English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 670


Hukamnama Sahib today is by Satgur Raamdaas Sahib Ji Ang 670 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, and it is in the Dhanasri Raagni.

Dhanasri Mahala 4 ll
Satguru Raamdaas Ji Maharaj in the Shabad today, is explaining and describing to us through this conversation with God- this conversation with the True Saahaa.

Mayray Saahaa mai Har darsan sukh hoe ll
'Saahaa' here, coming from the word 'Paatsaah'- which means the King. Guru Raamdaas ji Maharaj is taking on the role in this Shabad of a humble servant of that Almighty King, Waheguru, Lord God. Guru Sahib Ji is showing us the path of true devotional love to Waheguru, to God.

'Mayray Saahaa'-O, my King, listen to the depth, the emotional depth of this conversation that Guru Raamdaas Ji Maharaj is having with God. How deep Maharaj Ji goes, 'mayray Saahaa'- O, my King, 'mai Har darsan sukh hoe'- the only way I can achieve true 'sukh'- true peace, is through 'darsan', through beloved, blessed vision of Hari, of Waheguru. To have the 'darsan', to have the experience of being one with Waheguru, to have the experience of seeing that Lord God with these eyes, what does that mean? That means the veil of falsehood being lifted from these eyes and having complete union with Waheguru, seeing Waheguru prevailing through all.

Hamree baydan Tu jaantaa Saahaa, avar kiaa janai koe ll Rahaao ll
And Guru Ji goes on to say, 'hamree baydan Tu jaantaa Saahaa'- O, my King, O my Saahaa, 'tu'-you , 'jaantaa'- you know, you understand, 'hamree'-my, 'baydan'- pain. Gurmukh piaario, many people can talk of their own pain, but unless you have this connection, you cannot understand the pain of another, and Guruji is saying that the pain of separation from Waheguru, this realisation, when we realise that we are separate, that is the beginning of our spiritual path, and Guruji says that only you Waheguru, know the pain which is within me, 'avar kiaa janai koe'- how can anyone else, 'kiaa jaanai'- what can they know? Rahaao- Guruji says pause, and think about this today. It is this pain, internally, which leads us upon the spiritual path.

Saachaa Sahib sach Tu mayray Saahaa, tayraa keeaa sach sabh hoe ll
O, my King, you are the 'Saacha', you are the true Sahib, the true Lord, the Master of this world. 'Sach Tu' - forever and forever You will be the Truth, everything else will arise and then fade away, but Waheguru, You, will never fade away. 'Tayraa keeaa sach sabh hoe' - whatever you 'keeaa', whatever you do, whatever you act, which ever act that you put in place: 'Sach sabh hoe' - everything that you do is the Truth.

Jhootthaa kis kao aakheeai Saahaa, doojaa naahee koe ll
O, my Saahaa, O my Lord, Waheguru! How can I call anyone 'jhootthaa', anyone false, 'kis kao', to whom 'aakheai', can I call? 'Doojaa naahee koe' - there is no 'doojaa', no other than Yourself.

What does this mean? This means for a Gursikh, and for someone who has this attachment with Waheguru, what can I say is false? Everything is happening in Your will, everything is by Your command, everything is happening through Your grace, Waheguru.

Sabhnaa vich Tu vartdaa Saahaa, sabh tujhai dhiaavai din raat ll
O my Saaho, O my Lord God, you 'vartdaa', you permeate through 'sabhnaa', through all. 'Sabh' - all, 'dhiaavai' - meditate upon You, 'din raat' - day and night. All of this creations revolving around that Creator day and night; the sun, the moon, the stars, all of them are working in the Will of Lord God Waheguru. But if there is one being which goes against the Will - that is the human being. Gurmukh piaario, Guruji is saying even the stars, the sun, the moons, they are all meditating upon God, they are all working in the Will of God. O Gurmukh piaaray, O human being, submit to the Will of God!

Sabh tujh hee thaavhu mangday mayray Saahaa, Tu sabhnaa kareh ik daat ll
O my Lord God, everybody 'thaavhu', from you, 'tujh hee thaavhu' - from you, everyone comes to 'mangday', everybody comes to beg. 'Tu sabhnaa kareh ik daat' - You are the 'Ik', You are the One Eternal Waheguru, the Ik Oangkaar who gives everyone 'daat', gifts, who is the True bestower of gifts upon the whole world, on the whole Universe.

Sabh ko tujh hee vich hai mayray Saahaa, tujh tay baahar koee naahi ll
'Sabh ko' - this whole world, this whole Universe, all beings, everything is 'vich', is within you, O Lord God! Is all a part of You! There is nothing 'baahar', nothing outside You. You must understand that Guru Sahib Ji here, Guru Raamdaas Ji is saying that everything is within Waheguru, nothing is outside Waheguru. All this creation is a part of Him.

Sabh jee-a tayray Tu sabhas da mayray Saahaa, sabh tujh hee maahi samaahi ll
'Sabh jee-a tayray Tu sabhas da mayray Saahaa'- O, my Lord God, all of the 'jeeas'- all of the living things belong to you, 'tu sabhas da'- and in the same way, You belong to them. You are the mother and father of all, O God. 'Sabh tujh hee maahi samaahi'- and in the end, all 'samaahi'- all emerged in with you again.

Sabhnaa kee Tu aas hai mayray Piaaray, sabh tujheh dhiaaveh mayray Saah ll
'Sabhnaa kee Tu aas hai mayray Piaaray'- O, my Lord, O my beloved Waheguru, You are the 'aas'- 'aas' means the hopes and desires. You are the One who runs through the hopes and desires of all beings. You are the One who can fulfil the hopes and desires of all beings. 'Sabh tujheh dhiaavai mayray Saah'- O my Lord God, 'sabh'-all beings 'dhiaaveh'- meditate upon you.

Jio bhaavai tio rakh Tu mayray Piaaray, sach Nanak kay Paatsaah ll
'Jio bhaavai tio rakh Tu mayray Piaaray'- O my Piaaray, O my Beloved Waheguru, 'Jio bhaavai'- as it pleases You, 'tio rakh'- as it is Your Will, keep me in Your Will, keep me in Your Command, keep me in Your Grace. Wherever I may be, whether I'm going through times of happiness or sadness, keep me within Your Grace. Let me live according to Your Will, let me understand and love Your 'hukam'- your Command. 'Sach Nanak kay Paatsaah'- Guru Raamdaas Ji says that for me, You are the True King, all others are false, they will fall away, You are my Truth, You are my 'Sachaa Paatsaah'.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Kee Fateh.