English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 636


Sorath mehalaa 1 |
Gurmukh piaareyo Sathguru Naanak Devjee Maharaj is blessing us with hukamnama Sahib jee today. In this shabad Sathguru Maharaj is telling us to walk on the path of the Guru. Maharaj Sahib jee is saying that we can recognize that Lord, we can experience that Waheguru through the naam and through understanding the hukam - the command of the Guru and the Will of the Lord. Sathguru Maharaj jee begins:

Jinaee sathigur saeviaa piaarae thina kae saath tharae |
O beloved beings, those blessed souls who have saeviaa - who have served the Sathguru - the True Guru thina kae saath tharae - even their saath - even their companions, even those who've met them, those who've listened to them, those who have served alongside them, those who've served them they are tharae - they are liberated as well.

Thinaa thaak n paaeeai piaarae anmrith rasan harae |
Those gurmukh piaarey who serve the Guru, those beloved beings they are not confronted by any thaak - by any obstacle. What obstacles do they not have in their lives? The obstacle of kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, anhankaar - of lust, desires, ego, hatred, greed, attachment - these obstacles are removed. The obstacles of the messengers of death - of jamdoot are also removed. Amnrith rasan harae - because on their tongue they have the anmrith - the immortal Lord of harae - of immortal Waheguru, that Hari, that Akaal Purakh. They have Waheguru jee's naam - Wahegurujee's name upon their tongue and therefore they are saved at every point. Because that name of the Lord removes all obstacles. Sathguru Nanak Devjee Maharaj tells us: Outh eisanaan karahu parabhaathae soeae har aaraadhae | bikharrae dhaao langhaavai maeraa sathigur sukh sehaj saethee ghar jaathae | Outh eisanaan karahu parabhaathae - if we cleanse ourselves physically and then spiritually by meditating upon the naam soeae har aaraadhae - before we go to sleep and while sleeping we meditate upon the Lord | Bikharrae dhaao langhaavai maeraa sathigur - then my Sathguru - my True Guru Will langhaavai - takes us through, carries us through those hard times sukh sehaj saethee ghar jaathae and we come to recognize the true abode of our soul. So Sathguru Maharaj jee is saying that no obstacle prevents their way.

Booddae bhaarae bhai binaa piaarae thaarae nadhar karae |1|
But Maharaj Sahib jee says, booddae bhaarae bhai binaa - those people who don't have the bhai - the fear of the Lord, that loving fear, that purifying fear they are boodae - they are drowning because they are bhaarae - they are being drowned by the weight of their sins. What is the only thing that can take away this weight, Maharaj Sahib jee says, which is upon our heads? Maharaj Sahib jee says it's bhai - those people who have that loving fear of Waheguru the weight of their sins is removed. How is this? In that fear, in that loving respect they commit no sins. They always see that Waheguru jee is with them at all times and also through this loving sins those sins which may have been committed in the past they repent and they ask Waheguru jee to forgive them. Thaarae nadhar karae - those gurmukh piaarey who have got this gift of bhai - of that cleansing fear they are thaarae - they are liberated through the nadhar - through the Grace of Waheguru. Another way of looking at this line: Booddae bhaarae bhai binaa piaarae thaarae nadhar karae |1| Those beings who do not have the bhai -the fear of Waheguru, who are booddae - who are drowning even they can be thaarae - they can be liberated with the nadhar - with the glance of Grace of Waheguru.

Bhee thoohai saalaahanaa piaarae bhee thaeree saalaah |
O Waheguru jee, bhee thoohai saalaahanaa piaarae - no matter what happens may I saalaahanaa - may I sing Your praises piaarae - O my beloved Lord. Bhee thaeree saalaah - may I always carry on to sing Your praises at all times. Bhee thoohai saalaahanaa piaarae with my mind, always thinking of You, singing Your praises in my mind and with my words may I sing Your praises at all times.

