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Salok ma 3 ||
In the hukamnama today, Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj is talking to us in the sloks. In the pourree, Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj is blessing us in the Sorath raagni, in the vaar. To Sri Goindvaal Sahib one day there came a pandit, there came a Hindu priest and he used to debate with other priests, with other high class Brahmins, and when the others lost in the debate, he would take all their books. He went from one place of debating to another place, and he just went around collecting more and more books and he carried these around with him wherever he went to show how great he was and to show his glory. When he got to Goindvaal Sahib, Sri Guru Amar Das Ji was sitting down and contemplating with Sikhs upon The Naam, upon the shabad, upon Gurbani. The pandit came and said to Guruji, O Guru Amar Das, instead of doing what You're doing, and focussing upon Gurbani and Naam, upon The Name of The Lord, You should teach Your Sikhs how to study, You should teach them the ancient arts of study. Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj looked at the pandit and He knew what the pandit had been doing all that time, and He knew that within him there was the greed of being known throughout the world. Guru Amar Das Jee Maharaj at that point blessed us with this shabad, with this Gurbani. Guru Maharaj is speaking to that Brahmin, to that high caste priest, but Maharaj is also speaking to us.

Parranaa gurranaa sa(n)saar kee kaar hai a(n)dhar thrisanaa vikaar ||
Parranaa means to read, gurranaa means to contemplate what has been read. To read, to contemplate, to study, sa(n)saar kee kaar hai, it is simply a kaar, it is simply a work of this world, it is simply a job to do in this world, it is a part of this world, sa(n)saar. But, by doing this kaar, by doing this work, taking up this worldly pursuit, Maharaj Ji says, a(n)dhar thrisanaa vikaar. A(n)dhar - within you, the thrisanaa, the thirst of desire, and the vikaar, all of the corruption and sins within you can't be removed. Just as Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj tells us in Jap Ji Sahib -

sehas siaanapaa lakh hohi th eik n chalai naal ||

Even if we were to have sehas, hundreds and thousands of siaanapaa, of clever tricks up our sleeve, even then, not one of them will help us in the next world. Sri Guru Amad Das Ji Maharaj is telling us that parranaa gurranaa sa(n)saar kee kaar hai. To study is not bad, but Guru Maharaj Ji says that through studying these wordly things, a(n)dhar thrisanaa vikaar the vikaar, the sins within, the thrisanaa within, the thirst for worldly desires will not be quenched.

Houmai vich sabh parr thhakae dhoojai bhaae khuaar ||
Maharaj Ji says sabh - all, have thhakae - grown weary and tired, of parr - studying, houmai vich - entangled in their own ego. Maharaj Ji says that just to study for ego, all that will do is thhakae - tire you out and just keep adding to more go, keep adding to more sins. In this bhaae, in this love of dhoojai, in this love of duality, the love of material gain, even if you are gaining books of wisdom, you are not in love with the wisdom, you are in love with the gain, with having that much over the other person. Maharaj Ji says this khuaar - this will ruin you. This idea, this greed of being better than others will khuaar, will riun us.

So parriaa so pa(n)ddith beenaa gur sabadh karae veechaar ||
So parriaa, Maharaj Ji says that person is truly educated, so pa(n)ddith beenaa, that person is the most beenaa - wise, pa(n)ddith - scholar, the most wise scholar; gur sabadh karae veechaar, who does veechaar, who contemplates upon The Guru's Word, The Word of The Lord, The Guru's Bani. Guru Maharaj also gives us the definition of the word pa(n)ddith according to The Guru's matt, The Guru's wisdom. Maharaj says on 1261 Ang of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji -

