English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 614

Sorat(h) mehalaa 5 ||Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee speaks to us today in Sorath Raag today. Guru Jee has based this shabad upon the rehaao line. The rehaao line is like the centre of the flower, from where the fragrance pours out. The rest of the shabad is like the petals. Guru jee says in the rehaao lines - poorae gur kee dhaekh vaddaaee - see the vaddaaee, the greatness of The poorae, of The perfect Guru. Thaa kee keemath kehan n jaaee - the keemath, the worth, the value of the vaddaaee, of singing the praises of the greatness of The true Guru, kehan n jaaee, cannot be described in any words. Rehaao, Guru Jee says pause and think about this. This is crux, this is the middle point of the shabad. Guru Jee begins the shabad -

Mirathak ko paaeiou than saasaa bishhurath aan milaaeiaa ||
The true Guru, The perfect Guru puts saasaa - breath into those who are mirathak, into those who are dead, into the than, into the body of those who are dead, He puts life. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj on the day of Vaisakhi cut of Bhai Daya Singh Jee's head, and Bhai Dharam Singh Jee's head, all of the Panj Piaarey, and then brought them back to life again with Amrit, put the breath of life back into them. Bushhurath aan milaaeiaa. Bishhurath means the one who has been separated. Bhai Moola Jee, who was separated in the time of Guru Nanak Dev Jee, there is a long story of how Guru Nanak dev Jee came to the door of Moola and he pretended that he wasn't at home. Guru Nanak Dev Jee said that if he's not here, then he's not here at all. A snake came and bit Bhai Moola as he was hiding in the backroom of his house, and Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee said that They would come in Their tenth form, and They will bless Moola. In the tenth form, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Jee at the Gurudwara Shakaarghaat in Hazoor Sahib in Maharashtra in India, Guru Gobind Singh Jee was riding along and a rabbit came in front of Their horse. Guru Jee aimed Their bow and arrow and killed the rabbit. When the Sikhs asked why Maharaj? Guru Maharaj said you can ask the soul itself. The soul of Bhai Moola Khatri came out of the rabbit and explained to the Sikh what had happened. So, bishhurath aan milaaeiaa. Even those who had been separated, for at least 200 years Bhai Moola had been separated in reincarnation, The Guru milaaeiaa, came and united them in the end.

Pasoo paraeth mugadhh bheae srothae har naamaa mukh gaaeiaa ||1||
Pasoo - means animals - a story comes of a leopard type of animal who heard the kirtan of Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj and refused to eat a dead body, because that dead body was of a person who had never done any seva with their hands, never been to a religious place. That animal refused to eat that body. Paraeth means ghost. There's a story, Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Jee Maharaj, when They went to Delhi, They were put into a kothi, a house full of ghosts, a haunted house. But, even those ghosts came and bowed down to Guru Teg Bahardur Sahib Jee Maharaj and asked for liberation. Mugadhh - means that person who cannot speak, or cannot hear. Guru Harkrishan Sahib Jee Maharaj put Their stick on the head of Bhai Chhajoo Jeevar who could not speak, who was deaf and dumb, and Guru Sahib Jee blessed him with intelligence, more than that of any person who may have studied for years. He became so intelligent that he could translate the whole Geeta. Srothae, they become srothae. Even those people become srothae, attentive listeners. Har naamaa mukh gaaeiaa. Gaaeiaa, who sing with their mukh, their mouth the har naamaa, the Name of Waheguru, The Name of The Lord. Mirathak ko paaeiou than saasaa - those beings who have died spiritually, The Guru infuses them with the breath of His Mantra, with the vreath of His shabad, with the breath of His bani. Bishhurath - our souls have been separated for many lives. Aan milaaeiaa, The Guru comes and unites us with God. Pasoo paraeth mugadhh bheae srothae - our life, we live like pasoo, like animals. What do animals do? Live, eat, reproduce and sleep. Many of us live our lives in that way. Paraeth, many of us have ghostly features inside us. We like to scare people, we don't let others live in peace. Mugadhh, many of us don't listen to what anyone else says, we act as if we are deaf. We're not really deaf, it's just that we don't accept anything that anyone else says. Bheae srothae, even people that have those bad qualities, meeting with The Guru, they became attentive listeners. What do they listen to? Har naamaa mukh gaaeiaa. They listen to The Name of Waheguru, which they gaaeiaa, which they sing with their mukh, with their tongue.

Poorae gur kee dhaekh vaddaaee ||
See the glory of The True Guru, of The perfect Guru!

Thaa kee keemath kehan n jaaee || rehaao ||
You cannot put a value, you cannot put a price on this. This is priceless, the grace of The Guru. Rehaao.

Dhookh sog kaa dtaahiou ddaeraa anadh ma(n)gal bisaraamaa ||
The ddaeraa, the abode within, the place within our souls which was full of dhookh - pain and sog - depression, dtaahiou, that has been removed. Instead we have bisaraamaa, we have ease, anadh, we have complete ecstasy, ma(n)gal, we sing praises of joy, of Guru.

Man baa(n)shhath fal milae achi(n)thaa pooran hoeae kaamaa ||2||
We find the fal, the fruits of our man baa(n)shhath of our mind's desires. Achi(n)thaa - with no worry. Pooran hoeae kaamaa - everything, everywhere we go, all of the things we set out to accomplish are pooran, are affected through The Guru's grace.

Eehaa sukh aagai mukh oojal mitt geae aavan jaanae ||
In this world, those people who have been touched by The Guru's grace find sukh, find peace. Aagai mukh oojal, in the next world, their mukh, their faces are oojal, are shining and radiant and blessed. Their aavan jaanae, their circle of rebirth on this earth has been removed.

Nirabho bheae hiradhai naam vasiaa apunae sathigur kai man bhaanae ||3||
Nirabho bheae - they've become fearless. Hiradhai naam vasiaa - because in their heart they have naam, the Name of God, the Name of The Lord God abides in their heart at all times. Apunae sathigur kai man bhaanae. Because they are repeating the Name of God at all times, they are bhaanae, they are pleasing to their Sathigur, to their true Guru.

Oot(h)ath bait(h)ath har gun gaavai dhookh dharadh bhram bhaagaa ||
Guru Sahib Jee says if you want your dhookh, your pain, your dharadh, your sorrows and your bhram, your doubts to bhaagaa, to run away, what do you have to do? Oot(h)ath bait(h)ath, whilst standing and whilst sitting, at all times, har gun gaavai, sing the praises of Hari, of Waheguru. what will happen? All of your pain, all of your sorrows, all of your doubts will go.

Kahu naanak thaa kae poor kara(n)maa jaa kaa gur charanee man laagaa ||4||10||21||
Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee Maharaj says that that person has perfect destiny. Sometimes we say that that person is very lucky, they have a big house. Or that person is very lucky, they've got alot of money. No. The Guru says that person has the greatest destiny jaa kaa gur charanee man laagaa, whose man, whose mind is attached to The Guru's charan, to The Guru's lotus feet. That person has the greatest destiny, that person is the most blessed.

Oot(h)ath bait(h)ath har gun gaavai dhookh dharadh bhram bhaagaa ||
Kahu naanak thaa kae poor kara(n)maa jaa kaa gur charanee man laagaa ||4||10||21||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa ! Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh. !!


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