English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 621

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is on Ang 621 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj in Sorath Raagini.

sorath mehlaa 5 ghar 3 cha-upday
Satgur Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj blessing us with Hukamnama today in Sorath Raagini. The context which is joined with this shabad is, when Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj was given the Gurgaddi, given the throne of Guruship by Guru Raam Daas Ji Maharaj. Their oldest brother Baba Prithi Chand Ji went to the court of the emperor who was at the time Jahangir, and stayed around the court for about six months. During these six months he tried to stay close to the counselor of the emperor as he could. He tried to be close to the chieftains. He tried to be close to the noblemen, anyone of these people in order to get the Guruship, in order to get the throne of Gurgaddi, the throne of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj so that he will be known as the next Guru. But in all this time he happened to stay there he spent his money in the court, nearly ran out of his money and gained nothing. Again and again he went into the court, tried to stay around the court, tried to get into the favor of the emperor but he was told again and again that the throne of the Guruship has been given by Guru Raam Daas JI to Guru Arjan Dev Ji and there is nothing that can be done about this. But when he bribed the chieftains they gave him a small village in order for him to live in with his family.

And that place was known as Sodhee-aan daa kothaa, where they lived, the Sodhees of Baba Prithi Chand Ji and their family. And Baba Prithi Chand set up his shop there, set up his own place at that Kotha where he would say, "I am the Guru, worship me and don't go to Guru Arjan Dev Ji" and all such things. He tried to get the sangat to follow him but all of the sangat was devoted to Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji and none of them would go to see Baba Prithi Chand Ji. The sangat said to Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj, O Satgur Sahib Ji, Prithi Chand your eldest brother is close with the emperor's council, he is close with the chieftains and noblemen such as Sulhi Khan and Sulabbi Khan. Why don't we present your case? Why don't we present the true matter, the true state of things to the emperor? It is said that this shabad was spoken by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj in response to the questions by the Sikh sangat.
sorath mehlaa 5 Sorath Raagini by Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj, the fifth light of Guru Nanak. ghar 3 to be sung in the third house of rhythm, beat and tune. cha-upday This shabad has four parts, cha-u meaning four and pday meaning parts.

ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.
There is one eternal Waheguru who brings light to the world, who is the one who brings life to all, the nourisher, creator and destroyer of all. satgur parsaad who is found by the grace of the the eternal Guru. Guru Arjan Dev Ji says:

mil panchahu nahee sahsaa chukaa-i-aa.
O sangat of the Guru, O sangat of Guru Nanak, Baba Prithi Chand went mil panchahu met with the council of the emperor, nahee sahsaa chukaa-i-aa but no one took up his case.

sikdaarahu nah patee-aa-i-aa.
sikaarahu None of the chieftains were not satisfied taking up his case. They would not take away the Guruship. They would not take any ruling away from the Guruship.

umraavahu aagai jhayraa.
Then he went to the noble people and took his argument, his debate with them.

mil raajan raam nibayraa. ||1||
But only Satguru Guru Raam Daas Ji Maharaj has sorted out all the affairs. How could anyone, any worldly king defy what the spiritual Guru Raam Daas Ji Maharaj has said. They have nibayraa ended the whole affair. There is no room for any debate, no room for any discussion. Who they have blessed will be blessed forever. And Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says mil panchahu By meeting with the councils, nahee sahsaa chukaa-i-aa this doubt will not be removed. If we say how we are going to present our case, Maharaj Sahib Ji says no we are not going into this. sikdaarahu nah patee-aa-i-aa Guru Sahib Ji says I am not going to patee-aa-i-aa please the chieftains. umraavahu aagai jhayraa Satguru Paadshah Ji says the noblemen are already involved in their own jhayraa, jhayraa means in their own disputes.

mil raajan raam nibayraa I have met with my true Guru, Guru Raam Daas Ji and Satgur Ji has sorted out all the affairs, nibayraa - has completely finished, sorted out all the affairs. Has blessed whoever is going to be blessed forever. Those who have blessings of Sri Guru Raam Daas Ji don’t need to go and seek the blessings of worldly kings, Guru Arjan Dev Ji is telling the sangat. And when we look at this in a spiritual way, mil panchahu nahee sahsaa chukaa-i-aa, mil meeting with panchahu can be meant as those people who are knowledgeable, who are scholars. Meeting with the scholars , nahee sahsaa chukaa-i-aa Maharaj Ji say sahsaa the doubts in your heart cannot be chukaa-i-aa, cannot be removed. And Guru Amar Daas Ji tells us about sahsaa in Anand Sahib. Maharaj tells us very simply that neh jaa-ay sahsaa kitay sanjam rahai karam kamaa-ay I have tried to wash away the sahsaa the doubt in my heart and what doubt it is, "does God exists, or does he not? Will the Guru grace me or not?" all these doubts in the mind are constantly inflicting us. Guru Sahib Ji says you want to wash away these doubts. They won’t be washed away by any other actions. sahsaa jio maleen hai this soul, this spiritual body is polluted by this disease of doubt. kith sanjam dhootaa jaa-ay How can it be washed away? And the Guru says man dhoovo shabad laago wash your spiritual body through the shabad, through attaching yourself to the shabad. har si-oon chhit laa-ay focus your attention upon the Guru, upon Waheguru.

