English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 680

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is on Ang 680 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj in Dhanaasaree Raagini by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj.

Dhanaasree mehlaa 5 ||
Gurmukh Piaario Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj is speaking to us in Dhanaasaree Raagini. Satgur Maharaj Ji begine the shabad with:

jatan karai maanukh dehkaavai oh antarjaamee jaanai||
jatan means a trick; karai means to do. The being does many tricks and tries in many ways. jatan means to try in many ways and maanukh means human beings dehkaavai means deceive. In many different ways through many clever tricks the being tries to deceive others. But Guru Sahib Ji says oh antarjaamee jaanai that Waheguru who is antarjaamee, antar means within jaamee means the one who knows what is going on; that Waheguru who knows what is going on in each one of us. janai the one who knows everything. It does not matter where you try and hide, what you have done Waheguru Ji is there witnessing all of it.

paap karay kar mookar paavai bhaykh karai nirbaanai ||1||
Maharaj Ji says the human being paap karai commits sins and after committing them kar after committing, mookar paavai I did not do this, it literally means to deny; I did not do this, I did not do that, just denying them. bhaykh karai nirbaanai Maharaj Ji says that vast denying those things the being puts on the bhaykh the guises and the outward appearance of nirbaanai, nirbaanai the one who is devoted to the Lord; is the one who is committed to the Lord. It means completely in tuned with the Lord, liberated. On the outside the human being looks perfect, looks the part completely but within Waheguru Ji knows that being has been committing sins. Maharaj Ji says whilst the beings trick other human beings you cannot trick the Lord. Guru Ji says:

jaanat door tumeh parabh nayr||
Those people believe Waheguru Ji is door faraway. They jaanat think you are far away and you cannot see these things they do but Waheguru Ji my parabh, my Lord you are near and always with us at every point.

ut taakai ut tay ut paykhai aavai lobhee fayr|| rahaa-o||
taakai means to look around and those beings when they are about to commit sin they look around, left or right, in frint of them, behind them and they see that no human being is seeing and they commit a sin or they try to commit a sin. Guru Sahib Ji is saying O gursikh if you have the bhaavana belief in your heart, gur mayray sung sadaa hai naalay that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Waheguru Ji is there with me always looking at me. Then you cannot commit a sin because you know your Guru is always with you. But Guru Sahib Ji says those who believe that God is far away, those who think God is not with them always, they look left and right and after seeing there is no physical human presence they commit a sin. But Guru Ji says that spiritual presence of God is always with you, the presence of Lord, Waheguru Ji is jahir zahoor as Guru Gobind Singh says in Jaap Sahib and haajara hazoor. ut taakai The being engrossed in greed looks around this way, ut tay ut paykhai looks around in all directions, aavai lobhee fayr and the lobhee the greedy is looking around in all directions fayr to gain more wealth, to gain more material goods in any way the being can whether truthfully or dishonestly. Guru Sahib Ji says in such a way, fayr he comes again and again, cycle of reincarnation, cycle of fayr. fayr means coming again and again, dying and being born again and dying and born again. rahaa-o Guru Sahib Ji says pause and think about this today. Guru Sahib Ji saying to us O sikh of the Guru, o being, o soul,look within your mind, do you this fault within you. Search within your yourself. If you do have this fault then try and correct it through the grace of the Guru. Do Ardaas in front of the Guru, O Guru please let me feel your divine presence wherever I go. Please keep in my mind your loving fear and please keep in my mind that you are always there.

jab lag tutai naahee man bharmaa tab lag mukat na ko-ee||
jab lag As long as tutai naahee, nahee means not and tutai means break; man is of that spiritual mind in the body, bharmaa is the doubts. As long as the doubts which pervade through your mind do not break, as long as those doubtss, those thoughts of no one is watching me or no one can see me here, or who is seeing what I am doing now, it does not matter. When you are being carried away by hatred, love and desire, Maharaj Ji says when you not breaking away these bharmaas, these desires then na ko-ee no one can tab lag whilst they have those doubts in their minds or in heads they cannot mukat achieve liberation. True liberation is for those who have broken off this paal, this wall of falsehood. kiv koorhhai tootay paal Those who have broken through the wall of falsehood.

kaho naanak da-i-aal su-aamee sant bhagat jan so-ee. ||2||5||36
Guru Arjan Dev Ji says da-i-aal su-aamee who have been blessed by the merciful Lord, God, Waheguru, sant bhagat jan so-ee that humble jan that humble servant; so-ee means that humble servant who is blessed with that Lord's merciful grace becomes a sant, a true saint, who meditates upon the Lord twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Sant is not a name of certain types of clothes or a certain type of appearance, sant is the name of that person who meditates upon the name of Lord all the time. Satguru Granth Sahib Ji tells us those who meditate upon the Lord at all times, they are true sants, they are true saints. And when we look at the word bhagat, Guru Granth Sahib Ji gives us the definition of bhagat as well. mat hoodee ho-ay ee-aayana Even whilst he has the greatest spiritual wisdom he acts ee-aa-naa simple as if he knows nothing. taan honday ho-ay nitaana Even whilst he has all the spiritual power he still acts powerless, he still acts meek. How? By accepting the will of the Lord. unhoday aap vanda-ay Even when there is nothing to share, even when he has nothing to cover himself with one rag, even if he has nothing to eat, has one piece to eat he still will aap vanda-ay share with others. ko aisaa bhagat sada-ay Such a person is known as a bhagat, as a true devotee. Guru Arjan Dev Ji says that these devotees are only found with the mercy and grace of the Lord. That wall of bharam, falsehood, that wall of paal, koorhhai can be broken into. Guru Nanak Dev Ji tells us hukam rajayee chalnaa by walking in the will of God, naanak likhiyaa naal. Guru Arhan Dev Ji tells us walk in the will of God, accept the wisdom matof the Guru and then you will be blessed with the grace of the God, that di-aal soo-aa-mee of that merciful Lord.
In thi shabad today Guru Ji is telling us o sikhs, o people of this world, o souls upon this earth remember your Lord all the time and if you remember Waheguru, Guruji says you will be saved from all your sins.

jab lag tutai naahee man bharmaa tab lag mukat na ko-ee||
kaho naanak da-i-aal su-aamee sant bhagat jan so-ee ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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