English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 678

In today's Hukamnama SatGur Guru Arjan Dev Ji is blessing us. The history of this Hukamnama is connected to time in Sikh history where Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharj was at Sri Nankana Sahib and after finishing the Seva at Sri Nankana Sahib, Guru Arjan Sahib Ji went back to Sri Amritsar Sahib. And Guru HarGobind Sahib Ji who was a child had been staying at the village Named Badaali for three years and Satgur Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj called the back to Sri Amritsar Sahib and he said this Shabad.

Dhanaasree mehlaa 5.||

jin tum bhayjay tineh bulaa-ay sukh sahj saytee ghar aa-o.||
Satgur Ji says jin tum bhayjay, the one who has sent you, bhayjay means sent you, tineh bulaa-ay, is calling you back, sukh sahj saytee ghar aa-o, come back to yourghar, to your house, to Sri Amritsar Sahib withsukh, with peace.

anad mangal gun gaa-o sahj Dhun nihchal raaj kamaa-o. ||1||
Sing the mangal, the glories, gun, the virtues of that Waheguru who is embodiment of anad, of complete ecstasy, complete bliss and sing the Guru's Banee, the sahj Dhun, which is the most sublime, Dhun, the most sublime tune. nihchal raaj kamaa-o, and come back to Sri Amritsar Sahib and take on the Gurgaddi which is the everlasting kingdom. So that is how the Shabad is connected to seek history. Let us with the Grace of Sri Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj delve deeper into the Shabad and look for deep spiritual meaning which are in this Shabad. Satgur Arjan Dev Ji is saying jin tum bhayjay, that Waheguru Ji who has sent you on to this earth, tineh bulaa-ay, he is calling you back; bulaa-ay, means calling you back. How is God calling you back? Everywhere we go we can see God calling us back. How? Through God's Banee, through the Gurbani. Waheguru Ji is calling us back saying, we have been separated many lifetimes from Him, Waheguru. And Waheguru is saying come back. How is Waheguru saying come back? By meditation. How is Waheguru saying come back? Through Gurbani, through Katha, through Kirtan, through Paath. Everytime we are reading Paath, that is conversation with God, when we are listening to Kirtan, when we are listening to Katha. And in that Katha, in that Kirtan, Waheguru Ji is telling us, come back and realize what and who you truly are. What truly it means to be a human being and why you call it a beautiful human life. sukh sahj saytee ghar aa-o, come to the trueghar, come to the true house of your inner self where you realize your Aatma - your soul and you will return with sukh - complete happiness and sahj - a complete state of poise and balance within. anad mangal gun gaa-o sahj Dhun, Sing thegun mangal - praises of that Waheguru who is the embodiment of bliss, in the sahj Dhun, through the sahj Dhun of Gurbani, through the sahj Dhun of Kirtan, through the celestial peaceful tune of the Guru's words. And if you sing the Guru's words, what will happen? nihchal raaj kamaa-o, you will be blessed with nihchal - everlastingraaj, with the everlasting kingdom. Why? Becauseman jeetay Guru Nanak Dev Ji says who wins over mind,jag jeet, he is won over the world, he is won over the universe. By singing God's praises we will be blessed with the eternal kingdom of God's love. The kingdom no one can take away from us, Guru Ji is saying. It does not matter whether at that point you are cut in half or cut to bits. That kingdom, that eternal peace will not be broken. And we see that in Sikh history with the stories of Bhai Mati Daas Ji, Bhai Sati Daas JI, Bhai Dayala Ji, Bhai Mani Singh Ji, Bhai Taru Singh Ji and other countless GurSikhs. And Waheguru Ji, Satgur Paadshah Ji calls us back.

tum ghar aavhu mayray meet.||/span>
O my friend, tum ghar aavhu come back to your house, come back to true realization, realize who you are, realize what this path is all about.

