English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 660

Sathguru Nanak Devjee Maharaj is blessing us today in Dhanaasaree ragini - Dhanasaree Ragini in which Guru Sahibjees themselves and many of the Bhagat Sahibjee have sang the Aarti - sang the praises of the Lord, of the devotional worship of the Lord. Describing the Dhanasaaree ragini Guru Amardaas Jee says on Ang 1419: Dhanaasaree dhanavanthee jaaneeai bhaaee jaa sathigur kee kaar kamaae - singing the dhanaasaaree ragini the soul bride is known to be wealthy, O brothers, O sisters, when she carries out the commands of the Guru. In this ragini the praises, the devotional worship of the Lord pervades through the whole ragini. In this shabad today which Sathgurujee has given to us a hukam it is a shabad which the uchaaran - which was first sang by Guru Nanak Devjee when they were talking, speaking to Mata Sulakhani jee - their respected wife.

In gurmukhi, in language of Sikhi we say their mehal - when Sathguru Maharaj was talking to their mehal - Mata Sulakhani Jee, Mata Sulakhani Jee asked Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj on the banks of the river Ravi at Kartarpur Sahib - O Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj you've blessed the world with updesh of braham gyaan - the message of consciousness of the Lord please bless me with a message from the Lord as well so that I also may be saved and this shabad was sung by Guru Nanak Devjee at that point. In this shabad there is a question and an answer of Mata Jee and Guru Nanak Devjee and on another level of the soul and the Guru, how the Guru is instructing the soul, what we call in Punjabi a Jagiaasoo - a person within whom jagi - has arisen, has been lit, aasoo - hope of meeting heart, that person who in their heart has a hope of meeting God can read this shabad and find peace.

Dhanaasaree mehalaa 1 ghar 1 choupadhae
Sathguru Nanak Devjee Maharaj begins in Dhanaasaree - in the dhaanaasaree ragini, mehalaa 1 - Guru Nanak Sahibjee, ghar 1 - to be sung in the first house of rhythm and beat, choupadhae - the shabad had four parts and in each of the four parts there is a rehaao - a line to pause and think about. Guru Sahibjee begins with the mangal - the introduction of the maha-mantar. Sathguru Nanak Devjee says,

Ik oankaar sath naam karathaa purakh nirabho niravair akaal moorath ajoonee saibhan gur prasaadh |
Ik oankaar - there is One eternal Being who is the creator, nourisher and destroyer of all, who illuminates the whole world, Sath - forever eternal, Naam - who is known throughout the whole world, karathaa - who is the creator, purakh - who can save us from pu - means hell, rakh - meaning save - the one who can save us from all hells, nirabho - who have no fear, is fearless, niravair - who has no enemies, is beyond enmity, akaal moorath - the one who is immortal forever, moorath - moo meaning me, rath meaning is in love with - I am in love with that Waheguru Who is immortal, ajoonee - He never comes into birth or death, He is beyond being born or dying, saibhan - Who is self illuminating, self existent and is found through the gur prasaadh - through the Grace of the Guru. Sathguru Patshahjee begins the shabad;

Jeeo ddarath hai aapanaa kai sio karee pukaar |
This is from the perspective of the soul, of the jagiaasoo, from the perspective of Matajee - O Sathguru Nanak Devjee Maharaj, O Guru, jeeo ddarath hai aapaanaa - my soul, my heart is afraid; there is fear within me heart. What is the fear of? The fear is always of the unknown, of the next world, of what will happen, of what will happen when I die, the fear of that I want to meet God but I don't know how, please unite me. These are the fears we have as we come to the Guru and the Guru has done the Grace of putting this into the bani, why? So we can understand and answer these questions. Guru Nanak Devjee is telling us through the voice of a jagiaasoo, through the voice of a soul jeeo ddarath hai aapanaa - I am afraid. Gurujee is telling us if you have this question within your heart, if you have fear within your heart then what do you do? This is what the shabad is instructing us. Sometimes we are afraid and we look around in all four directions. Guru Sahibjee is telling us what we should do if we have fear in our heart. Kai sio karee pukaar - who shall I pukaar? Who shall I ask? Who shall I go to and beg in front of? Who can alleviate my pain? Kai sio literally means who, karee pukaar means to speak to. Who can I speak to? Who can alleviate this pain? Who can alleviate this fear? Guru Sahibjee tells us,

