English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 665


Dhanaasaree mehalaa 3 |
Sathiguru Amardaasjee Maharaj is speaking to us today. Guru Sahibjee begins the shabad,

Jo har saevehi thin bal jaao |
Those people who saevehi - who serve Hari - who serve Waheguru thin bal jaao. Bal means to be sacrifice. Sathiguru Patshahjee says those people who serve God I am a sacrifice to them.

Thin hiradhai saach sachaa mukh naao |
If we ask Gurujee how do we know that those people are serving God? How can we know? How can we recognize? Sanu pashan kis taran hoveh that those people are true servants are of God. Guru Amardaasjee says that you can tell that someone is truly serving God, someone is truly devoted to Guru because thin hiradhai saach - because in their heart they only think about the Truth. They live by the Truth. Sachaa mukh naao - on their mukh, on their lips they always have the sachaa naam - the Satnaam. Sachaa mukh naao - that Sachaa Waheguru, that Eternal Lord God, His name is always upon their lips and His love is in their hearts.

Saacho saach samaalihu dhukh jaae |
Saacho saach - the truest of the true, the Eternal Waheguru, those people who samaalihu - meaning to meditate upon, to remember, to chant, those who chant, who meditate upon, who remember at all times that Waheguru who is the truest of the true dhukh jaae - whether that's physical pain of the body, mental pain of the mind or spiritual pain - all of the pains go away. How does the pain go away though?

Saachai sabadh vasai man aae |1|
Sabadh - means the word of the Guru, Saachai means that Eternal Waheguru. When the True Guru, when the true Lord God's Word, when the true Lord God's shabad, when the true Lord God's baani comes to abide in their mind, when you've got the bani of true Guru in your mind then no pain can touch you, Guru Amardaasjee is saying.

Gurabaanee sun mail gavaaeae |
By sun - by listening to Guru's Words all of your mail - meaning dirt of many past lives, all of the lifetimes which we've lived, all of the bad things we've done, all of the bad things we've said collect upon us as dirt. By listening to Guru Sahibjee's Word all of that dirt which has collected upon us in terms of ego, anger, greed, anxiety, attachment, slander - all of that dirt can be washed away by listening to Gurbani. What type of listening are we talking about in Guru Sahibjee's house? Guru Naanak Devjee explains to us in Japjee Sahib: suniaa manniaa man keethaa bhaao - the true listening leads on to manniaa - to acceptance. Listening, accepting and practicing - that is the path of Gursikhi. In Punjabi it's called sarvan, mannan, nidhiasan - listening, accepting and practicing it within your life.

Sehajae har naam mann vasaaeae |1| rehaao |
Those people who listen to Gurbani sehajae - meaning naturally, with ease the Name of God comes to abide within their mind. If you listen to Gurbani day and night the waves of Gurbani, the wavelength of Gurbani is such that Gurbani will change you internally. Just like Gurbani changes water into Amrit and bring the panj piaarey, Bhai Daya Singh Jee and the other panj piaarey back to life. In the same way Gurbani can change us internally. Rehaao - Guru Amardaas Sahibjee says pause and think about this today.

Koorr kusath thrisanaa agan bujhaaeae |
What does Gurbani do? Gurbani nu sun kae - by listening to Gurbani koorr - all of our lies, kusath - all of the ways of deception, how we've tried to deceive others, thrisanaa - all our greed, agan - all of those fires which are within us are bujhaaeae - are put out by listening to Gurbani.

Anthar saath sehaj sukh paaeae |
Inside we find complete saath - complete peace, sehaj sukh paaeae - we find complete sukh - the complete happiness of sehaj. Sehaj isn't talking about being happy or content for a minute or two, sehaj means forever and ever. Even when Bhai Mati Daasjee were cut in half they had that sehaj, that peace inside of them, nothing could change their inside state.

Gur kai bhaanai chalai thaa aap jaae |
If you live your life according to what the Guru says then aap jaae - then your sense of ego, your sense of hankaar, your sense of I will go.

Saach mehal paaeae har gun gaae |2|
You will find the true place of rest if you gaae - if you sing the true praises of Waheguru, of Akal Purkah.

N sabadh boojhai n jaanai baanee |
On the other side Guru Amardaasjee is taking about those people who listen to their mind not the Guru's shabad. N sabadh boojhai - they do not understand the Guru's shabad - the Guru's Word, n jaanai baanee - they do not listen to the Guru's baani.

Manamukh andhae dhukh vihaanee |
Manamukh - those people who keep their manamukh - who keep their man as the center of their life, listen to what the mind says they are andhae - they are blind, Guru Sahibjee says. What does that mean? It means that they do not know what the Truth is. Dhukh vihaanee - vihaanee means they live their life, they pass their lives in dhukh - in pain.

Sathigur bhaettae thaa sukh paaeae |
Those people who bhaettae - meaning to meet with the Guru, to listen to what the Guru says, to accept what the Guru says and to practice it within their lives. Sathiguru bhaettae thaa sukh paaeae - those people will find peace within their lives. Bhaettae doesn't just mean to go meet the Guru but it means to completely give up all your sense of I, all your sense of ego and to follow what the Guru says.

Houmai vichahu thaak rehaaeae |3|
Guru Sahibjee says houmai - that sense of ego thaak rehaaeae - meaning to be completely dissolved. When those people meet the Guru and they follow what the Guru says their sense of ego dissolves completely.

Kis no keheeai dhaathaa eik soe |
Who else can I go speak to? There is only One dhaathaa - One giver, eik soe - ik Akaal Purakh.

Kirapaa karae sabadh milaavaa hoe |
If He blesses us with His Grace tan sabadh milaavaa hoe - then we are united with God through His shabad, through the Gurbani.

Mil preetham saachae gun gaavaa |
Meeting with my preetham, with my beloved Waheguru saachae gun gaavaa - I sing the gun - the praises of my true Waheguru, my Akaal Purakh. Mil preetham - meeting my beloved Waheguru, meeting with Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee, sitting in the sangat I sing the praises of Akaal Purakh Waheguru.

Naanak saachae saachaa bhaavaa |4|5|
Siri Guru Amardaasjee tells us that those people who sing the praises of Waheguru they are saachaa bhaavaa - they are the truly, they are the ones who bhaavaa - who please God. Guru sahibjee is telling us that if you want to please Waheguru then sing the praises of Waheguru. Naanak saachae saachaa bhaavaa - the only way of bhaavaa - of pleasing Waheguru, if you want to please Waheguru then sing the praises of Waheguru and you'll merge in with God through the Guru's Grace.

What Guru Amardaasjee is telling us through the rehao lines is that Gurabaanee sun mail gavaaeae | Sehajae har naam mann vasaaeae |1| rehaao | That O Gursikhs, O people of the world, by listening to Gurbani all of your pains, all of your sins will be removed.

Mil preetham saachae gun gaavaa |
Naanak saachae saachaa bhaavaa |4|5|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!


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