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English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 654.1

The Hukam today is by Sahib Kabeer Ji in Raag Sorath which is his favorite Raag. He speaks to us and he says that:

jab jaree-ai tab ho-ay bhasam tan rahai kiram dal khaa-ee||

kaachee gaagar neer parat hai i-aa tan kee ihai badaa-ee. ||1||
The body, the physical body falls apart. Everybody's body falls apart. It is either burned or eaten by worms. That the body is a temporary container.

kaahay bha-ee-aa firtou fooli-aa fooli-aa|| jab das maas uraDh mukh rahtaa so din kaisay bhooli-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o.||
Then he says remember this and he asks us why are we filled with pride in our actions. Have we forgotten the last time that we died and were were born?

ji-o maDh maakhee ti-o sathor ras jor jor Dhan kee-aa||
He reminds us about that our worldly affairs are rushing us busily like bee collecting honey. That we gather money and possessions the same way.

martee baar layho layho karee-ai bhoot rahan ki-o dee-aa. ||2|| dayhuree la-o baree naar sang bha-ee aagai sajan suhaylaa. || marghat la-o sabh log kutamb bha-i-o aagai hans akaylaa. ||3||
And he says that at the time of death no one goes with you, your wife, your husband, your companions are all left behind. And the soul travels on its journey all alone.

kahat kabeer sunhu ray paraanee paray kaal garas koo-aa||
And he admonishes us not to entangle ourselves in the false wealth of the world and be trapped by it.

jhoothee maa-i-aa aap banDhaa-i-aa ji-o nalnee bharam soo-aa. ||4||2||
But to remember that this all falls away. And that the only that remains is the soul.

kahat kabeer sunhu ray paraanee paray kaal garas koo-aa ||
jhoothee maa-i-aa aap banDhaa-i-aa ji-o nalnee bharam soo-aa. ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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