Vin bohith bhai ddubeeai piaarae kandhee paae kehaah |1|
Maharaj Sahib jee says without this bohith - without this boat of God's name bhai ddubeeai piaarae - we drown in the fear of this world. The fear of Waheguru, that loving respect, that loving connection with God Will save us. On the other side the fears of this world Will drown us. Kandhee paae kehaah - kandhee means the river banks. On the river banks there is crying out - kahaah; those who are in this world are crying out because of their kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankaar, because of the five thieves which are with them: lust, ego, desire, anger, hatred, slander all these other things. In the parlok - in the next world they cry out in reincarnation as their soul has to come and go again. So Maharaj Sahib says there is kahaaha - there is cries of pain and kandhee paae kehaah. Kehaah means how can we find the river bank, the shore? It is as if we are drowning in this ocean, how can we get to the shore? Maharaj Sahib jee says that if you try to get to the shore without the boat then you are surely going to drown in the fears of this world. Maharaj Sahib jee says the boat - the name of the Lord is the jahaaz - is the ship which Will carry us across.

rehaao |
Rehaao - Maharaj Sahib jee pause and think about this.

Saalaahee saalaahanaa piaarae dhoojaa avar n koe |
O piaarae - O beloved beings of the world sing the saalaahanaa - sing the praises of that Waheguru who is saalaahee - who is worth praising. Maharaj Sahib jee says that do not praise this world which is false, praise the eternal Lord and you'll be merged with Him. Dhoojaa avar n koe - there is no other, dhooja meaning any other like Waheguru.

Maerae prabh saalaahan sae bhalae piaarae sabadh rathae rang hoe |
O piaarey - O beloved beings, those who slalaahan - who sing the praises of my beloved Waheguru they are bhalae - they are blessed with all virtues. Sabadh rathae - because they are completely imbued in the shabad and rang hoe - in this way they enjoy the rang - the color of God.

This kee sangath jae milai piaarae ras lai thath viloe |2|
Maharaj Sahib jee this kee sangath jae milai - O beloved beings if you are blessed with the company of these gurmukhs, these beloved beings who meditate upon the naam then jas lai thath viloe - Maharaj Sahib jee says that enjoy the ras - enjoy the essence of naam which they speak with their tongues. That viloe - viloe means to churn, to churn butter out of milk and through their words churn within you the thath - the true understanding of what life is about, of what sikhi is about, of what this path is. Take their words inside you and with their words churn your inside, Maharaj jee is saying, your spiritual body, churn all those thoughts and throw away, cast away those thoughts encouraged by hatred, ego and all these other things and take out the thath - the essence of God's name, the essence of why we are on this earth.

Path paravaanaa saach kaa piaarae naam sachaa neesaan |
The True paravaanaa - the True Insignia of Honor - of pat is that of truth. Maharaj Sahib jee is saying O piaarey - O beloved being pat paravaanaa - if you want to have honor, if you want to be respected then attach yourself to saach - to eternity, to eternal truth, to Waheguru. In that way you'll be accepted, you'll be paravaan and you'll find pat - true honor. You'll not be dragged from door to door by the messengers of death. Naam sadhaa neesaan - the name of that true Lord, that Waheguru, the Satnaam is the neesaan - is the true symbol. Those who wear that symbol of the naam upon their hearts they are not touched by the messengers of death.

Aaeiaa likh lai jaavanaa piaarae hukamee hukam pashaan |
Everyone who has come on to this earth, likh lai jaavaanaa - everything that they've done, all of their actions Will be likh - Will be written down and lai jaavanaa - they Will take these with them. The actions which we do remain with us at all times and the fruits of these actions are what we eat all the time. Hukamee hukam pashaan - Maharaj Sahib jee is saying that through the hukam - through the command of God you'll recognize the hukamee - the command of Waheguru. Those who have understood Waheguru jee's Will have understood Waheguru. But Maharaj Sahib jee says how can we understand this?