Dhookh visaaran saeviaa sadhaa sadhaa dhaathaar |1|
The One who can take away the pain saeviaa - serve upon Him becase He is sadhaa sadhaa dhaathaar - He is forever and ever the giver to all, the one who brings life and nourishes all, the one who protects bhagats and nourishes all, the sinners. Guru Sahibjee gives us the answer in this line, dhookh visaaran saeviaa - serve that Waheguru who will make you forget all your dukh - all your pains. All your pains will fall away, all of your pains will go.

Saahib maeraa neeth navaa sadhaa sadhaa dhaathaar |1| rehaao |
You will realize that sahib maeraa - my Lord, my Waheguru, my Guru, my master is neeth navaa - is forever new. What does this neeth navaa mean? It means that in every moment Waheguru is present, why do we call the present present? Why is it called present? Because Waheguru is present at every moment, Waheguru is present every moment. He will never fall away, Waheguru will never die, Waheguru will never leave. Constantly, every moment, neeth - every moment Waheguru is there. Sadhaa sadhaa dhaathaar - forever and ever Waheguru is the giver to all. Rehaao - Guru Sahibjee says pause and think about this.

Anadhin saahib saeveeai anth shaddaaeae soe |
Lets go to the next line first.

Sun sun maeree kaamanee paar outhaaraa hoe |2|
O my kaamanee - O my beloved wife, Guru Sahibjee is talking to Mata Sulakhani jee - sun sun - maharaj has said sun sun twice, why? To listen with both ears, to pay full attention. Guru Sahibjee is talking to us as well, O kaamanee - O soul bride, talking to the One who wants to meet the Lord, on one level Guru Sahibjee is talking to Mata Sulakhani jee and on another level Maharaj is talking to us, sun sun - with both your ears, O soul bride, O my kaamanee - O that soul bride listen and if you listen to the message that I give you paar outhaaraa hoe - you will be liberated and what is that message?

Anadhin saahib saeveeai anth shaddaaeae soe |
Day and night serve your saahib - serve your Lord and Master - Guru. Anth shaddaaeae soe - in the end Waheguru jee will save you. Day and night serve the Lord and in the end Waheguru will save you, you will not have to worry.

Dhaeiaal thaerai naam tharaa |
Hey dhaeiaal - O merciful Waheguru thaerai naam tharaa - Your name will carry me across this ocean, will liberate me.

Sadh kurabaanai jaao |1| rehaao |
Forever and forever kurabaanai jaao - I am a sacrifice to You, O Lord. Rehaao - Guru Sahibjee says pause and think about this.

Saraban saachaa eaek hai dhoojaa naahee koe |
Within all saachaa eaek hai - there is the One True Waheguru, there is the one True Lord, the one Eternal Being. Dhoojaa naahee koe - there is no other. Take this from your mind that there is any other that can help you because there is no other.

Thaa kee saevaa so karae jaa ko nadhar karae |3|
The person who does the seva, performs the service of that One Waheguru, so karae - only that person does that seva jaa ko nadhar karae - who is blessed with the Grace of the Guru. The one who is blessed with the Grace of the Guru serves the Lord. The one who is blessed with the Grace of the Guru learns how to serve the Lord.

Thudh baajh piaarae kaev rehaa |
Without thudh - You, O my piaarae - O my beloved Lord kae rehaa - how can I remain alive? How can I live without being merged into You, O piaarae - O beloved Waheguru, the jagiaasoo talks again, the soul bride is talking again.

