English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 661


 Satguru Nanak Dev jee Maharaj is blessing us with this shabad today. Satguru Nanak Dev jee Maharaj whilst they were travelling on their udhasis, their mission was spreading the Name of Satnaamthroughout the world. They went to a village and in that village – the people of the village did not allow Satguru jee to remain within the village. Wherever Guru jee went they were trying to get rid of Satguru Sahib jee and they weren’t allowing Guru Sahib jee to remain in the village. So Satguru Sahib jee turned to their companion Bhai Mardana and said Bhai Mardana jee lets leave the village. As they left the village they saw a small hut outside the village in the fields, Satguru Sahib jee went near that hut in which lived a leper, who no one in the village talked to, who no-one went near because they were all fearful of catching leprosy. But Satguru Sahib jee went to that hut with Bhai Mardana jee and when they gave darshan to that leper, then through Satguru Nanak Sahib jee, ucharan of thisshabad took place – listening to the shabad and doing darshan of Satguru Sahib jee the leprosy of the leper was taken away. Satguru Sahib jee says,

Jeeo thapath hai baaro baar |
The soul is thapath – is burning hai baaro baar – again and again. Another meaning: Satguru Sahib jee is saying here that the soul is burning, baaro means water and baar means to be burning hot like when water boils. Just like on water boiling steam arises. Another meaning is that through the cycle of reincarnation the soul is burning again and again through life and death.

Thap thap khapai bahuth baekaar |
Thap thap means burning and to burn again, khapai means to be destroyed bahuth baekaar. Burning itself again and again in the fire of greed and desire; desire of the worldly things, desiring maya: desiring this illusion, desiring lust, desiring all these other things. All these desires are burning away and they are ruining the soul. Bahut baekaar – there is much evil which is surrounding the soul.

Jai than baanee visar jaae |
That body, that mind, that soul, that spiritual body who forgets baanee – Guru’s word then,

Jio pakaa rogee vilalaae |1|
Pakaa rogee – a completely diseased person. In those terms was used to refer to a leper. Just like a leper, the soul of that person who is caught in desire vilalaae – cries out again and again. Within each of our souls there is that cry, there is that pain that we try and resolve that pain with worldly things. Satguru Sahib jee is saying that it is the wordly desires which are causing that pain. We have to realize where is this pain, where is this fire beginning from?

Bahuthaa bolan jhakhan hoe |
Too much bolan – to speak needlessly is jhakhan hoe – is useless.

Vin bolae jaanai sabh soe |1| rehaao |
Without speaking He knows every news, every occurrence. Satguru Sahib jee is saying that Waheguru jee knows everything. To speak and speak with no use is wasteful.

Rehaao –
Gurujee says pause and think about this.

Jin kan keethae akhee naak |
Waheguru jee created our ears to listen to the bani, created our eyes in order to do darshan of Satguru Maharaj jee and naak – made our nose to fall at the feet of the Guru.

Jin jihavaa dhithee bolae thaath |
He gave us this jihavaa – this tongue which bolae thaath – so we can speak those words which are beauteous – the Guru’s words, the Guru’s bani. He gave us the tongue so that we can speak Guru’sbani and meditate upon the Naam.

Jin man raakhiaa aganee paae |
O my mind the One who looked after you within the aganee – the fire of the womb.

Vaajai pavan aakhai sabh jaae |2|
This pavan – this wind which is blowing throughout the whole world, aakhai sabh jaae – follows His Word, follows His Command, follows His Will. That vaajai pavan – instrument of air which plays out within each human being, we are all instruments of air. Satguru Amardaas jee Maharaj tells us in "Anand Sahib" dee bani that we are all instruments of this air: Satguru jee says on Ang 922 of SGGS jee – har jeeo gufaa andhar rakh kai vaajaa pavan vajaaeiaa – Satguru Amardaas jee is telling us that all are instruments of this air and Waheguru jee is the One who is playing through all these instruments. All these instruments move according to His aakhai – His Command.

Jaethaa mohu pareeth suaadh |
All of attachment, pareeth – love and suaadh – the tastes of the world;

Sabhaa kaalakh dhaagaa dhaag |
- all of these are kaalakh – are the darkest black stains. Dhaagaa dhaag – they stain this soul.

Dhaag dhos muhi chaliaa laae |
That person who has the dhaag – the stain of dhos – stain of sins on his muhi – on his face, leaves this attached upon his or her face. Guru jee says,

Dharageh baisan naahee jaae |3|
In the court of the Lord there is no place for that being to sit.

Karam milai aakhan thaeraa naao |
Only those great people who have got karam – great fortune, have got the grace, mercy of Waheguru jee aakhan thaeraa naao – they chant the name of Waheguru.

Jith lag tharanaa hor nehee thaao |
This is the way of being liberated. We must love and attach ourselves into the Naam even when our mind is wondering again and again by immersing ourselves in Naam simran, immersing ourselves inseva and gurbani. Even though we may make some mistakes, even though we may fall off the path, again and again, we need to get up and immerse ourselves in Gurbani again. Satguru Sahib jee saysjith lag tharanaa – attaching ourselves to it (Gurbani), again and again, we will be saved, hor nehee thaao – there is no other place.

Jae ko ddoobai fir hovai saar |
Even if someone is drowning, he can be saved, Guru Sahib jee says. Even though we are drowning in this Kalyug Guru Sahib jee says we can be saved if we simply accept the fact that we are drowning and put our hand out and beg for the Guru to save us. Another meaning of this line is if someone immerses himself in the Naam then he/she will be saved.

Naanak saachaa sarab dhaathaar |4|3|5|
O Nanak, that Waheguru is saachaa – forever True and He is merciful upon all.
So just as Satguru Sahib jee Maharaj took away the leprosy of that leper, may Satguru Nanak Dev jee Maharaj, Satguru Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaj, Guru Sahib jee’s amrit bani take away the leprosies of ego and hatred which pain us all. Let us do ardaas at the charan of Guru Nanak Dev jee that they save us.

Jae ko ddoobai fir hovai saar |
Naanak saachaa sarab dhaathaar |4|3|5|

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!

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