English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 649


Dhan Dhan Guru Amardas Ji Maharaj, the embodiment of Seva, in the house of Guru Nanak speaks to us today through the Sorath Raag. The Raag contains the praises of the Almighty.Guru Sahib ji says,

Barahm bindai tis daa barahmat rahai ayk sabad liv laa-ay
Only the people who completely know Waheguru, who have become one with Waheguru, who realise that they are the seed of Waheguru, those who know that they are completely joined and focused on Waheguru, only those people can keep their spiritual vibrancy. No one by caste can be called a Brahaman, no one by caste can be called a Shudar, Kuchatariya or Vaish. Only if you meditate upon Braham do you receive the qualities of spirituality. Ek Shabad liv laye;. Whoever focuses with all their consciousness on the word of theGuru, then what happens?

Nav nidhee athaarah sidhee pichhai lagee-aa fireh jo har hirdai sadaa vasaa-ay
The nine treasures, which I have listed in previous kathas, the 18 different miraculous powers follow the person who always meditates upon Waheguru in his/her heart.

Bin satgur naa-o na paa-ee-ai bujhahu kar veechaar
Without the True Guru, no one can find, no one can be blessed with the name of Waheguru. You will only understand this if you reflect upon it, if you meditate upon it.

Naanak poorai bhaag satgur milai sukh paa-ay jug chaar
Oh Nanak, only through perfect destiny, fortune, does anyone meet the True Guru. That person who meets the Satguru, that person who falls at the feet of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji finds peace for all of the four ages, for ever.

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Ki-aa gabhroo ki-aa biradh hai manmukh tarisnaa bhukh na jaa-ay
Whether the manmukh, one who follows his/her mind is young or old, it doesn't matter! The hunger of desires, the thirst of desires doesn't leave that person. Some people say, " Oh when I get old then I will get into my Sikhi. " But the same tongue which is crying out for desires of the world, for the lust of the world, for tastes of the world, the same tongue which is crying out for alcohol, now will be crying out for alcohol when you are old. The only way is to go out of these things, to go above them. You cannot satiate your desires by giving into them. You must control through the Guru's shabad.

Gurmukh sabday rati-aa seetal ho-ay aap gavaa-ay
The Gurmukhs are coloured in the Shabad of the Guru's Word, what happens then? They become cooled inside; they become completely peaceful because they have given up all of their sense of self. They have given up everything. They have given up their ego, their anger, their desires, their everything. After they have given up everything then,

Andar taripat santokhi-aa fir bhukh na lagai aa-ay
Within themselves, inside themselves they become satisfied, they are satiated completely, everything is satisfied. Those Gurmukhs who are coloured in the Guru's shabad they never feel hunger again; they never feel that thirst for desires ever again.

Naanak je gurmukh karahi so parvaan hai jo naam rahay liv laa-ay
Nanak, whatever the Gurmukh does is acceptable. Gurmukhs don't do anything outside of God's hukam, outside of God's Will anyway, because they are forever focused upon Waheguru ji's Naam!


Ha-o balihaaree tinn kan-u jo urmukh sikhaa
I am a sacrifice to those Sikhs who are Gurmukhs, who follow the Guru forever and ever, no matter what! No matter what it takes, no matter what they have to give up they always follow the Guru.

Jo har naam dhi-aa-iday tin darsan pikhaa
Those Gurmukhs who meditate upon the Name of Waheguru, Guru Amardas ji says, " I want to be blessed with the blessed vision of those Gurmukhs."

Sun keerathan har gun ravaa har jas man likhaa
In their beloved company what would I do? I would listen to the keertan of the Lord's praises, of Waheguru ji's praises. I would completely loose myself in Waheguru ji's, in Hari's virtues. I would write the praises ofWaheguru in my mind. What does that mean? That means taking in the praises of Hari. That means taking in Guru's bachan, taking in Guru's rehit, taking in Guru's Words.

Har naam salaahee rang si-o sabh kilvikh krikhaa
Those who meditate upon and praise upon the name of Waheguru, who are coloured in the complete love of Waheguru all of their sins are completely washed away.

Dhan dhan suhaavaa so sareer thaan hai jithai mayraa gur dharay vikhaa
Blessed, oh blessed, beautiful is that body, that place where my Guru places His feet. Wherever my Gurudwells that place is blessed. Guru Amardas ji is saying, ' Those people are blessed in whose hearts the Gurudwells. " The Hukamnama today is telling us, " The only way to satiate all these desires is by joining the sangat of theGurmukhs, the Sants, the Mahapurakhs, by meditating upon the Guru and by meditating upon the Naam."

Har naam salaahee rang si-o sabh kilvikh krikhaa
Dhan dhan suhaavaa so sareer thaan hai jithai mayraa gur dharay vikhaa.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!


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