Saa vaddiaaee dhaehi jith naam thaerae laag rehaa |
Give me that vaddiaaee - give me that greatness, give me that glory, give me that wealth jith naam thaerae lag rehaa - with which I can remain attached to Your name. Gurujee is teaching us a very important lesson in this; ask for those things which will bring you closer to the Lord. Sathguru Patshahjee is telling us that don't ask for those things which will break you from the Lord. Guru Angad Devjee tells us on Ang 1290 of SGGSjee: Nanak dhuneeaa keeaa vaddiaaeeaa agee saethee jaal - these vaddiaaeeaa - these greatnesses which are only concerned with the material gain, with the world. Agee saethee jaal - burn them in the fire. Eeaenee jaleeee naam visaariaa eik n chaleeaa naal - these things which are burning have caused me to forget the naam, eik n chaleeaa naal - not one of them has gone with me.
So Guru Angad Devjee Maharaj and in this shabad Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj is telling us that beg for those things which will bring you closer to the Lord. Guru Arjan Devjee also says on Ang 383 of SGGSjee: ouho sukh ouhaa vaddiaaee jo prabh jee man bhaanee - that things that bhaanee - that pleases the Lord that is True sukh - that is True Happiness, true vaddiaaee, True Greatness. Apart from that there is nothing so great. So Guru Sahibjee is saying saa vaddiaaee dhaehi - give me that greatness, give me that sukh, give me those tools with which I can meditate upon You. Yes, ask Guru sahib for everything but when you are going to ask Guru Sahib make sure if you are asking for that car, for that house, that with that gift you are going to serve the Guru, then even that gift, even that material object becomes blessed. If that car serves the sangat, if that house feeds the sangat, if with that computer that you are asking for you sit down and you listen to the Guru's Word. Ask for those things which bring you closer to the Lord. Jith naam thaerae lag rehaa dooja nahi koe - Sathguru Patshahjee tells us, answering that question in the beginning of the shabad: kai seo karee pukaar? Whom may I go to? Guru sahib jee says,

Dhoojaa naahee koe jis aagai piaarae jaae kehaa |1| rehaao |
There is no other jis aagai piaarae jaae kehaa - who beloved Lord, I can go in front of and speak these things but my Guru is neeth navaa - my Guru is always there, my Guru is always listening, that One Lord who is within all. He is the One I can go in front of, rehaao - Guru Sahibjee says pause and think about these things I've said.

Saevee saahib aapanaa avar n jaachano koe |
Serve your aapanaa - your own Lord and Master Waheguru, who is always aapanaa - who is always yours. We make many things ours in this world but when we die they are not ours. But if we make ourselves, if we devote ourselves to the Lord and we make the Lord ours then Wahegurujee is ours forever. Avar n jaachano koe - do not beg from any other, only beg from your Lord, your Waheguru.

Nanak thaa kaa dhaas hai bindh bindh chukh chukh hoe |4|
Sathguru jee says, thaa kaa dhaas hai - I am a slave of Waheguru, of that One Lord, of that Sahib, bind bind - moment by moment, chukh chukh - bit by bit, hoe - I am a sacrifice to that Lord. Every moment of every day, with every piece of my body I am a sacrifice to that Lord. That amount of Love - every moment is devoted!

Saahib thaerae naam vittahu bindh bindh chukh chukh hoe |1| rehaao |4|1|
O Lord Waheguru, thaerae naam vittahu - to Your name and to those who meditate upon Your name, I am a sacrifice, bindh bindh - every single moment, chukh chukh - with every single ounce of my mind, body and soul, hoe - I am sacrifice to them. Rehaao.

Nanak thaa kaa dhaas hai bindh bindh chukh chukh hoe |4|
Saahib thaerae naam vittahu bindh bindh chukh chukh hoe |1| rehaao |4|1|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!

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