English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 647


Salok ma 3 I
Satgur Maharaj Sahib jee, Guru Amar Das jee Maharaj is speaking to us today.

Parathaae saakhee mehaa purakh boladhae saajhee sagal jehaanai
Purakh meaning beings, Maha meaning great, bolde to speak, parathaae saakhe, saakhee means a story, or a message, parathaae means according to a certain situation, relating to a certain series of events or relating to a certain person. Maharaj Sahib jee Guru Amar Das jee says that mahapurakh, great beings they may bolde, they may speak certain words, or give certain messages, or tell certain stories to certain people in a particular situation but Maharaj Sahib jee Guru Amar Das Jee says that saajhee sagal jehaanai. That those words of those mahapurakhs, of those blessed beings are saajhee, are for the whole world, are for sagal jehaanai. Sagal means whole, jehaanai means world. They can be shared by the whole world. Guru Mahraj is saying firstly as we already looked at this meaning that those whose words that those great beings spoke, when Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj spoke to Sajjan thagg, those words we still read today in Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaj - sajan saee naal mai chaladhiaa naal chalann l When Guru Nanak Dev jee said that I only count that person as my sajan, as my friend, which goes with me when I leave this world. Maharaj Sahib Jee is telling sajan thagg that the true sajan, the true friend is the Naam. And to this day we can still use that saakhi use those words on our own minds. The words that Guru Nanak said to Kauda raakhsh, those words are still read today. All of those saakhis, all of those messages of those great beings, are the paths of peace for us.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee tell us khathriaan santaah, the stories of the saints, their sukhao pandiaan, they are the pathway of peace. Guru Amar Das Jee Maharaj is telling us don't think that these words because they were said 300 years ago, 200 years ago, 400 years ago, however long ago they were said that they only relate to that situation. The questions which the Siddhas, the Yogis who were sitting up in the Sumer mountains asked Guru Nanak Dev jee are still with us in the Jap Jee Sahib. So don't think that that updesh, those messages of those blessed beings, of our SatGurus and of great gursikhs in the past, their words even though they were spoken at certain situations for certain times still bless us with peace to this day. Maharaj Sahib jee says that the Words of great beings are always saajhee sagal jehaanai - are always for the whole world. There is no ban that a person from this faith cannot read this, or that a person from this caste cannot read this, or that this person cannot do it, that person cannot do it. In fact, Bani takes those sinners and uplifts them, it doesn't caste them away, it doesn't say you've committed this much sin therefore you cannot come and listen to the Guru's Bani. The Guru's Bani is that which wipes away all of the sins. The Guru's Bani speaks to us from a level where there is no caste, where there is no creed, where there is no difference, and that is why the Guru's Bani, the Guru's words begin with ikk, begin with One. Guru Nanak Dev jee Maharaj from the very beginning of the Bani, of the words of the Gurus, of the Bhagats, of the Bhatts, of all of those great beings, the bani takes away all of those differences with the very first word 'ikk'. That there is only One, and this bani will focus on only One. This bani will not focus on differences, this Bani will not create divisions, this Bani is talking about One, is talking about equality, is talking about unity.

Saajhee sagal jehaanai, and that is the way to recognise these great beings, that their words are for the whole world. Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj jee's words, the Dhur Ki Bani , the words of that primal Lord are for the whole world - Khathree braahaman soodh vais oupadhaes chehu varanaa ko saajhaa l Guru Sahib Jee says in Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee, that this message, this updesh of the holy Lord, of WaheGuru is for the whole world, doesn't matter if they're from the khathree caste, soodh, braahaman, vais, doesn't matter which caste they're from, doesn't matter what colour they are. Colour, creed, caste religion, they're not barriers for this khasam ki bani, for those words of the Lord. Maharaj says,

Guramukh hoe s bho karae aapanaa aap pashaanai |
Guramukh hoe s bho karae but Maharaj Sahib jee says that although many will listen, only those people that are gurmukh, who keep the Guru mukhi, mukhi means at the beginning of everything they do and the centre of their lives, those people who have the Guru as their mukh, as their epicentre, as their centre of focus. Bho karae - in their hearts they listen to these stories and they take in the meanings and bho karae means they take in the fear of these stories. So what does this mean? To understand this is a very important point. What does this fear mean? It means that they respect, they have that fearful respect and they act upon these words, they hear these words and it stirs them so much within that they act upon these words, they walk upon these words. Aapna aap pachhaanai - through these words of the Guru they pachhaanae, they come to recognise the True Self, they recognise that their jot is part of that param aatma, that Supreme Being, that Lord God WaheGuru.

