English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 666


Dhanaasaree mehalaa 4 ghar 1 choupadhae
Sathiguru Ram Das Jee Maharaj is blessing us today in Dhanaasaree ragini. Sathiguru Sahib Jee begins the shabad in ghar 1, the first house in singing and rhythm, in choupadhae - the shabad has chou, four padhae - literally meaning feet, having four parts to it. Sathiguru Jee begins with the introduction, the manglacharan -

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh l
Ik oankaar - there is One Eternal creating, nourishing, and all destroying Being, Who is the Light of all, pervading through all, bringing life to all. Who is forever Eternal, sath, Who is forever gur, meaning conscious. Who is forever the form of prasaadh, which means Bliss. That One Lord God Waheguru, oankaar is sath, is forever Eternal, is gur, The One Who brings Light to our lives and is prasaadh, is the form of all Bliss. Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee says -

Jo har saevehi santh bhagath thin kae sabh paap nivaaree l
Those santh - means those beloved devotees who have filled up with shanti, with peace inside, and bhagath - those who engage in loving worship of The Lord, those lovers of The Lord, those saints, those beings filled with true eternal peace, and true love, who saevehi, who serve Hari, who serve The True Lord Waheguru, the nourisher of the world, thin kae - of theirs, sabh - all of their, paap - all of their sins, nivaaree - have been washed away, have been destroyed, have been removed. In this shabad today, Guru Maharaj Jee gives us the example of these great saints, and these great blessed souls, and inspires us, and tells us to look at these souls, look at these lives of great blessed souls. Read the lives of blessed souls like Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Jee, Sant Giaani Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa, read the lives of souls like Baba Mithh Singh Jee. Reading the life stories of such saints, and how their sins have been washed away by serving The Lord should instill this hope within us, should instil this faith within us, brings inspiration to us. In the same way Guru Sahib Jee is giving us inspiration, those who serve The Lord, their sins have been washed away.

Ham oopar kirapaa kar suaamee rakh sangath thum j piaaree l 1 l
O suaamee, O my Lord Master Waheguru, please bless us with your kirapaa, ham oopar - upon me. Upon me, shine down Your glory, Your kirapaa, Your grace. Rakh sangath thum j piaaree - keep me in the sangath of those, thum j piaaree, of those that love You, and those that You love. Waheguru keep me in the sangath of the great followers of the Guru, those beloved souls, because if I stay in their congregation, if I stay in their sangath, if I stay in their company, naanak thae mukh oujalae kaethee shuttee naal, they are blessed themselves, their faces are radiant with the glow of eternal peace. However those that meet them, those that keep their company, those who feel their presence, those that listen to their words, those who read their life stories, those that connect with those beloved souls, they're also inspired, and they are saved as well. That is the first prayer, the first ardas in this shabad.

Har gun kehi n sako banavaaree l
O banavaaree, O Creator of this garden of the universe, kehi n sako, I cannot even speak Your gun, Your virtues, O Hari, Har means all of Your, who can speak all of Your virtues? No one can. Waheguru You are limitless. Sathiguru Maharaj Ram Das Jee, the embodiment of humility in the house of Guru Nanak is filling this shabad with ardasaan, with the emotions that we need to go through when standing in front of the Guru doing ardas. Just like if you're going to pick someone off the floor, you have to bend over to pick them up, in the same way, Guru Sahib Jee is bending over, is coming down to us and saying, what are They saying?

Ham paapee paathar neer ddubath kar kirapaa paakhan ham thaaree l
Ham paapee paathar neer ddubath. Maharaj Sahib Jee is none of these things! But to pick us up, to take us out of this maya, this swamp of emotional attachment, this swamp of ego and desire, Maharaj Sahib Jee is picking us up and saying ham paapee - I am a paapee, I am a sinner, paathar - means stone, weighed down, neer ddubath - and I am drowning in this neer, in this water. What is this water of? Of emotional attachment, of ego, hatred, of desires. Kar kirapaa - bless me with Your grace, paakhan ham thaaree, take this paakhan, take this stone, that is weighed down with desires, that is weighed down with hatred, and put us on Your thaaree, on Your boat, carry us across this ocean of desire.

rehaao l
Rehaao - Guru Jee says pause and think about this today, this should be your ardas throughout the day, this should be on your lips throughout the day - Ham paapee paathar neer ddubath kar kirapaa paakhan ham thaaree.