So pa(n)ddith jo thihaa(n) gunaa kee pa(n)dd outhaarai ||

That person alone can be known as a pa(n)ddith, can be known as a scholar, who outhaarai - removes, the pa(n)dd - the load, of thihaa(n) gunaa - of the three qualities. What are they? The Sato quality - the humble, lowly or gentle quality; the Rajo quality - the political or kingly quality; and the Tamo quality - the quality of intertia, the dark quality. The one who breaks through all of these and goes into the fourth state of Turia Avasthaa, the state of complete consciousness, that is who I call a pa(n)ddith. And Maharaj Ji says, gur sabadh karae veechaar - he alone is a pa(n)ddith who does veechaar, who contemplates on The Guru's shabad. How do you contemplate on The Guru's shabad? Maharaj Ji says -
A(n)dhar khojai thath lehai paaeae mokh dhuaar ||

Khojai - search, a(n)dhar - within yourself. Guru Har Rai Patshah Ji is quaoted by Kavi Santokh Singh Ji in the Gurpartaap Sooraj Granth, when they were questioned by the Sikhs about how to read Gurbani, Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji said - Gur kya kahai karaa hum kahaa, that when you're reading Gurbani, think what is The Guru saying, and where am I at? Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj is saying the same thing in this shabad. A(n)dhar khojai - look within yourself. Thath lehai, this is the way of finding the essence, of finding The Lord. Bhagat Kabir Sahib Ji tells us on Ang 1349 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji -
dhil mehi khoj dhilai dhil khojahu eaehee t(h)our mukaamaa ||2||

Dhil mehi khoj - search within your heart, deep into your heart. Eaehee t(h)our mukaamaa this is the abode of The Lord, within your heart. And Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj today is saying paaeae mokh dhuaar. By searching within your self, paaeae - find, the dhuaar - the gate, of mokh - of salvation, of liberation. You will liberate yourself when you look within yourself, when you take away bit by bit your kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, hankaar with The Guru's grace.

Gun nidhhaan har paaeiaa sehaj karae veechaar ||
In this way, you will paaeiaa, you will find Hari, That Waheguru Who is The nidhhaan, Who is The treasure of all gun, of all virtues. Sehaj karae veechaar, you will be elevated to a state of sehaj, to a state of spiritual balance in which to veechaar, in which to contemplate The Lord.

Dhha(n)n vaapaaree naanakaa jis guramukh naam adhhaar ||1||
Blessed is such a trader who trades in The Name of The Lord, who gives up his augun, who gives up his vices and takes on the merchandise of The Name of The Guru. Jis guramukh naam adhhaar, great and blessed is that trader who has for his adhhaar, for his only support, Naam. That guramukh, that follower of The Guru, who is completely devoted to The Guru, who only has the adhhaar, the support of The Name of The Lord.

Ma 3 ||
Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj goes on to say -

Vin man maarae koe n sijhee vaekhahu ko liv laae ||
There can be no sijhee, there can be no success, without maarae, without destrying the evil thoughts of our man, our mind. Vaekhahu, you can test this out for yourself, sit down and concentrate, and without eradicating our evil-mindedness, there can be no connection.

Bhaekhadhhaaree theerathhee bhav thhakae naa eaehu man maariaa jaae ||
Bhaekhadhhaaree, people have wandered around in many different guises, at many different places of pilgrimage, naa eaehu man maariaa jaae, but evil-mindedness cannot be eradicated simply by washing the body. As Guru Nanak Dev Ji says in Jap Ji Sahib -

sochai soch n hovee jae sochee lakh vaar || Sochai -

simply by washing this body, soch n hovee - we cannot become pure. Then how can we do this? Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj tell us -

Guramukh eaehu man jeevath marai sach rehai liv laae ||
The guramukh, the follower of The Guru, the one who is completely devoted to The Guru, eaehu man jeevath marai, dies whilst being alive, and in this way kills the evil-mindedness of the mind. Whilst being alive, he kills him evil-mindedness. As soon as his eyes go forth in desire, it is as if they die to him. He eradicates that straight away. As soon as slander touches his ears, they go deaf to the slander. As soon as there comes a thought of his feet taking him to a bad place, it is as if he has no feet. In this way, he kills off all those desires. He remains laae - attached, his liv - consciousness, sach - in The Name of The Guru, the Satnaam, in The Name of The Lord.

