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English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 628


Sorat(h) mehalaa 5 ||
Guramukh piaareyo, Sathiguru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj is speaking to us today. Guru Sahib Jee begins the shabad-

Sathigur poorae bhaanaa ||
When I came to follow the bhaanaa, the will of the poorae, of the perfect Eternal Guru, of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj. When I came to follow their will, when I followed their commands, when I lived my life according to their matt, according to their wisdom, to their instructions -

Thaa japiaa naam ramaanaa ||
That is when I japiaa, started meditating upon Naam, The Name of That Waheguru, Who is ramaanaa, Who is pervading through all, Who is in all places, Who is omnipresent at all times. Guramukh piaareyo, Sathiguru Sahib Jee says sathigur poorae bhaanaa. When the perfect, when the poorae Guru was bhaanaa, was pleased, when Guru Sahib blessed me, thaa japiaa naam ramaanaa, that is when I started meditating upon The Name of that Waheguru Who is ramaanaa, Who is pervading through all.

Gobi(n)dh kirapaa dhhaaree ||
When That creator of the universe, kirapaa dhhaaree, bestowed their kirapaa, their Grace upon me -

Prabh raakhee paij hamaaree ||1||
Waheguru Jee, my prabhoo, my Lord God, raakhee, saved my paij, my honour, protected me in this world. What does that mean? Paij means of the human life, saved my honour of this human life, gave me liberation.

Har kae charan sadhaa sukhadhaaee ||
The charan, the lotus feet of Hari, are sadhaa, are forever sukhadhaaee - the ones that give peace. What does that mean? That means Waheguru Jee's charan. If we ask Sri Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj what are charan? What are charan, what are the Lotus Feet? Guru Gobind Singh Jee tells us in Jaap Sahib - chitth charan naam, The Name of God is Waheguru Jee's charan, is Waheguru Jee's Lotus Feet. Those who meditate upon The Name, they always receive peace.

Jo eishhehi soee fal paavehi birathhee aas n jaaee ||1|| rehaao ||
Whatever you eishhehi, whatever you ask for, whatever you desire, soee fal paavehi, you will reap the fal, the fruits of that. If you put your aas, your hopes into Waheguru, your hopes cannot be birathhee, they can never be wasted. They do not pass away unanswered. Put all your hopes and thoughts into The Guru, and sathigur poorae bhaanaa, follow the bhaanaa, the will of The Guru. Ask for those things that please The Guru. Then, birathhee aas n jaaee, your hopes, your desires can never go birathhee, can never be wasted. Rehaao - Guru Sahib Jee says pause and think about this today.

Kirapaa karae jis praanapath dhaathaa soee sa(n)th gun gaavai ||
That being upon whom Waheguru Jee praanapath, The Lord of my breath The Lord of my praanaa, The dhaathaa, The giver of everything, kirapaa karae, blesses with his grace. Soee sa(n)th gun gaavai - that person is a sa(n)th, is a saint, and that person gaavai, sings the gun, the virtues of God.

Praem bhagath thaa kaa man leenaa paarabreham man bhaavai ||2||
That person who is blessed with God's grace, praem bhagath thaa kaa man leevaa. Their man, their mind, body and soul is leenaa, is merged into praem bhagath, into devotional, loving worship of That Waheguru. Paarabreham man bhaavai, That paarabreham, That Lord God Waheguru Who is paarabreham, Who is highest of high, man bhaavai they are pleasing to That Waheguru. Those people who follow The Guru's will, please Waheguru as well.

Aat(h) pehar har kaa jas ravanaa bikhai t(h)agouree laathhee ||
Aat(h) pehar, 24 hours a day, throughout the eight periods of the day, har kaa jas ravanaa, they ravanaa, they meditate upon, they chant the jas, the virtues, the glory of Hari, of Waheguru. Bikhai t(h)agouree laathhee - in this way they have laathhee, they have removed the t(h)agouree, the illusion of this bikhai, of this poison around us. The illusion of materialism, of beings attached to materials, of being attached to illusions of this world, of being attached to all these things which are going to fall away one day, which are going to decay and rot. Those people are liberated from this attachment, who follow The Guru's hukam, and who meditate upon The Guru's Naam.

Sa(n)g milaae leeaa maerai karathai sa(n)th saadhh bheae saathhee ||3||
My Waheguru, my karathai, my creator Lord Himself has milaae leeaa, has united with Themselves. Sa(n)th saadhh bheae saathhee. On this path to God, who have been our saathhee, our friends, our companions, who have supported us? Sa(n)th saadhh, those saints who meditate upon God's Name 24 hours a day, and saadhh, those saadhhoos, those holy beings who have completed saadhhna of their mind, who have completely controlled their mind.

Kar gehi leenae sarabas dheenae aapehi aap milaaeiaa ||
Waheguru Jee has taken me by the kar, my arm, gehi means to take hold of. Waheguru Jee has taken hold of me by my hand. Waheguru Jee is The One Who is sarabas, Who has given me sarabas, means everything. Aapehi aap milaaeiaa. Waheguru Jee is The One Who Himself has united me. I have not walked upon this path. It is because The Guru has blessed me and carried me through. That is how I have been united with The Guru.

Kahu naanak sarab thhok pooran pooraa sathigur paaeiaa ||4||15||79||
Sathiguru Arjun Dev Jee says, sarab thhok pooran, all of my affairs, everything that I have asked for is pooran, has been perfectly fulfilled. All of my affairs in life have been resolved. Pooraa sathigur paaeiaa, when I paaeiaa, when I found, when I merged in with, when I accepted the will of the pooraa sathiguru, The perfect, eternal, true Guru.

Kar gehi leenae sarabas dheenae aapehi aap milaaeiaa ||
Kahu naanak sarab thhok pooran pooraa sathigur paaeiaa ||4||15||79||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.


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