l
Sathiguru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj is blessing us that hukamee aaeiaa, that the human being has aaeiaa, has come onto this earth through the hukamee, through the command of the Lord. Hukam n boojhai - but does not understand , does not recognise the command of the Lord. Hukam savaaranehaaraa - Maharaj Saahib Jee says that the hukam, the command of the Lord is savaaranehaaraa, is what can embellish us, what can decorate us, and what can take away all of the disfigurations of ego and desire.

Naanak saahib sabadh sinjaapai saachaa sirajanehaaraa l 3 l
Naanak, Sathiguru Maharaj Jee says, saahib sabadh sinjaapai - that you can sinjaapai, you can feel the warmth and the glow of saahib, of that Master Lord through the sabadh, through the Guru's Words, through the Guru's mantra, through the 'Waheguru' mantra, through the Guru's bani. Saachaa sirajanehaaraa, that Waheguru is eternally true, He is the sirajanehaaraa, the Creator of all.

Bhagath sohehi dharavaar sabadh suhaaeiaa jeeo l
Bhagath - the devotees of the Lord, sohehi - adorn the dharavaar, the court of the Lord, the saadhasangath. They are suhaaeiaa, they are decorated with the sabadh, the only decoration they carry with them at all times is the Guru's Words upon their lips. Bolehi anmrith baan rasan rasaaeiaa jeeo l
Bolehi anmrith baan - whenever they speak, they always speak the eternal, immortal bani of the Guru, the Words of the Guru. Rasan - their tongue is rasaaeiaa - is full of the essence of the taste of the Name of the Lord.

Rasan rasaaeae naam thisaaeae gur kai sabadh vikaanae l
Rasan rasaaeae - Their tongue is full of this essence of intoxication of the Name of the Lord. Naam thisaaeae - and they always have the thisaaeae, the thirst for meditating upon the Name of the Lord. Gur kai sabadh vikaanae - they have sold their mind and soul through the words of the Guru. Man baechai sathigur kai paas this saevak kae kaaraj raas. Guru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj tells us in Sukhmani Sahib that the being who sells his mind to the Guru, all of his affairs are resolved. Gur kai sabadh vikaanae - through the Guru's words they have vikaanae, they have sold their mind to the Guru, it does not belong to them anymore, they've given up the false idea that anything belongs to them, they know mai naahee - I am nothing, prabh sabh kish thaeraa - everything belongs to you O Waheguru.

Paaras parasiai paaras hoeae jaa thaerai man bhaanae l
Guru Nanak Dev Jee goes on - paaras parasiai - they parasiai, they touch, they meet with, they unite with the paaras, the philosopher's stone who is the Guru, the Guru's sabadh, the Words of the Guru. Paaras hoeae, through touching with the philosopher's stone, the philosopher's stone of the world can turn lead into gold. However, the Guru is such a philosopher's stone that the Guru blesses you with his own form, with the form of the immortal Lord Waheguru. Meeting with the Guru, they become One with the Guru themselves, paaras hoeae. Jaa thaerai bhaanae - when they man, when they accept thaerai, Your bhaanae, Your command O Waheguru, then this happens. When they become pleasing to You, then this happens.

Amaraa padh paaeiaa aap gavaaeiaa viralaa giaan veechaaree l
Those who have gavaaeiaa, who have destroyed all sense of ego, they paaeiaa, they have found the padh, the status of immortality, they've become immortal. However, there is only very few viralaa, who veechaaree, who understand the concepts of spirituality, giaan, spiritual wisdom.

Naanak bhagath sohan dhar saachai saachae kae vaapaaree l 4 l
Sathiguru Nanak Sahib Jee says that bhagath - the devotees of the Lord, sohan - adorn the dhar saachae - the True door of the immortal Lord, of the saadhasangath, of the congregation of the Guru. They are the vaapaaree - they are the dealers, they are the merchants of the Truth, of the True sabadh of the Lord.

Bhookh piaaso aath kio dhar jaaeisaa jeeo l
Maharaj Sahib Jee says that when I have hunger and thirst for aath, for material gains, when my mind is always centred on gaining more wealth, on gaining more possessions, kio dhar jaaeisaa jeeo, how can I go into the dhar, into the saadhasangath? How can I go to the court of the Lord? How can I become one with the Lord? This is the question we need to ask ourselves. Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj tells us in Rehraas Sahib everyday, saachae naam kee laagai bhookh, to have that bhookh, that hunger, that thirst for the Name of the Lord, but our hunger, our thirsts are always focussed upon this world.

Sathigur poosho jaae naam dhiaaeisaa jeeo l
We ask the Guru, how can we change this disease within us, sathigur poosho jaae, I go and ask my True Guru. The Guru says, naam dhiaaeisaa jeeo - dhiaaeisaa, meditate upon the Name of the Lord. When you taste the essence of the Name of the Lord, you will realise that all of the intoxications, and all of the pleasures of the world are temporary, and the only eternal thing is that pleasure, that intoxication of the Name of the Lord. That is the way of removing this, through meditation upon the Name of the Lord. That hunger for the world, for material gain, will be changed over into hunger for spiritual gain.

Sach naam dhiaaee saach chavaaee guramukh saach pashaanaa l
Sach naam dhiaaee - meditate upon the True Name of the Lord, of Waheguru, saach chavaaee - at all time chant the Eternal Truth. Guramukh saach pashaanaa - become guru centred and you will pashaana, you will recognise the Truth within you.

Dheenaa naath dhaeiaal niranjan anadhin naam vakhaanaa l
That Waheguru who is the naath - the Master of those who are lowly, dheenaa, that Waheguru who is dhaeiaal - who is merciful, niranjan - who is beyond the stains of this material world; anadhin - day and night, vakhaanaa - meditate upon that Waheguru Jee's Naam, that Waheguru Jee'e Name.

Karanee kaar dhurahu furamaaee aap muaa man maaree l
The karanee, the kaar - what we do upon this earth, dhurahu furamaaee - has been ordained dhuarhu, from that primal Lord God Waheguru. Aap muaa man maaree - Maharaj Sahib Jee says that those who kill the sense of I, who have given up the sense that I do this, I do that, who have recognised that Waheguru Jee is pervading through all, man maaree, this is the way of defeating the mind.

Naanak naam mehaa ras meethaa thrisanaa naam nivaaree l 5 l 2 l
Nanak, Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee says naam mehaa ras meethaa, that the mehaa ras, the greatest essence, the most sweetest essence in this world is the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Thrisanaa naam nivaaree - the thrisanaa, the fire of desire within is nivaaree, is put out only through the Name of the Lord. So Sathiguru Nanak Sahib Jee is blessing us today, Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee is saying O guramukh piaaraeo, centre yourself upon the Guru, upon the Guru's Words, and you will be absorbed into this Truth.

Karanee kaar dhurahu furamaaee aap muaa man maaree l
Naanak naam mehaa ras meethaa thrisanaa naam nivaaree l 5 l 2 l

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.

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