Janam janam kae laagae bikh morachaa lag sangath saadh savaaree l
From many janam, from many past lives, I am laagae, I am attached, and attached to me is what? The morachaa, in this case means the rust, the rust of bikh, bikh meaning poison. The poison of sins, the poison of ego, the poison of desires is attached to me from many past lifetimes. Look at a piece of metal that's been in water for so long, and the amount of rust which is on that. Guru Jee says, yes, there is this rust, but, lag - if I attach myself to the sangath, to the congregation of the saadh, of those who have conquered their minds, those who have taken the sanctuary of The True Guru, of The True Saint of all saints, Guru Nanak, savaaree - this rust will be cleaned away in seconds by meditating upon the Naam, by keeping the sangath, the congregation, by keeping in their company.

Jio kanchan baisanthar thaaeiou mal kaattee kattith outhaaree l
Like kanchan, like gold is thaaeiou, is put into the baisanthar, into the fire, gold is purified in the fire, mal kaattee kattith outhaaree. The jeweller, the kattith kaattee, cuts away all of the mal, all of the impurities which are in the gold, and lets it shine. In the same we are the sons and daughters of Waheguru, we are this pure gold inside us, there is this no nidh anmrith prabh kaa naam which is already within us, that immortal nectar of the Name. Simply, we have to surrender ourself to the jeweller, The Guru, and He will burn away all of these paap, all of these sins, all of these desires form within us.

Har har japan japo dhin raathee jap har har har our dhaaree l
What do we do in the sanctuary of The Guru? Har har japan, meditate the japan, the mantra, the Guru's Bani of Hari, of That Lord Waheguru. When do we do this? Guru Mahraj Sahib Jee says dhin raathee - day and night, meditate upon this. While driving to work, in your breaks, whilst eating food, whilst eating, whatever you're doing, always meditate. Jap har har har our dhaaree, meditate on That Hari, That Waheguru Who nourishes you, Who makes you flourish, Who har, who takes away all of your pains. Our dhaaree - dhaaree means enshrine the Name of The Lord in your heart, by meditating again and again, again and again, love will well up in your heart for the Name of The Lord.

Har har har aoukhadh jag pooraa jap har har houmai maaree l 3 l
The perfect aoukhadh, medicine in this jag, in this world, the medicine to kill all diseases, is the Name of That Hari, That Waheguru. That medicine will take away the diseases of our body, our mind, and our soul. By meditating upon Hari, by meditating upon the Name of The Lord, the greatest disease of haumai, of ego will maaree, will be removed.

Har har agam agaadh bodh aparanpar purakh apaaree l
Waheguru Jee is agam - beyond the understanding of the five senses, agaadh - unfathomable, no one can fathom how great Waheguru Jee is. Bodh - the wisdom of Waheguru Jee is beyond the thoughts of the mind, aparanpar - there is no end to Waheguru, That Eternal Purakh, That Eternal Being apaaree - infinite.

Jan ko kirapaa karahu jagajeevan jan naanak paij savaaree l 4 l 1 l
O jagajeevan, O light of the world, O Waheguru Jee, O The One Who brings Light to all the world, kirapaa karahu, bless this humble servant, this jan with Your grace, jan naanak paij savaaree. Guru Ram Das Jee says O Waheguru please savaaree - please preserve, please save, please liberate, the paij, the honour of Your jan, on Your humble servant. Sathiguru Maharaj is telling us in this shabad the glory of those beings who have meditated upon The Lord, is doing ardas, Waheguru Jee, keep me in their company, keep me in their sangath, keep me in the company of those that love You, that are loved by You.

Har har agam agaadh bodh aparanpar purakh apaaree l
Jan ko kirapaa karahu jagajeevan jan naanak paij savaaree l 4 l 1 l

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.