English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 613


Guru Arjan Dev Ji is talking us and giving us a very beautiful message. The Raag Sorath is a Raag which carries a strong sense of belief, faith and conviction. The Raag Sorath is a Raag, which can overpower the mind and bring the mind to rest and bring peace within the soul. Guru Arjan is saying to us in the first line of the hukam today

Ham mailay tum oojal kartay ham nirgun too daataa
Oh God! Oh Waheguru, Ham mailay, ham means we, mailay means to be dirty, to be filthy. Oh God, we are dirty, we are filthy. What is the filth upon us? The filth is all the bad things we have done, all the bad thoughts we thought. All the times we have thought of evils for others, those evil thoughts and evil deeds are the filth. Then Guru ji says, Tum oojal kartay O kartay, kartay means Creator, oojal means completely pure, clean. Oh God, we are stained by the misdeeds we have done, but You are beyond that. You are divine. Ham nirgun means we are nirgun, gun means virtue and putting nir in front of the gun negates it; it means without any virtue, it means we are worthless. We have no virtues, oh God. Too daataa means You are the One, who gives everything, daataa means the Giver. God gives everything.

Ham moorakh tum chatur si-aanay too sarab kalaa kaa gi-aataa
Then Guruji says Ham moorakh, moorakh means fools. We are the ones who don’t understand. We are the ones who fall into ignorance. Tum chatur si-aanay, O God You are chatur, chatur means wise, si-aanay means the One with all understanding. Oh God, You are wise, all knowing, all understanding. Too sarab kalaa ka gi-aataa O God too means You, sarab means all, kalaa means powers and gi-aataa means the One who knows. You are the One who knows all powers; Oh God you are the One who knows everything.

MaaDho ham aisay too aisaa
Guru Ji says oh MaaDho means oh Creator Lord, oh God the One who created Maya, my beloved Lord, ham aisay, look at what I am. Guru Ji says this is what I am, this is what we are, and this is what we have described. We are filthy with our misdeeds, we don’t understand the path; Too aisaa, and Guru ji says this is what you are, aisaa means this is what you are. You are immaculate, pure, divine, the knower of all things.

Ham paapee tum paap khandan neeko thaakur daysaa.
Guru ji says, ham paapee, papee means sinners, we are sinners, the doers of misdeeds. If we are sinners then You, Tum, You are paap khandan, paap means sin and khandan means the destroyer; Guru Ji you are the destroyer of sins. It is as if Guru Ji is saying if we are the negative side of the magnet, you are the positive side. Oh God, if we are the doers of sin, you are the destroyer of sin. Neeko thaakur daysaa, neeko means beautiful, thaakur means the Lord and daysaa means abode, the place where the Lord abides. That place is beautiful where God abides.

Rahaa-o, Guru Ji says pause and think.

Tum sabh saajay saaj nivaajay jee-o pind day paraanaa
Tum , You, O God, sabh means all, and saajay means to create. Oh God, You created all, saaj nivaajay and after creating them, what You do, You nivaajay, nivaajay means to bless them, to shower Your grace upon them. We are only walking around on this earth through a blessing. We have been blessed with this human life. We have been blessed to listen to the Hukamnama today. That is how many blessings God showers. Jee-o pind day paraanaa, You give to everyone. You give us soul, jee-o, You give pind, body and paraanaa, the paraana shakti, the breath of life, You bring that to everyone O God. But what are we?

Nirgunee-aaray gun nahee ko-ee tum daan dayh miharvaanaa
We are Nigunee-aaray, Nigunee means without any virtues, we are worthless. gun nahee ko-ee, Gun means virtue and nahee ko-ee means none at all; we have no virtues at all. Oh God, tum daan dayh miharvaanaa, means merciful, oh merciful Master, daan dayh, daan means gift, dayh means please bless me with. Guru Ji is saying we have no virtues, please bless us, O God.

Tum karahu bhalaa ham bhalo na jaanah tum sadaa sadaa da-i-aalaa
Oh God, You, tum karahu means You, karahumeans do. What do you do? Bhalaa, bhalaa means good. God whatever you do is good. In this line, Guru Ji is telling us how to live our life. Guru ji is saying tum karahu bhalaa, everything you do for us is good. Ham bhalo na jaanah, jaanah means to recognize, ham mean we. We don’t recognize it to be good. Whatever You do is perfect, because You are the perfect Master. But we do not see it to be good. We always say this should not have happened this way, that should not have happened that way. But everything You do is perfect. Tum sadaa sadaa da-i-aalaa, tum means You, are sadaa sadaa means forever and ever, You are da-i-aalaa means compassionate, the most kind.

Tum sukh-daa-ee purakh biDhaatay tum raakho apunay baalaa
You are God, Tum are Sukh daa-ee, daa-ee means the Giver, sukh means peace, You are the Giver of peace. Purakh biDhaatay, purakh, the primal being, biDhaatay means the Creator of all destinies. Tum raakho apunay baalaa oh God please raakho, please protect, apunay baalaa Your own children. Guru Ji says we are your children, please protect us.

Tum niDhaan atal sulitaan jee-a jant sabh jaachai
God, You are the greatest treasure, niDhaan, atal means eternal, sulitaan means King, You are the eternal King. Jee-a jant sabh jaachai, jee-a jant all beings, all creatures sabh means all and jaachai means beg, they all beg from you oh God. All creatures they are your beggars. They all beg from you. They all ask You to shower them with Your Grace.

Kaho naanak ham ihai havaalaa raakh santan kai paachhai
Guru ji says Kaho Nanak, Nanak says ham ihai havaalaa, ham means us, havaalaa means a condition, situation; I am in this situation, oh Lord, no virtue, I have done misdeeds, and this is my condition. The saving grace that I ask for O God is this raakh, please keep me, but with who? Santan kai paachhai, santan means saints and kai paachhai means on the path of. Guru Ji is saying, oh God I have no virtue. The only path that I can see to save me is the path of the saints. Keep me on the path of the saints forever and ever. That is the only way of redeeming this soul.

May Guru Ji Bless us. We have no virtue, we are full of misdeeds. May God Himself Bless us and keep us on this path of the saints. As we say in the Ardas, Se-ee piaare mel jinhaan miliaan teraa naam chitt aavai, May we meet those beloved people with whom upon meeting we remember the name of God.

MaaDho ham aisay too aisaa.
Ham paapee tum paap khandan neeko thaakur daysaa. Rahaa-o

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!



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