English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 648


Guru pyaree sadhsangat jee Sathguru Amardaas jee Maharaj is blessing us with this hukamnama today. Maharaj Sahib jee speaks to us, saying:

Naanak naavahu ghuthiaa halath palath sabh jaae |
Sathguru Maharaj, Guru Amardaasjee says that those who have ghuthiaa - who have given up on the naavahu - on the name of the Lord halath palath sabh jaae - they lose everything in this world and in the next one. Maharaj jee says that when we die we lose everything in this world. We had this body when we came on to this earth, we don't have that when we leave. The money which we've earned with this body we won't have that when we leave. The clothes which we wear upon this body, we won't have them when we leave. All of the things that we earn in this world we lose anyway. Palath - in the next world, if we haven't meditated upon the naam we have nothing to take to the next world. So in both worlds we've lost, Maharaj Sahibjee says that that person has lost.

Jap thap sanjam sabh hir laeiaa muthee dhoojai bhaae |
Now Maharaj Sahibjee says that jap - the chanting, thap - the austerities of that person, sanjam - the self-discipline, all of those practices sabh hir laeiaa - all of them are wasted. But we may ask the question: well how is chanting wasted? How is the self-discipline wasted? Maharaj jee says they are wasted if muthee dhoojai bhaee - while carrying out those things, we are really in love with, attached to, duality. If we are attracted to gaining material goods, if we are attached to these things for selfish means. If we are saying Waheguru ! Waheguru !! but in our minds we want our neighbor's house to fall down. Maharaj jee says muthee dhoojai bhaae - this love of duality, this love of evil mindedness renders the austerities, the chanting and the self-discipline as useless. So Sathguru Maharaj is telling us to be weary of this. This love of duality will take away from our austerities, will take away from our disciplines. Maharaj Sahib is saying that those people who are in duality, who wander from the One Akaal Purakh - that One all pervading, all permeating, all knowing Lord - Akaal Purakh. Those who turn away from Waheguru jee and look for anything else, there is nothing anywhere else, Maharaj Sahib jee is saying.

Jam dhar badhae maareeahi bahuthee milai sajaae |1|
Those who've been in love with duality, who have been in love with material gains, who've turned away from their Lord and Master - Akaal Purakh, from God and looked elsewhere to other demi-gods or to other fake holy men in order to fulfill the wishes of their mind, Maharaj Sahib jee says, jam dhar badhae maareeahi - they are bound down by their deeds, their misdemeanors, their bad karma. It is our bad karma - bad deeds which bind us down and maareahi and we receive punishment of our bad deeds - bahuthee milai sajaae - they receive punishments on their actions.

Ma 3 |
Sathguru Patshahjee goes on to talk about those people who have turned away from the Guru.

Santhaa naal vair kamaavadhae dhusattaa naal mohu piaar |
Those people who kamaavadhae - they inflict their vair - they have enmity with the saints - with those who sing the praises of Waheguru. They have dhusatta naal mohu piaar - attached, love with people who are evil. Sathguru Patshah jee is saying that santhaa naal vair kamaavadhae - who are the saints that live within us? The saints who live within us are love, peace, harmony, tranquility, humility. The human being caught up in his own manmath - his egotisitical thoughts has vair - enmity with peace; doesn't want to live in peace, doesn't want to live in harmony, doesn't want to live in humility. Dhusattaa naal mohu piaar - has attachment, has love with dusatt - enemies like - desire, anger, hatred, slander, attachment. Maharaj Sahib jee says that being attached to these evil qualities,

Agai pishai sukh nehee mar janmehi vaaro vaar |
in the next world and in this world and in the past sukh nahee. In the future and the past no one has found eternal peace through attachment to these evil qualities, to the sinners. Mar janmahi vaaro vaar - instead those people who are attached to ego, attached to desire they are born again and again in the cycle of reincarnation. Maharaj Sahib jee says,

