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Sorath mehalaa 5 |
Sathiguru Sahib Siri Guru Arjan Dev Sahib jee is blessing us today. Guru Sahib jee Maharaj gives us many examples today to explain the love between the Lord's servant and the Lord. So Guru Sahibjee Guru Sahibjee begins,

Raajan mehi raajaa ourajhaaeiou maanan mehi abhimaanee |
Mehi means in raajan means in the affairs of the government, in the affairs of the kingdom. Just as the king, the prime minister, the president is ourajhaaeiou - is completely entangled into, woven into the workings of the government, the workings of the state, the workings of the country. Just as that politician, just as that head of state, just as that leader of the country is completely entangled and is always thinking about, it's always on his mind, he has the thoughts of what is going to happen in the country, he has the thoughts of what is going to happen in the economy and so on. Guru sahib jee gives that as an example. Just as that prime minister, that king is always entangled with the thoughts of the government, thoughts of the country, maanan mehi abhimaanee - and just as an abhimaanee - someone who wants and who wants recognition for their ego, recognition of who they are, someone who wants recognition for his own acheivements, always looking out for some way of looking him/herself better, always looking out for a way to feed their ego. That person is always looking for maanan - those ways of gaining that praise of the world. Just as the king is always entangled, always thinking about the affairs of the state, just as someone who is hungry to fate, someone who is hungry for praise of their ego is always looking for ways to achieve this.

Lobhan mehi lobhee lobhaaeiou thio har rang rachae giaanee |1|
Just as a lobhee - a greedy person is lobhaaeiou - is always thirsting for more ways of gaining more money, of gaining more than anyone else, is always thinking for ways, has always got this on his/her mind, has always got this thought that I need to get more, the greed within them is a never ending fire. Thio har rang rachae giaanee - in the same way giaanee - when it comes up in Gurbani Giani is talking about someone who is spiritually awakened, someone who has the giaan, who has the understanding, who realises that this world is finite and who realises that the only way to save themselves is to attach themselves to Waheguru Who is infinite. In the same way Guru Arjan Deve jee says har rang rachae - they are completely imbued, day in and day out, night and day the servant of the Lord, the one who is spiritually awakened, the giani, is always colored in God's love, never is there a minute.

Just like the king goes to sleep at night thinking about the country, thinking about what can happen, he dreams of the country, he wakes up in the morning and the thoughts upon his head are of the country, in the same way the egotistical person is always thinking about his ego, the greedy person is always thinking about his greed, in the same way, in the mind of the spiritually awakened person there is always the thoughts about Waheguru simran going on day and night. Gurmukh piareo many people say how can you do simran day and night? But gurmukh piaareo even when we are asleep at night blood is being pumped around our body. When we go to sleep our heart doesn't go to sleep, if it went to sleep we would die. Our nerves don't go to sleep, in the same way gurmukh piaareo those people who are spiritually awakened, even at night that pulse of simran is pulsating throughout them.

Har jan ko eihee suhaavai |
This is what seems suhaavai - seems beautiful, seem right to the servant of the Lord. This is what befits that servant of Lord, this is what makes that servant of the Lord happy.

Paekh nikatt kar saevaa sathigur har keerathan hee thripathaavai |
They always see God to be nikatt - to be near them. Wherever they go they always see their guru to be near them. Kar saevaa sathigur - they do seva of the eternal Guru, the serve Lord God where ever they go. Har keerathan hee thripathaavai - where do they achieve their sense of fulfilment from? Where do they achieve this contentment from? - Har keertan - through the praise of Hari, through singing the keertan of Har, through reading the Guru's baanee, through chanting the baanee, through understanding the Guru's banee, through doing veechar, through listening to katha of Guru's baanee.

rehaao |
pause and think about this today.

Amalan sio amalee lapattaaeiou bhooman bhoom piaaree |
Just as the amalee - drug addict is lapattaaeiou - is completely addicted to amalan - cannot live one day without those drugs, is always looking for more ways to gain this drug. Bhooman bhoompiaaree - just as a lanlord is always looking for, loves his bhoom - his land and is always looking for ways to gain more land. In the same ways, Guru sahib jee says,

Kheer sang baarik hai leenaa prabh santh aisae hithakaaree |2|
Just as the baarik - the child, kheer sang baarik hai leena - the child is attached to milk, prabh santh aisae hithakaaree - the saints of Waheguru have such love for God. .

Just like the drug addict is always looking for more drugs, just as the landowner is always looking for more land, just as the child cannot live without the mother's milk, in the same way the saint of the Lord cannot live without the Lord's name.

Bidhiaa mehi bidhuansee rachiaa nain dhaekh sukh paavehi |
Just like the scholar, bihuansee is imbued in his books, he loves his book, he loves his subject, he can talk about this day in and day out, talk on for hours about his subject. Nain dhaekh sukh paavehi - just as our eyes find happiness in looking around and seeing all of the things of this world-our eyes are happy.

Jaisae rasanaa saadh lubhaanee thio har jan har gun gaavehi |3|
Just as our tongue is tasting all of theese saadhs - all of these tastes of the world, thio har jan har gun gaavehi - in the same way the har jan - the servant of the Lord sings the praises of Lord. Just like our tongue likes tasting all theses tastes, just as our eyes like looking at all of these sights around us, just as the scholar is always imbued, in the same way the servant of the Lord is always imbued with the love of God.

Jaisee bhookh thaisee kaa poorak sagal ghattaa kaa suaamee |
My suaamee - my Lord and master is sagal ghattaa - He lives with all hearts, each and every heart, sagal means all, Jaisee bhook thaisee kaa poorak - the hunger we have inside, whatever hunger you have inside He can poorak - He can fulfill that thirst.

Naanak piaas lagee dharasan kee prabh miliaa antharajaamee |4|5|16|
Siri Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj jee says, those people who lagee - who inside them are attached in this piaas of dharasan - who are looking, who are thirsty for blessed vision of Waheguru, who are always doing ardhaas - hay Waheguru ! please unite me with You, what happens in the end? Prabh miliaa antharjaamee - they are united with prabhoo - with Lord God who is antharajaamee - who knows what is going on in each and every heart, who knows the workings of every mind, heart and soul. .

So Guru piaareo - Guru Sahib jee has given us many different explanations today about the love of the servant of the Lord and the Lord.

Jaisee bhookh thaisee kaa poorak sagal ghattaa kaa suaamee |
Naanak piaas lagee dharasan kee prabh miliaa antharajaamee |4|5|16|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!


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