Gur bin hukam n boojheeai piaarae saachae saachaa thaan |3|
Without the Guru's Grace we cannot boojheeai - we cannot understand this idea, this concept of Will of god, piaarae - O beloved beings. Saachae saachaa thaan - those people who've attached themselves to the Guru, who are sachae - who are completely imbued in the truth they only hav thaan - the support of sachaa - that true Waheguru.

Hukamai andhar ninmiaa piaarae hukamai oudhar majhaar |
In the command of Waheguru we are ninmiaa - we are conceived, hukamai oudhar majhaar - we abide in the oudhar - in the mother's womb.

Hukamai andhar janmiaa piaarae oodho sir kai bhaar |
In the Will of Waheguru we are janmiaa - we are born. Oodho sir kai bhaar - we are upside down in the womb and oodho means to be upside down. Upside down with our heads down and feet upwards - that is how we are in the womb. At that point we do ardhaas, we keep praying to the Lord, O Waheguru please send me onto the earth and I'll praise your name but what do we do when we come to this earth? We do oodho - we do the opposite to that sir kai bhaar - because upon our head we keep bearing down the weight of sins.

Guramukh dharageh jaaneeai piaarae chalai kaaraj saar |4|
The gurmukhs - those who've kept the Guru as center of their lives dharageh - in the court of the Lord they are jaaneeai - they are respected piaare - O beloved beings. Chalai kaaraj saar - because they've fulfilled the karaj - the affair of this life, they have accomplished the mission of this human life.

Hukamai andhar aaeiaa piaarae hukamae jaadho jaae |
We come onto this earth in the command of the Lord and hukamae jaadho jae - it is in the command of the Lord that we go from this place, from this world.

Hukamae bann ichalaaeeai piaarae manamukh lehai sajaae |
It is within god's command that manamukh - those who follow their mind are tied up and ichalaaeeai - are taken from this world by the messengers of death. Manmukh lehai sajaae - those people who follow their mind, Maharaj Sahib jee says Will always lehai -Will always find punishment.

Hukamae sabadh pashaaneeai piaarae dharageh paidhaa jaae |5|
On the other hand Maharaj Sahib jee says that the gurmukhs, through the hukam - through the command of the Lord they pashaaneeai - they realize the shabad. Through the shabad, through meditation upon the shabad they Will recognize the hukam, piaarae - O beloved beings. Dharageh paidhaa jaae - to the court of the Lord they are honored with the robes of honor. Now what is this saying to us? Maharaj Sahib jee is saying that shabad pashaaneeai - through the shabad you'll recognize the hukam, you'll understand the hukam, you'll understand the command of God. Many people ask O what is hukam? What is this, what is that? Maharaj Sahib jee is telling us that meditate upon the shabad, take the Guru's shabad, the Guru's words, go to Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaj, ask Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaj, stand in front of Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaj and ask Maharaj Sahib jee, Maharaj please explain to me what this hukam is. Read through the bani again and again. meditate upon the moolmantar, the gurmantar and you'll understand this.

Hukamae ganath ganaaeeai piaarae hukamae houmai dhoe |
It is within the command of God that we sit here and ganath ganaaeeai - always counting through; Oh I've done this much, I've given this much charity, oh I am this great because I've done this much. Maharaj Sahib jee that all of those accounts which we keep with the Lord, Maharaj Sahib jee says what do they lead to, hukamae houmai dhoe - they lead to ego and this idea of duality. Gurmath is always talking about Ik. Gurmath is never talking about two. Gurmath is always talking about Ik; unity. In this sense of duality there is friend and foe, in this sense of duality there is pain and happiness, it is this sense of duality which is ripping us apart.

Hukamae bhavai bhavaaeeai piaarae avagan muthee roe |
Within the command of God bhavai bhavaaeeai - that we wander around, that these souls that follow their mind wander around. avagan muthee roe - being muthee - being robbed by avagan - by vices roe - the manmukh - the follower of the mind cries out in pain.