kahay nanak gur parsaadee sehaj upjay ayho sahsaa ev jaa-ay The third light of Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das Ji says gur parsadee only through Guru's grace can the doubts be removed. We can find this pauri of Anand Sahib on Ang 919 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Satgur Guru Arjan Dev Ji saying mil panchahu meeting with the scholars the doubts within our soul cannot be removed. That can only be taken away by meeting with the Guru, and through meditating upon the Naam. sikdaarahu nah patee-aa-i-aa Meeting with sikdaarahu, sikdaarahu means those who issue their own sikka - coins. What does that mean? It means who entice us into their own worship, who are they?, the demy gods. nah patee-aa-i-aa Your mind cannot achieve satisfaction by serving the demy gods. Because they want you to only worship them, they don't want you to merge with the eternal Almighty Waheguru. umraavahu aagai jhayraa Going to umraavaho the yogis, those who sit in various postures and breathe in various ways. aagai jhayraa They are engaged in their own disputes. Satgur Ji says they are engaged in their own disputes how are they going to sort out your doubts, how are they going to sort the filth out which is in your mind, your spiritual body. Maharaj Ji says mil raajan raam nibayraa only by uniting with that raajan king of all kings Waheguru, Raam nibayraa all your doubts, all your issues will be resolved. Everything could be resolved, all of the doubts in your mind.

Satgur Ji says mil panchahu nahee sahsaa chukaa-i-aa meeting with panchahu the kings of this world, the doubts of your mind will not be removed. nahee sahsaa chukaa-i-aa. sikdaarahu nah patee-aa-i-aa Meeting with the chieftains of the world, meeting those who issue their own coins, those who want you to follow them, your mind will achieve true satisfaction. umraavahu aagai jhayraa And the noblemen are aagai already involved in their own jhayraa disputes. mil raajan raam nibayraa The only way you can achieve peace and true closure of all these doubts in your mind is by meeting with that king, that Lord, Waheguru. And GuruJi says mil panchahu meeting with people who practice control their breaths, the five types of pranas, the five types of vital energy and those people who panchahu sit with the five fires. Four fires they put around themselves in four directions and fifth fire towards sun and they sit in sweltering heat and do the practice. Who are they? They are the yogis. nahee sahsaa chukaa-i-aa They cannot take away the doubts in your minds.

sikdaarahu nah patee-aa-i-aa, sikdaarahu here means you got the demy gods, you have people worship them. On the other side you got astrologers who say they know what the future is. nah patee-aa-i-aa Maharaj Ji says you cannot find satisfaction in your mind. umraavahu aagai jhayraa, umraavahu true noblemen who are the saints, who are the beloved of the Lord, aagai jhayraa put your disputes in front of them, put your doubts, put all your ignorance in front of them , in front of the saints. What will the saints do? They will unite you with mil raajan raam nibayraa true king, Raam, Waheguru and nibayraa all of your doubts, all of your mind's filth will be washes away and your mind will be at complete peace.

ab dhoodhan katahu na jaa-ee.
I do not have to jaa-ee go anywhere dhoodhan searching.

gobid bhaytay gur gosaa-ee. rahaa-o.
Through the grace of the Guru I have bhaytay united with gobid the creator of the universe, gosaa-ss Waheguru. rahaa-o Guru Ji says pause and think about this.

aa-i-aa parabh darbaaraa.
When I came into the darbaaraa court, when I came into the sangat, into the congregation of parabh God, Waheguru, Lord:

taa saglee mitee pookaaraa.
Then saglee all of my pookaaraa, pookaaraa means all of my cries, my complaints, my sadness mitee has been taken away through the Guru's wisdom, through the Guru's mat.

labaDh aapnee paa-ee.
That which I was labaDh looking for, which is truly apnee mine, within me, that Naam which is within me, Waheguru, I have paa-ee found.

taa kat aavai kat jaa-ee. ||2||
And when there is this union with the Lord, through the Grace of the Guru taa kat aavai kat jaa-ee the where is coming and going. There is no birth and death.

tah saach ni-aa-ay nibayraa.
At that stage saach ni-aa-ay true justice. And naibayraa all the doubts are resolved.

oohaa sam thaakur sam chayraa.
And at that stage when soul is, aatma is united with paraatmaa, oohaa at that point, at that stage sam thaakur sam chayraa the master thaakur and the disciple chayraa become one, are united. At that high, highest of spiritual stages just as Baba Lehna became Guru Angad. Angad meaning limb, a part of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. And the time came when Baba Lehna Ji sat upon the throne and became Guru Angad and Guru Nanak Dev Ji bow down to Guru Angad Dev Ji. oohaa sam thaakur sam chayraa At that point the master and disciple become one.

antarjaamee jaanai.
antarjaamee Waheguru Ji jaanai knows everything, what goes on within us. jaamee means who knows everything.

bin bolat aap pachhaanai. ||3||
Witout bolat speaking Waheguru himself aap pachhaanai understands everything, all of the worries.

sarab thaan ko raajaa.
Waheguru Ji is the king of all places. sarab means all thaan places.

tah anhad sabad agaajaa.
Those enter into the protection of the Guru they realize the anhad shabad. anhad means the unstruck melody of the shabad, the shabad which is permeating, vibrating through all, they feel that sound. They unite with the eternal unstruck word of the shabad, Guru's words, vibration of Guru's words.

tis peh ki-aa chaturaa-ee.
In front of Waheguru ki-aa chaturaa-ee what cleverness works? It is a rhetorical Guru. No tricks work in front of AkaalPurakh.

mil naanak aap gavaa-ee. ||4||1||51||
The only way Maharaj Ji says mil meet with Guru. Guru Arjan Dev Ji says aap gava-ee give up your ego, your sense of yourself. You will be united with the Waheguru, with the AkaalPurakh, with that sarab thaan ko raaja with who is permeating through all, who is omnipresent

sarab thaan ko raajaa || tah anhad sabad agaajaa ||
tis peh ki-aa chaturaa-ee || mil naanak aap gavaa-ee ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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