Naanak eis man kee mal eio outharai houmai sabadh jalaae ||2||
Naanak - Satguru Amar Das Ji Maharaj says - the mal, meaning the dirt of many past lifetimes which is attached to this man, to this mind; eio outharai, can only be taken off in this fashion, in this way - houmai sabadh jalaae. By jalaae - burning, the houmai - the sense of ego in The Guru's shabad. Take the flame of the shabad inside and burn out the ego.

Pourree ||
Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj now speaks to us in the pourree -

Har har sa(n)th milahu maerae bhaaee har naam dhrirraavahu eik kinakaa ||
O My bhaaee, O my brothers, O my siblings, O saints of The Lord, unit with me, join with me. O saints of Hari, of Waheguru Who is Hari, Who is The nourisher of all, Who destroys the pains of all, har naam dhrirraavahu eik kinakaa. Please dhrirraavahu, implant within me, eik kinakaa, even for a second, even for a tiny bit, implant within me That Name. Because as Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj says is Sri Dasam -

Eaek chith jih eik shin dhiaaeiou I
Kaal faas kae beech n aaeiou II

If a moment can come, even for a second, in which we meditate upon The Lord with all our mind, body, heart and soul, then we will be liberated. Guru Ram Das Ji is saying, bless me with a kinakaa, even the tiniest amount and that will be the greatest blessing.

Har har seegaar banaavahu har jan har kaaparr pehirahu khim kaa ||
O jan, O humble servants of Hari, of The Lord Waheguru, adorn yourselves with the decorations, with the jewels of sravan - of listening, of manan - of accepting, of adhiaasaan - practicing throughout your lives the words of The Guru. Adorn yourselves with the necklaces of sweet speech. Guru Sahib Ji says, har kaaparr pehirahu khim kaa. Pehirahu means to wear, kaaparr means a cloth. Adorn yourself with a kaaparr, with a cloth of khimaa, of forgiveness, the cloak of forgiveness which covers all and doesn't look at anyone's good or bad points, it just covers them, forgives all.

Aisaa seegaar maerae prabh bhaavai har laagai piaaraa prim kaa ||
Such seegaar, such decorations, bhaavai - please, The Lord. Maharaj Ji is saying decorate yourself in such a way so as to please The Lord, don't decorate ourself in such a way that you waste your life yourself and you put others into desire as well. Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, if you decorate yourself with The Guru's Word, and if you decorate yourself with the cloak of forgiveness, you will bhaavai, you will please The Lord. Har laagai piaaraa prim kaa, you will be a piaaraa, you will be beloved of The Lord. Maharaj Ji loves those who love Them.

Har har naam bolahu dhin raathee sabh kilabikh kaattai eik palakaa ||
The Sikhs asked, how much they should meditate upon The Naam. Guru Ram das Ji Maharaj says, har har naam bolahu dhin raathee, day and night, bolahu - chant, har har naam - The Name of The Lord. Sabh kilabikh kaattai eik palakaa, in one palak, in one instant, all of your kilabikh, all of your sins will be kaattai, will be wiped away, if you have that instant, if you have that palak, where your mind and consciousness is completely focussed, that can cut away through lifetimes worth of sins.

Har har dhaeiaal hovai jis oupar so guramukh har jap jinakaa ||21||
Oupar - upon whom, Waheguru Ji becomes dhaeiaal - merciful, so guramukh har jap jinakaa. That guramukh - that follower of The Guru, har jap - through meditation upon The Lord, jinakaa - wins the game of this life, conquers their mind and conquers their soul.

So Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj is telling us that through study and through mere reading which is fuelled by greed, which is fuelled by ego, we cannot find The Lord. The Lord can only be found through The Satnaam, through The Name of God.

Har har naam bolahu dhin raathee sabh kilabikh kaattai eik palakaa ||
Har har dhaeiaal hovai jis oupar so guramukh har jap jinakaa ||21||

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


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