English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 615


Sorat(h) mehalaa 5 ||
The fifth Nanak, Guru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj is talking to us today in the Raag Sorath, which can overwhelm the mind, heart and soul, bring them into the love of God.

Gun gaavahu pooran abinaasee kaam krodhh bikh jaarae ||
Gun means praises, gaavahu means sing. Sing the praises. Who should we sing the praises of , the Sikhs ask. Pooran, The One Who is perfect, abinaasee - The One Who will never perish, The imperishable God. If you do that, what will happen? Kaam - desire, krodhh - anger, bikh - poison, the poison of kaam and krodhh, will jaarae, will be burnt from inside you.

Mehaa bikham agan ko saagar saadhhoo sa(n)g oudhhaarae ||1||
Mehaa means great, bikham means dangerous. The greatly dangerous agan ko saagar. Saagar means ocean, agan means fire. The greatly dangerous ocean of Maya, you will oudhhaarae, you will go across it. But with who? With saadhhoo sa(n)g, the company of the holy. Sitting in the company of the holy, they will bring you across that fire, across the great ocean that surrounds you.

Poorai gur maettiou bharam a(n)dhhaeraa ||
Poorai gur - The perfect Guru, maettiou - has dispelled, has taken away, has removed, bharam - doubt, a(n)dhhaeraa - darkness. The darkness of doubt has been taken away by The Guru. 'Gu' means darkness, 'ru' means light. The Guru is The one Who takes you from darkness into light.

Bhaj praem bhagath prabh naeraa || rehaao ||
The Guru told me, bhaj - meditate upon God with praem, with love, and bhagathee, with devotion. Because prabh, God is naeraa, closer than close. Rehaao - pause, Guru Ji says pause and think about this.

Har har naam nidhhaan ras peeaa man than rehae aghaaee ||
Har har naam, The Name of The Lord, nidhhaan ras peeaa. Nidhhaan means treasure, ras means essence, peeaa means drink. I drank the essence of God's Name, the greatest treasure. Then what happened? Man than, my mind and body, rehae - remain, aghaaee - satisfied, fulfilled. There's no other fulfilment that I needed. The Name of God fulfilled everything within me, it fulfilled my desires. Once all the desires are gone, you won't need anything, you have no desires.

Jath kath poor rehiou paramaesar kath aavai kath jaaee ||2||
Jath kath - everywhere, poor rehiou. Pervading through all is Paramaesar, is God. God is pervading through all and everything. Kath aavai kath jaaee. Where can there be a place where God comes and goes? God doesn't come and go, God is abinaasee. God can never come or go, God is permanent, the only eternal thing here.

Jap thap sa(n)jam giaan thath baethaa jis man vasai guopaalaa ||
Jis - that person, man - in whose mind, vasai - dwells, guopaalaa - The One Who looks after this world, God, that person in whose mind God dwells, what happens to them? They acquire jap which means meditative state, thap which means state of self-restraint, sa(n)jam which means purity, giaan - knowledge, and they become thath baethaa, they become a knower of reality. What do they need to do? You can't get to God through spirituality, you can only get to God through love. That's what Guru Ji is saying.

Naam rathan jin guramukh paaeiaa thaa kee pooran ghaalaa ||3||
The rathan, the diamond of The Naam, The Name of God, jin guramukh paaeiaa. The guramukh, the one who follows The Guru, who has found, who has paaeiaa the rathan of The Name, thaa kee pooran ghaalaa. Ghaalaa means works, pooran means to be satisfied. That person who finds The Naam, who is given The Naam by The Guru, only his works, only his seva is satisfied, is fulfilled, is accepted in the court of The Lord.

Kal kalaes mittae dhukh sagalae kaattee jam kee faasaa ||
Kalaes means arguments, kal means of this Kalyug, the argument of this age, mittae - have been taken away. What else has been taken away? Dhukh sagalae, all pain has been removed from that person. Why? Because kaattee - cut through, jam kee faasaa. Faasaa means noose. The noose of death has been cut from their necks, so they are free forever, they're eternal, they're immortal.

Kahu naanak prabh kirapaa dhhaaree man than bheae bigaasaa ||4||12||23||
Kahu naanak - says Nanak, prabh - God, dhhaaree - has showered, His kirapaa - His grace. Then what happened? Man than, my mind and body, bheae - became, bigaasaa - blossomed.
Your mind and body will blossom if you fall before God. That is what Guru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj is saying to us today. The only way to dispel that darkness is to fall at the feet of The Guru and to love God.

Kal kalaes mittae dhukh sagalae kaattee jam kee faasaa ||
Kahu naanak prabh kirapaa dhhaaree man than bheae bigaasaa ||4||12||23||

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.



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