tumray dokhee har aap nivaaray apdaa bha-ee biteet || rahaa-o.||
dokheejan, means enemy, your enemy, har aap, Waheguru Ji himself hasnivaaray, has eliminated, has wiped out your enemies. What are the enemies? kaam, karoDh, LoBh, Moh, Ahankaar.kaam means desires, karoDh meaning anger,loBh meaning greed, moh meaning attachment and ahankaar meaning ego. These enemies have been destroyed and on physical level Satguru Arjan Dev Ji is saying to Satguru HarGobind Sahib Ji that your enemies, Suleh Khan who came to attack the Guru and all the attempts on Guru HarGobind Sahib Ji's life were unsuccessful, why, because Waheguru Ji himself protected Guru HarGobind Sahib Ji. In the same way Waheguru Ji will protect us from the physical enemies and the spiritual enemies. apdaa bha-ee biteet, apdaa, that hard time hasbiteet has gone though God's Grace. The hard times have been preyed upon by lust, preyed upon by anger, they will cease, they will stop if only you will sing the praises of Waheguru. rahaa-o Guru Arjan Dev Ji says pause and think about this.

pargat keenay parabh karnayhaaray naasan bhaajan thaakay.||
That Waheguru who has made everything he has pargat keenay - meaning give honor to. Those people are honored who have meditated upon God. Like Bhagat Kabeer Ji, Bhagat Ravi Daas Ji. People cannot remember the names of great kings from those times but people can remember the names of those simple water carrier, shoe makers. Why, because they connect their consciousness, their focus to God. And Waheguru Ji glorify them, Waheguru Ji honored them. naasan bhaajan thaakay The coming and going, naasan bhaj literally means running around. That running around and coming back to being born and dying and all that reincarnation has thaakay, has ended.

ghar mangal vaajeh nit vaajay apunai khasam nivaajay. ||2||
within your true house, within your soul, mangal vaajeh nit vaajay, praises of Waheguru are sang and continually within you the praises of Waheguru is prayed again and again. apunai khasam nivaajay, Because Waheguru Ji has nivaajay, blessed you with His Grace.

asthir rahhu dolahu mat kabhoo gur kai bachan aDhaar.||
Guru Ji says remain asthir, meaning remain firm, completely steady. Remain firm in what dolahu mat kabhoo gur kai bachan aDhaar Remain firm with theaDhaar - support of Guru's bachan - Guru's words, the Guru's Bani. Guru Ji says asthir rahhu, remain firm forever and forever, dolahu mat kabhoo - neverdolahu- never waiver this way and that when pain comes, whatever comes, never waiver, never fall off the path. gur kai bachan aDhaar, Take the support of the Guru's words.

jai jai kaar sagal bhoo mandal mukh oojal darbaar. ||3||
In this world, throughout the whole world will be your jai jai kaar - your praises will be sung. sagal bhoo mandal, throughout the whole world, mukh oojal darbaar, and in the next world your face will shine radiantly.

jin kay jee-a tinai hee fayray aapay bha-i-aa sahaa-ee.||
That Waheguru Ji who has created all the beings, all the creatures, tinai hee fayray, fayray, means to turn around, He himself has transformed you from Manmukh to Gurmukh, from one who follows mind to one who follows the Guru. aapay bha-i-aa sahaa-ee And he is the one who is sahaa-ee - who will be the help and support forever and forever.

achraj kee-aa karnaihaarai naanak sach vadi-aa-ee. ||4||4||28||
Thisachraj - this wondrous game, this wondrous play which is being played out every day in this world has been create dby thatkarnaihaarai that Waheguru who is the creator of all.naanak sach vadi-aa-ee And SatGur Arjan Dev Ji says Hisvadi-aa-ee - HIs glory, His praises aresach, are completely eternal and those who sing the praises will become eternal as well.

jin kay jee-a tinai hee fayray aapay bha-i-aa sahaa-ee ||
achraj kee-aa karnaihaarai naanak sach vadi-aa-ee. ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !