English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 676


Dhan Dhan Guru Arjan Devji Maharaj speaks to us in Dhanaasree raag, a raag which is free from anxieties. Satgurji says:

firat firat bhaytay jan saaDhoo poorai gur samjhaa-i-aa
Wandering around firat firat from place to place, jan the servants, sadhoo who are true saints, Sadhoo, the one who has done saadhana of his mind, the one who has control over his mind, I have met those saints. The sadhoos have taken me to the True Guru and the True Guru has blessed me with the understanding.

aan sagal biDh kaaNm na aavai har har naam Dhi-aa-i-aa
And now once the True Guru has blessed me with this understanding I have realized nothing else, no other bidh way works – kaanm na aavai. har har naam dhiaa-iaa Apart from meditating upon har har naam, the name of the Lord, and that is what I meditate upon.

taa tay mohi Dhaaree ot gopaal tah tay mohi dharee
And for this reason only, I have taken on the support of gopaal the one who protects this universe, Waheguru.

saran pari-o pooran parmaysur binsay sagal janjaal.rahaa-o
I have taken the sanctuary of pooran Parmaysur that perfect Waheguru, binsay sagal janjaal all of the entanglements which entangled me have been removed.

Guruji says pause and think about this.

surag mirat pa-i-aal bhoo mandal sagal bi-aapay maa-ay
surag the heavens, mirat this world here, paiaal underneath this world, many other worlds, bhoo mandal this whole globe, the entire world, sagal biaapay maa-ay all of it is attacked, under the influence of maya, of this illusion.

jee-a uDhaaran sabh kul taaran har har naam Dhi-aa-ay
Guru Paadshahji says that if you dhiaa-ay meditate upon the naam of Hari, Waheguru, your soul will be liberated – jee-a udhaaran and sabh kul taaran your whole family will be liberated.

naanak naam niranjan gaa-ee-ai paa-ee-ai sarab niDhaanaa
O Nanak gaa-eeai sing the name of niranjan, that Waheguru who is beyond maya. paa-eeai sarab nidhaanaa This way you will find all treasures.

kar kirpaa jis day-ay su-aamee birlay kaahoo jaanaa
Only that person who has the kirpaa the blessings of the suaamee, of the Lord, and who gives it to that person, when Waheguru Ji gives it to you, birlay kahoo jaanaa those very few, rare people are blessed with this understanding of the knowledge of meditating upon the Lord. So in this Shabad Guru Arjan Devji Paadshah talks of meeting the saints, meeting the Guru and then realizing the only path in this kalyug is to meditate upon the Hari Naam.

naanak naam niranjan gaa-ee-ai paa-ee-ai sarab niDhaanaa
kar kirpaa jis day-ay su-aamee birlay kaahoo jaanaa

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!

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