Hukam sinjaapai saah kaa piaarae sach milai vaddiaaee hoe |6|
Maharaj Sahib jee says those who sinjaapai - who understand the hukam saah kaa - of the Lord god, piaarae - O beloved being. Sach milai - the unite with, they don't just talk about, they become one with sach with eternity, with the truth, with eternal Waheguru vaddiaaee hoe - in this way they are blessed with the vaddiaaee - the glory of God.

Aakhan aoukhaa aakheeai piaarae kio suneeai sach naao |
Gurmukh piaareyo - Guru Sahib jee is saying akhan aoukhaa aakheeai piaarae - that akhan - that speech which is aoukhaa; aakheeai - speak that speech. What is Maharaj Sahib jee is saying here? Aakhan aoukhaa saachaa nao as Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj tells us in Rehraas - it is so hard to meditate upon the name of the Lord. We are always being attacked by the waves of desires. Maharaj Sahib jee is saying that even though you may be hit by the waves of desire keep meditating upon that aakhan which is aoukhaa - keep meditating upon the name of the Lord, at all times O piaarey - O beloved beings. Many people say oh it must be easy. No it's very hard! To keep meditating, to keep that going, to keep Waheguru Waheguru upon your tongue at all times. Kio suneeai sach naao - Oh great Guru, how can we, in what way can we suneeai - can we always listen to and attach ourselves to sach naao - to the true name. Maharaj Sahib jee says,

Jinaee so saalaahiaa piaarae ho thina balihaarai jaao |
What is one way of keeping attached to this naam? Those gurmukh piaarey - those beloved beings who have salaahiaa - who have praised the Lord ho thina balihaarai jaao - Maharaj Sahib jee says surrender yourself to them, sacrifice yourself to them, stand with them, listen to their words and in that way you'll be imbued with love for the naam.

Naao milai santhokheeaa piaarae nadharee mael milaao |7|
Those who have been milai - who have been united with the name of the Lord they are santhokheeaa - they are completely filled of peace, that peace which the whole world is looking for they've found it, piaarae - O beloved beings. Nadharee mael milaao - but only through nadharee - through glance of Grace of God can the mael milaao - can this unification take place.

Kaaeiaa kaagadh jae theeai piaarae man masavaanee dhaar |
If this kaaeiaa - if this physical and spiritual body was to become a kaagadh - was to become paper, piaarae - O beloved beings. Man masavaanee dhaar - if the mind becomes the ink-pot, the ink well - with the ink of shardhaa and prem - faith and true love,

Lalathaa laekhan sach kee piaarae har gun likhahu veechaar |
If my lalathaa - if my tongue becomes the laekhan - becomes a pen sach kee - the pen of that truth, of the eternal Waheguru then har gun likhahu veechar - Maharaj Sahib jee says in this way upon your spiritual and physical body write the veechar - write the understandings of har gun - of the virtues of the Lord. What does this mean? With our physical body how can we write the virtues of the Lord, we can commit ourselves to sachee seva - to selfless service. With our tongue we can meditate upon the name of the Lord, with our mind we can think of the Guru and in this way we are writing upon our physical and spiritual bodies. Maharaj Sahib jee,

Dhan laekhaaree naanakaa piaarae saach likhai our dhaar |8|3|
All hai to that laekhaaree - to that writer, to that scribe Sathguru Naank Devjee says, piaarey - that beloved scribe saach likhai our dhaar - who writes the Eternal Truthof God's name upon his our dhaar and keeps it enshrined in his our - meaning heart, that eternal name of the Lord.

So Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj is talking to us today, Maharaj Sahib jee is saying that O piaareyo the way of understanding Waheguru, the way of uniting ourselves and understanding the hukam is through the shabad, meditate upon the shabad and the Guru Will bless you with His glance of Grace.

Lalathaa laekhan sach kee piaarae har gun likhahu veechaar |
Dhan laekhaaree naanakaa piaarae saach likhai our dhaar |8|3|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!