English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 616


Sorat(h) mehalaa 5 ||
Sathiguru Arjun Sahib Jee Maharaj speaks in Sorath Raag today. Guru Sahib Jee begins the shabad -

Paarabreham hoaa sehaaee kathhaa keerathan sukhadhaaee ||
Paarabreham hoaa sehaaee kathhaa keerathan sukhadhaaee. Paarabreham, that Breham, that Lord, Creator, Waheguru Who is paar, Who is beyond everyone, Who is the greatest of the great, hoaa sehaaee, that Waheguru has been sehaaee, has helped me, has blessed me, is my support. Kathhaa keerathan sukhadhaaee,and Waheguru Jee has blessed me with a gift of listening to kathhaa, kathhaa meaning the sermon, the translation of gurbani, the understanding of gurbani, the understanding of Gur-Ithiaas - the Guru's history, listening to stories of the Gurus, of Saints, of Gursikhs. Waheguru Jee has given me this daat of listening to kathhaa, Waheguru Jee has given me this gift of listening to kathhaa and keerathan and the praises, listening to singing the praises of Waheguru. Listening to and with my own tongue singing the praises of God, sukhadhaaee, and katha and keerathan, what do they give us, they give us sukh, they are dhaaee-the givers of sukh, the givers of peace, the givers of happiness.

Gur poorae kee baanee jap anadh karahu nith praanee ||1||
Gur poorae kee baanee, the baanee, the Words of that Poora Guru, Poora means perfect. Gur poorae kee baanee, the perfect Guru's baani, the Perfect Guru's Words. Jap anadh karahu nith praanee, jap-meditate upon them, chant them with your tounge. Anadh karahu nith praanee, nith- everyday, not once not twice, everyday get up and sing The Guru's praises, praanee, O human being, if you nith - everyday you jap, everyday you meditate upon The Guru's Words then what will happen, anadh karahu, you will be blessed with anadh with unending, neverending Bliss.

Har saachaa simarahu bhaaee ||
O bhaaee, O brothers, simarahu, meditate upon saachaa, that Eternal Lord, god; Waheguru, That Hari.

Saadhhasa(n)g sadhaa such paaeeai har bisar n kabehoo jaaee || rehaao ||
Saadhhasa(n)g sadhaa such paaeeai, in the sa(n)g, in the company of saints, in the saadhhasa(n)gat sadhaa such paaeeai, you will find sadhaa sukh, eternal peace. Har bisar n kabehoo jaaee, and when will you find this eternal peace, har bisar n kabehoo jaaee, and why, because sitting in the sa(n)gat n kabehoo, at no point you will bisar, you will forget Waheguru. And when you remember Waheguru 24/7, you'll be blessed with peace and eternal bliss 24/7. Rehaao - Guru Jee says pause and think about this today.

A(n)mirth naam paramaesar thaeraa jo simarai so jeevai ||
A(n)mirth naam paramaesar thaeraa, O Paramaesar, O Waheguru, thaeraa, your naam, your name is a(n)mirth, is immortal nectar, it'll bring the ones who are dead physically and dead spiritually back to life. Jo simarai, those who meditate upon you so jeevai, they are alive, no one else is alive. What is Guru Jee saying here? That, truly those people are living their lives, truly those people who have understood what life is, truly those people are following out the aim of their life, who are meditating upon you, Waheguru.

jis no karam paraapath hovai so jan niramal thheevai ||2||
Jis no karam paraapath hovai, those people who are blessed with karam, with grace, with blessing, with bakhshish, paraapath, who find that karam, who find those blessings of God, who are given those blessings, so jan niramal thheevai, that jan, that humble servant lives his life niramal, niramal means without any stain, completely pure, immaculate life.

Bighan binaasan sabh dhukh naasan gur charanee man laagaa ||
Bighan binaasan sabh dhukh naasan, all bighan, all obstacles are binaasan, are taken away. Any bighan, anything blocking your path is removed. Sabh dukh naasan, all dukh, all pain naasan, is taken away, gur charanee man laagaa, when your man, when your mind is laagaa, is attached to the charanee, the Lotus Feet of the Guru. What are Lotus Feet of the Guru? The Guru Jee's naam. Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj tells us chith charan naam, God's name in your consciousness that is holding on to God's charan, God's Lotus Feet.

Gun gaavath achuth abinaasee anadhin har ra(n)g jaagaa ||3||
Gun gaavath achuth abinaasee, singing the gun, the praises of achuth, of that Waheguru, who is beyond being moved by the world, abinaasee, who is never ending, anadhin;day and night, har ra(n)g jaagaa, if you sing the praise of Waheguru day and night, then day and night you will be blessed with that ra(n)g, that Love, jaagaa; awakening, within you for God.

Man eishhae saeee fal paaeae har kee kathhaa suhaelee ||
Those who listen to the kathhaa of Hari, of Waheguru, those who listen to the explanation of the Guru's Words, those who meditate upon these Words within their soul, those who listen to the Guru's katha, to the Guru's Words when the Guru describes Gurbani. Gurbani itself is the kathhaa of Waheguru, of Akaal Purakh. Gurbani itself is explaining to us the akathh kahaanee, the undescribeable story,Gurbani is telling us the greatest kathhaa of all. Those who attach these Words to their heart, man eishhae saeee fal paaeae, they find the fal, the fruits of their man eishhae, their mind's desires.

Aadh a(n)th madhh naanak ko so prabh hoaa baelee ||4||16||27||
Aadh a(n)th madhh naanak ko , aadh - from the beyond the beginning of time, aadh doesn't just mean the beginning, it means beyond the beginning, from time we cannot even know, a(n)th-when our end will come, madhh - whilst we're living now in the present time, naanak ko, Guru Arjun Sahib Jee says that for me so prabh hoaa baelee, that Waheguru has become my baelee, my friend. He was there in the beginning, He will be there when we are no longer here and He is here now present amongst us, just as Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj says in Japji Sahib; aadh sach jugaadh sach hai bhee sach naanak hose bhee sach. So Guru Sahib Jee is talking about listening to the Guru's praises, singing the Guru's praises. And what will we get if we listen to the Guru's praises everyday? We will get eternal peace.

Man eishhae saeee fal paaeae har kee kathhaa suhaelee ||
Aadh a(n)th madhh naanak ko so prabh hoaa baelee ||4||16||27||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh.


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