English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 664

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is by Guru Amar Daas Ji in Dhanaasree Raag on Ang 664 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Dhanaasree mehlaa 3||
Satguru Amar Daas Ji Maharaj speaks to us today.

sadaa Dhan antar naam samaalay. || jee-a jant jineh partipaalay||
sadaa, forever and forever, samalay, cherish and gather,antar, within you, Dhan, the wealth of the world, naam, God's name. That naam, that creative power, jineh partipaalay, partipaalay, who has nurtured, jee-a jant, all of the beings, all of the creatures, everyone, who has created everything.

mukat padaarath tin ka-o paa-ay. har kai naam ratay liv laa-ay. ||1|
Those people have paa-ay, found the padaarath, the gift of mukatee, liberation. They have laa-ay, attached their liv, their consciousness and ratay, and imbued themselves, colored themselves in the color of har kai naam in Waheguru's naam.

gur sayvaa tay har naam Dhan paavai.||
The question arises where can we find this Dhan, this wealth? Guru Amar Daas Ji says gur sayvaa tay, through the Guru's servicehar naam Dhan paavai, you can find the Dhan, the wealth of Hari's naam, of God's name.

antar pargaas har naam Dhi-aavai.|| rahaa-o. ||
Then what will happen when this naam Dhan is found? There will bepargaas, illumination antar, within,har naam Dhi-aavai, when we meditate upon Hari naam, God's name. rahaa-o Satgur Amar Daas Ji says pause and think about this.

ih har rang goorhaa Dhan pir ho-ay.||
When the Dhan, bride andpir, husband Lord God, Waheguru Ji are united, the color,rang, color of love which is there at that point isgoorhaa, is deep, beyond all other colors, that love of Waheguru is beyond all other colors, the conception of love, beyond all other ideas of love, the highest and truest. And what happens thriugh that love?

saaNt seegaar raavay parabh so-ay||
Waheguru Ji raavay, blesses that soul bride who is colored in saant, in peace, and inseegaar in decorations of virtues. The decoration of kindness, the decoration of mercy, the decoration of love, the decoration of humility

ha-umai vich parabh ko-ay na paa-ay ||
ha-umai vich, Guru Sahib Ji says in egotism, in ego,parabh ko-ay na paa-ay, no one can find Waheguru.

moolhu bhulaa janam gavaa-ay. ||2||
In ego we have forgotten our moolhu, ou root, our Waheguru. janam gavaa-ay Guru Sahib JI says that person gavaa-ay, loses his janam, life.

gur tay saat sahj sukh banee||
Through the Guru's words, through the Guru's banee, can we findsaat - peace; sahj - complete poise; andsukh - all happiness.

sayvaa saachee naam samaanee.||
That is true sayvaa, Guru Ji says that is saachee sayvaa,sayvaa is true that naam samaanee, that merges with Naam. Sayvaa and Simran are both connected Guru Ji is saying.

sabad milai pareetam sadaa Dhi-aa-ay.||
Those people who sadaa, forever Dhi-aa-ay, meditate upon his name, upon their beloved Lord, they are united with the Lord through the sabad, through the Guru's words.

saach naam vadi-aa-ee paa-ay. ||3||
Through the Guru's name they paa-ay, findvadi-aa-ee, true glory.

aapay kartaa jug jug so-ay.||
jug jug For many ages,Waheguru Ji has always been the creator and always will be.

nadar karay maylaavaa ho-ay||
And if Waheguru Ji casts his glance, his gaze of Grace upon a soul, , then that soul is united with the Him, with Waheguru Ji.

gurbaanee tay har man vasaa-ay.||
Now Guru Ji says how we are going to keep Waheguru Ji in our mind;gurbaanee tay, thrugh the Guru's words, through reciting the Banee and understanding the Banee, through doing veechaar of the Banee, through singing the Banee and through making the Banee the part of our everyday life. Every step through the Guru's Banee har man vasaa-ay, then we will have to vasaa-ay, to enshrine Hari, Waheguru within our mind.

naanak saach ratay parabh aap milaa-ay. ||4||3||
O Nanak, Satgur Ji says, saach ratay, those people who are colored in the true Lord, Waheguru Ji merges him in himself.

gurbaanee tay har man vasaa-ay.
naanak saach ratay parabh aap milaa-ay. ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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