Gur parasaadhee jeevath marai thaa man hee thae man maanai |
Gurparsaadi- through the Guru's Grace jeevat marai, whilst being jeevat, whilst being alive they die, marai. What does that mean? That means that when nindya comes into their ears, it is as if their ears have died, when they see beauty which they can lust after, their eyes die. They kill each of those senses. They kill them from the bad way, and make them come alive when they see the Guru, do Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj jees darshan, when they listen to the Guru's bani. Jeevat marai - whilst being alive, they die from all these bad things and also jeevat - whilst being alive marai their ego dies. What flourishes within them? Prem - True Love which is beyond mai, which is beyond ego flourishes within them. When all this happens, taan Guru Sahib jee says man hee thae man maaniaa, man also means Guru's mantra, through the Guru's mantra their mind comes to man, to accept. What is the way of doing this? Maharaj jee says meditate on the Guru's mantra, then your mind will come to accept this pathway and it will be coloured in God's Love, and Guru Sahib jee says that man hee thae man maaniaa through accepting the Guru's Words our mind will become one with the Guru, will come to accept what the Guru says, and Maharaj says,

Jin ko man kee paratheeth naahee naanak sae kiaa kathehi giaanai |1|
Jin ko man kee paratheeth naahee - Maharaj jee says those people who don't have parteet who don't have the understanding of their mind, who haven't fallen to the feet of the Guru, who haven't connected with the words of the Guru, Nanak Maharaj says sae kiaa kathehi giaanai how can their words be full of any gyaanai, of any spiritual wisdom? Maharaj Sahib jee is telling us that only that person tastes this essence, this rass, can tell us what this rass is like. Reading the works of those gurmukhs, love blossoms within us. If we read the works of people like Bhai Veer Singh jee, if we read the life stories of people like Baba Harnam Singh Jee Rampurkhede Vale, if we read the works of people who have reached spiritual states like Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Jee, all of these great gurmukhs and there are many others, the list is endless, with the Grace of the Guru that we can go through. Maharaj says that all of these, if you listen to the gurmukhs, you hear the Guru's Words speaking through them. But Maharaj jee says that those people who haven't even walked upon the Guru's path, who haven't accepted the Words of the Guru, how can they talk about giaanai, how can they talk about spiritual wisdom? In these words Guru Amar Das jee Maharaj is telling us, listen to the words of the gurmukhs, for they will take you closer to the Guru, that is the way of telling what stage they're at. The words of the gurmukhs will always take you towards the Guru. Guru Maharaj jee says that those who do not follow the Guru's path, their words will always break you, and sae kiaa kathehi giaanai, how can they talk about spiritual wisdom?

Ma 3 l

Gurmukh chith n laaeiou anth dhukh pahuthaa aae l
Guru Amar Das jee goes on to say gurmukh chith n laaeiou, those people who have not laaeiou, attached their chith, their consciousness to the Guru and haven't become gurmukh, have not taken the Guru as the epicentre of their lives anth dukh bahutaa aaiae, that in the end they will always be afflicted with dukh, with pain; the pain of life and death, the pain of reincarnation, the pain of being separated from the Lord.

Andharehu baaharehu andhiaa sudh n kaaee paae l
Andharehu baaharehu andhiaa- Maharaj says that andharehu, from within, and baaharehu, from without, inside and outside, andhiaa, they live their lives in the darkness of spiritual ignorance. What does that mean? That the actions that we do with this body baaharehu and inside, their thoughts andharehu, their thoughts and their body are always in darkness, in this ignorance. Sudh n kaaee paae- Kaae means even a small amount, even a tiny amount of sudh, of consciousness do not come to them, they do not wake up. They are in this coma, and in this coma they have no sense of mental or physical awareness.

Panddith thin kee barakathee sabh jagath khaae jo rathae hor naae l
Panddith- Maharaj jee is saying O panddithh, scholars of the world, thin kee barakathee sabh jagath khaae. Maharaj Sahib jee, Guru Amar Das jee Sahib has just talked about people who are spiritually ignorant inside and out, and now they go on to talk to scholars. They're saying to the scholars that you may have so much knowledge, but Maharaj Sahib is saying that there is still darkness within your lives. Maharj Guru Amar Das jee is saying thin kee barakathee sabh jagath khaae, that the whole world khaae, lives upon the barakathee, barakathee here means the toil, the Naam dhan, the wealth of the God's name that those saints have accumulated. The whole world can enjoy that dhan, that wealth, simply by following their words and following them throughout their lives. Jo Rathae har naae - there is another thing we can take from this, there is no person wealthy enough in the world, to feed the whole world, but Guru jee is saying that the saints are so wealthy with the name of the Lord that it doesn't matter who comes to them, they can put out all their hungers with the name of the Lord. Jo rathae har naae, who are rathae, who are imbued with har naae, with the name of the Lord.

