English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 658

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is by Sri Guru RaviDaas Ji Maharaj in Sorath Raagini on Ang 658 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

dulabh janam punn fal paa-i-o birthaa jaat abibaykai.
Satkaar Yog Bhagat RaviDaas Ji is speaking to us today and RaviDaas is saying dulabh janam punn fal paa-i-o, dulabh janam this human life that you have is dulabh. dulabh means is precious. It cannot be found again. It is beyond money, it is beyond wealth, it is beyond anything to get this human life. It is the greatest gift and punn fal paa-i-o it is the fal- fruit, fruition of great punn - deeds, it is the grace of Waheguru Ji to gt this human life, Bhagat Ji is saying to us. birthaa jaat abibaykai, abibaykai means without spiritual wisdom, without Guru's mat, without following the path of the Guru, birthaa jaat, jaat it is passing away, birthaa means wasted. Bhagat Ji is saying to us today O human being you have this precious human life which is going away breath by breath, second by second, you are losing it abibaykai, in your ignorance.

raajay indar samsar garih aasan bin har bhagat kahhu kih laykhai. ||1||
Well if the human being says I have so much money, I have got so much power, Bhagat Ji says raajay indar samsar garih aasan even if you were to have aasan - a throne, garih - a mansion, samsar like raajay indar Raja Indar is king of demy gods. Bhagat Ji says even if you have got that much power, even if you had houses made of gold, even if you had millions of servants bin har bhagat without meditation upon Hari, God, Waheguru, without bhagatee devotion, without worship kahhu kih laykhai Bhagat Ji says kahhu tell me, kih laykhai what will come into account, what will help you, what use is of any of these things. Bhagat Ji is explaining to us all of these things, all of the material wealth that you get together, all of which you are attached to, O human being none of these will be able to save you in the end. The only thing that will save you is mediation, bhagtee, devotion, worship upon Akaalpurakh, Waheguru.

na beechaari-o raajaa raam ko ras.
O human being you have na beechaari-o not understood, not tasted, not meditated upon, not thought of ras, the essence, the taste of that raajaa raam, of that Lord, Waheguru, of His name. Guru Amar Daas Ji says to us every day in our Nitnaym eh rasna to unras raach rahee O my tongue you are engaged in unras in essence of the world, in taste of the world. What does our tongue want? What does our mind desire? We always more of the thrill, we always want more of the taste, we always want more. We see one film we want to see another; we read one book we want to read another. We buy one bag we want to buy another set of clothes, and then another, again and again more, more. You want to get a higher state of satisfaction all the time. Guru Sahib Ji says through Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, in Anand Sahib, eh rasna to unras raach rahee tayree pi-aas na jaa-ay This is not the way to take out your thirst. And if we ask Bhagat Ji how do we take away this thirst of the world and how do we saachay naam kee laagay bhookh as Guru Nanak Dev Ji says hunger for the Naam, name.

jih ras an ras beesar jaahee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Bhagat Ji says if you attach yourself on meditation, worship upon Waheguru through the ras the essence of God's name you will beesar forget all unras all of the worldly tastes; essence of all of the maya, all of the essence of material gain, all of the essence of greed, hunger, hatred, all of these tastes will leave you, rahaa-o Bhagat Ji says pause and thing about this today.

jaan ajaan bha-ay ham baavar soch asoch divas jaahee.
Bhagat Ji says look how much nimrata, how much bhagtee Bhagat Ji is showing us. They are taking this example upon themselves even though this is not the state of their being. jaan ajaan, jaan that which I was meant to know, jaan that Guru which I was meant to meet, ajaan I am ignorant of that Guru, I am ignorant of Guru's mat, that Guru's path. bha-ay ham baavar This way I have become baavar insane. True insanity is of those who have given up the path of love, who have given up the path of spirituality. If someone who has a diamond in their pocket and does not even put their hand in the pocket and are walking around saying, "I have not got any money," what are you going to say to them. In the same way Waheguru Ji is abiding within all and the human being is going around saying I have nothing, I want more of this material gain. What will you call him? That is true insanity. soch asoch divas jaahee, divas the day, jaahee is gone away, soch that thought which I was thinking of bringing to my mind about doing simran, about doing sevaa, about serving humanity, about meditating upon Waheguru, that shubh ichhaa is the beginning of the path to Sikhi. What shubh ichhaa mean? Good thoughts. Path of bhagtee begins with good thoughts. But Bhagat Ji says soch asoch that ichhaa that meant to think of I have not thought of that have not. I was meant to think that I was going to leave this world one day, I was going to die one day let me get the wealth of God's name now. But Bhagat Ji says I do not think of these things. O human being this is the state we are in. Through doing simran your soch was meant to become asoch through all your anxieties, but you have not done simran and therefore you are entangled by these anxieties of the world.

indree sabal nibal bibayk buDh parmaarath parvays nahee. ||2||
indree here is talking about our senses. Our eyes, our tongue, our ears. sabal, sa means with and bal means strength; I have overcome with the worldly passions, of the taste of the world, of the essence of the world, of the desires of the world. nibal bibayk buDh That intellect, bibayk buDh, that wisdom has become nibal weak. parmaarath parvays nahee and because of this conscious being overwhelmed by the tastes of the world, by essence of the world I have not even parvays means entered into the way of parmaarath of God.

kahee-at aan achree-at an kachh samajh na parai apar maa-i-aa.
kahee-at aan, kahee-at means to say aan means something, I say something, I mean something. achree-at an kachh and I do something else. With my mouth I say I am religious but in my actions that is reflected. And this is the path we are all in. Maharaj Ji says we do other things that we say. samajh na parai apar maa-i-aa And I cannot gain any understanding because maya is apar beyond any ends, is endless. The waves of this ocean of maya endless and are flowing all over me, again and again and I am drowning. But even if we come to this understanding of the Guru is a blessing, to understand that you are actually drowning. So many have drowned simply in that ignorance. It is a blessing in itself, remember that Gurmukh Pi-aa-rio.

kahi ravidaas udaas daas mat parhar kop karahu jee-a da-i-aa. ||3||3||
Bhagat RaviDaas Ji says daas mat my mat my mind, understanding has gone into udaas, into this illusion of maya; through understanding that this maya is drowning me. The oceans of the material goods, the oceans of desire are drowning us but we think we are gaining the greatest gain out of it. We think we are getting anywhere but we are drowning. Bhagat Ji says I have realized that I am drowning. udaas daas mat And the mat-understanding of you daas - slave, of your servant Waheguru has become udaas detached from this world. parhar kop Do not show me any kop anger O Waheguru, O Lord, this is a direct conversation, karahu jee-a da-i-aa please bless this soul with da-i-aa, with mercy. Reading thses lines of Bhagat Ji I am reminded of great lines of saintly soul Baba Anand Singh Ji. Baba Anand Singh Ji said O Gurmukhoo, sikhs of the Guru, when you hear someone speak of the Guru, when you meet a sikh of the Guru think that Guru Nanak Dev Ji is happy with you, is blessing you. And the day when someone breaks you from the Guru understand that day He is not happy with you. So let us do Ardaas now which we do everyday daily say-ee pi-aa-ray mayle jinna mili-aa tayraa naam chitt aavay Truly that is the greatest blessing, the saadh sangat. mayray maDho jee sat sangat milay so tari-aa to meet with those who unites us with the Lord. Let us join together and do this Ardaas every day.

kahee-at aan achree-at an kachh samajh na parai apar maa-i-aa ||
kahi ravidaas udaas daas mat parhar kop karahu jee-a da-i-aa ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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