Thrisanaa kadhae n bujhee dhubidhaa hoe khuaar |
Their thirsts for worldly gains can never be put out, can never be extinguished because we are chucking firewood into the fire. How are we going to extinguish the fire if we keep chucking firewood into it? dhubidhaa hoe khuaar - Maharaj jee says they are ruined by this duality. Dhubidhaa means to be always contemplating; shall I do this? Shall I not do this? Shall I go left or right? Shall I go this way or that? That is dhubidha - always thinking. Shall I read an extra bani or shall I watch the tv? Shall I devote my time to the Guru or shall I waste it? shall I put this into the charity box or shall I spend it on myself? Maharaj says this dhubidha - this dual mindedness always pulls us in two directions. Dhubidhaa is pulling us left and right. We can't go forwards, we can't walk upon the path if we are always looking to the left or right. Maharaj Sahibjee says,

Muh kaalae thinaa nindhakaa thith sachai dharabaar |
Those who slander the saints, those who've turned their back on the spiritual qualities - the qualities of karuna - of kindness, the qualities of mehtari - seeing the whole world as our friend, the quality of madhtaa - of destroying our jealousy, the qualities of apekheaa - of renouncing worldly desires. We slander these, we turn our back on these. Maharaj Sahib is saying that those who slander the saints - those nindhakaa - those slanderers thinaa muh kaalae - their faces are blackened thith sachai dharabaar - in the court of the Lord.

Naanak naam vihooniaa naa ouravaar n paar |2|
Those who are vihooniaa - those who do not have the naam - the name of the Lord naa ouravaar n paar - they do not find peace on this shore nor on the other shore, not in this life or in any of lives to come. There is never peace for those who are in dhubidhaa - those who are being ripped apart in two directions.

Pourree |

Jo har naam dhiaaeidhae sae har har naam rathae man maahee |
Those who dhiaaeidhae - meditate upon the name of Hari - of the Lord, of the nourisher of this world sae har har naam rathae man maahee - within their mind they are colored in the name of the Lord, of Hari, of Waheguru.

Jinaa man chith eik araadhiaa thinaa eikas bin dhoojaa ko naahee |
Maharaj Sahib jee says that those who have truly araadhiaa - have truly meditated upon eik - upon the One Lord, on Ikoankaar - those who've truly understood and truly embraced Ikoankaa, thinaa eikas bin dhoojaa ko naahee - without eikas, without that One Lord, without Waheguru, dhoojaa ko naahee - they do not look to any other - they've given up any dhubidhaa, they've given up looking around.

Saeee purakh har saevadhae jin dhur masathak laekh likhaahee |
Those beings serve Hari, serve the Lord, jin dhur masathak laekh likaahee - who have such pre-ordained fortune upon their foreheads.

Har kae gun nith gaavadhae har gun gaae gunee samajhaahee |
Those blessed beings nith gavadhae - sing the praises of the Lord every day, sing the virtues, the gun of Hari everyday! Har gun gaae - they sing the praises of Waheguru themselves and gunee samajhaahee - they explain and encourage others to sing the gunee - the virtues of Waheguru.

Vaddiaaee vaddee guramukhaa gur poorai har naam samaahee |17|
Maharaj Sahib jee says the vaddiaaee - the greatness of the gurmukhs - of followers of the Guru is vaddee - is amazing! It is awesome, it is vast. Gur poorai har naam samaahee - through the Grace of the Perfect Guru, they samaahee - they absorb, they merge into the name of the lord.

So in today's hukamnama Maharaj Sahib jee tells us that if we turn our back on the Guru, there is no peace, there is no respite. The only way of achieving peace, only way of achieving harmony within, is by meditating upon the naam and by dedicating ourselves to the Guru.

Har kae gun nith gaavadhae har gun gaae gunee samajhaahee |
Vaddiaaee vaddee guramukhaa gur poorai har naam samaahee |17|

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!

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