Jin gur kai sabadh salaahiaa har sio rehae samaae l
Jun gur kai sabadh salaahiaa- those people who salaahiaa, who have sung the praises of God through the sabadh, through the words of the Guru, through the bani, har sio rehae samaae. They samaae, they merge with Hari, with WaheGuru, the nourisher of the world.

Panddith dhoojai bhaae barakath n hovee naa dhan palai paae l
Panddith, O scholars, dhoojai bhaae barakath n hovee, when you are bhaae, when you are attached to dhoojai, to this illusion of the world, barakath n hovee, then you cannot toil on the labour of the God's name. Naa dhan palai paae- you will never get the wealth of God's name.

Parr thakae santokh n aaeiou anadhin jalath vihaae l
You may pad, you may study again and again and learn many tricks, but Guru Sahib jee says santokh n aaeiou. Santokh, that within you there is no peace. Anadhin jalath vihaae - Maharaj jee says anadhin, day and night, jalath vihaae, that in the fires which are internal, you spend your life burning. And what are the four fires? Hans, het, lobh, kop. Hans gurbani tells us - hatred, anger violence. Het- attachment. Lobh- greed. Kop- hatred, anger. These are the four fires which burn within us Guru jee says that this burning inferno is always within you, anadhin, day and night.

Kook pookaar n chukee naa sansaa vichehu jaae l
Maharaj says that your cries of pain, na chukee, will not leave. Na sansaa vichehu jaae- this sansaa, these doubts which are always in your mind, they won't leave either.

Naanak naam vihooniaa muhi kaalai outh jaae l l 2 l
Nanak Maharaj says naanak naam vihooniaa, without the name of the Lord, without the meditation of the name of the Lord, muhi kaalai outh jaae- you will uth, you will leave this world and go into the muhi, mouth of kaalai -death again and again through reincarnation. Maharaj says that without the naam, your faces will be blackened with dishonour when you leave.

Pourree l
SatGuru Maharaj Sahib jee after these sloks Guru Ram Das jee's paourree comes. Maharaj Sahib jee says,

Har sajan mael piaarae mil panth dhasaaee l
Hari, O WaheGuru, please mel, please unite me with your piaarae, with your beloved beings, mil panth dhasaaee- and God says back to us, if I unite you with the beings, what will you do? Guru Ram Das jee Maharaj tells us mil panth dhasaaee. Meeting them, they will tell me the panth, the way to You, O God!

Jo har dhasae mith this ho bal jaaee l
Whoever tells me about Hari, about WaheGuru is my mith, my friend. This ho bal jaaee, and to that friend, ho bal jaaee, I am a sacrifice again and again.

Gun saajhee thin sio karee har naam dhiaaee l
With those great beings, I share their gun, their virtue, I take on their virtues. Har naam dhiaaee- and with them I share the virtues of the Lord, I meditate upon the Lord. They share with me the great virtues of God. They tell me WaheGuru is karta purakh, the creator being who lives through all, they tell me that WaheGuru is nirbhao, without fear, they tell me, Guru Naanak Maharaj tells me that He is nirvair - without enmity. Those virtues with the Grace of God, the Guru and the saadh sangat, the congregation of those holy souls goes within me.

Har saevee piaaraa nith saev har sukh paaee l
Maharaj Sahib jee is saying that may I serve my beloved Lord nith, day and night, again and again, every day. Saev har such paaee- and Maharaj jee is talking about that level where doing seva gives you sukh. There comes this level of realisation that sukh does not come from anywhere else. Ddithaa sabh sansaar sukh n naam bin. Without the name of the God, there is no happiness. Guru jee is talking about that level where through serving the Lord, we find sukh, serving the Lord we find Eternal Happiness.

Balihaaree sathigur this jin sojhee paaee l 12 l
I am balihaaree, I am a sacrifice to that True Guru, to Sri Guru Amar Das jee, jin sojhee paaee- who blessed me with this sojhee, who blessed me with this understanding.

So, Guru Amar Das jee Maharaj, Guru Ram Das jee Maharaj is telling us O pyaareo, O beloved beings, the sayings, the stories, the messages of the holy beings, the messages of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj is for the whole world. Those who have followed this message have been blessed with Eternal Peace. Maharaj is saying this message is not just to study, this message is not just to look at, this message is to be experienced, this message is to be tasted, this message is to be lived, and through living this, we will find sukh, we will find Eternal Peace.

Har saevee piaaraa nith saev har sukh paaee
Balihaaree sathigur this jin sojhee paaee l 12 l

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!

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