English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 609


Sorath mehalaa 5 |
Sathiguru Arjan Sahibjee Maharaj is blessing us today. Guru Arjan Sahibjee Maharaj begins the shabad,

Puthr kalathr lok grih banithaa maaeiaa sanabandhaehee |
Puthr - your son, kalathr - your partner, lok - the people, banithaa - the women, are associated to your grih - are associated to your house. All of those people, all of those men and women, all of those aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins and friends, all of those people who have any relationship with you in the world, which is based upon your household, based upon your connections as a family, Guru jee says maaeiaa sanabandhaehee - they are related to you. Sanabandh means to be related to you. Their relationship with you is based upon maaeiaa - is based upon this illusion. Now when we say maaeiaa, what do we mean in gurmat. In gurmatmaaeiaa is said to be:

                                      Eaeh maaeiaa jith har visarai mohu oupajai bhaao dhoojaa laaeiaa |

Guru Amardaasjee says in Anand Sahib that that thing is maaeaa - that thing is illusion, connecting with which you forget God. Moh oupajai - when you are blinded with attachment. That relationship in which you are blinded with attachment, that relationship which takes you away from Waheguru, that is maaeaa - so anything which breaks your consciousness from Akaal Purakh.

Puthr kalathr lok grih banithaa maaeiaa sanabandhaehee |
Guru Arjan Devjee is saying to us O human being these worldly relationships that you have, they are based upon maaeiaa, they are based upon this illusion, they are based upon that which is going to fall away, that which is going to perish, that which is perishing all the time. Gurujee says keep this in your heart, Gurujee is waking us up by saying,

Anth kee baar ko kharaa n hosee sabh mithiaa asanaehee |1|
Anth ke means at the end, baar means moment, in your last moments, ko kharaa n hosee - no one will be khaaraa - no one will stand with you in the end. Sabh mithiaa asanaehee - all of the attachment that you have is mithiaa. Mithiaa is very closely related to the English word myth. Bhai Kahn Singh jee Nabha translated the word mithiaa as asat - asat means that which is false, but it also means that which will not remain, that which is perishing, that which is eventually going to fall away. Gurujee says that attachment which you have with these people it may remain for a moment, it may remain for a month, it may remain for a number of years, but eventually anth kee baar - in the end when your body lies there dead, within an instant all of that attachment, built over so many years is broken. All of a sudden that same person who use to sit next to you and talk to you for hours will be frightened to look at you. Not just that even whilst we are alive, even those people we are related to that attachment breaks because of misunderstandings, arguments whatever. Guru jee goes on to explain to us and wake us up by saying,

Rae nar kaahae paporahu dhaehee |
O human being, Kaahae paporahu dhaehee - dhaehee means body, kahe means why, paporahu means to pamper, to worry about, to fret over, to make a big deal out of, to make such a fuss out of. Guru Arjan Devjee is saying why are you pampering your body all the time? The only thing that you are doing is thinking about yourself, thinking about your body, thinking about your look, thinking about your beauty.

Oodd jaaeigo dhoom baadharo eik bhaajahu raam sanaehee | rehaao |
This body that you are single mindedly thinking about day and night, oodd jaaeigo - it will fly away, it will perish, dhoom baadharo - Gurujee says it is a baadharo - it is a cloud of smoke, if you've seen clouds of smoke coming out of a chimney, coming out of a factory, you can see what happens, it is there for an instant and then in goes. How long is that cloud of smoke in the sky for? A number of seconds and then it disperses. Gurujee says the same thing is applicable to your body. Sheik Fareedjee says,

                                                        Gantaedhiaa shia maah thurrandhiaa hik khino |7|

Although the child is in the womb for nine months, six months is spent on just building the body, on creating the body but thurrandhiaa hik khino - but it only takes one second, hik khino for this body to perish. So Guru piareo, Guru Sahibjee is saying to us today, eik bhaajahu raam sanaehee - knowing that your body will perish, knowing that these relationships you've made are only for a limited amount of time, knowing that no one else can help you in the end. Eik bhaajahu raam sanaehee - there is only one beloved who will look after you in this world and the next. Who is that? Raam, Waheguru, Allah. That one Lord God will look after you in this world and the next. Gurujee says eik bhaajahu - on that One Akaal Purakh - on that Ik God, on that One Immortal Being bhaajahu - meditate upon Him, meditate, chant His name, recite God's name. Rehaao - Guru Arjan Devjee says pause and think about this.

Theen sanngiaa kar dhaehee keenee jal kookar bhasamaehee |
Your body is made up of theen sanngiaa - of three qualities. There are three qualities which make up this body. We can find them in lot of the culture of India. What are those qualities called? They are called rajogun,satogun and tamogun. We find this topic of the gunas coming up again and again in the Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj as well. Satogun means the quality of light, the quality associated with humility, the quality associated with purity. Rajogun is the quality associated with movement, change and the kingly quality, politics. Tamogun is the quality which is related to darkness, inertia, being lethargic, negativity. All of these three qualities are within each human being. Some people have more of thesatogun in them, they sleep very little, they eat very little. Some people have more rajogun in them, they deal more in the dynamics of life, in the politics of life. Some people have more tamogun in them, they are very lazy, they over eat. Gurujee says theen sanngiaa kar dhaehee keenee - this body is made up of three gun - those three qualities are within each body. Gurmukh piareo to remember this a Gurmukh is one who rises above each of these three qualities as well. That's not the topic of today's shabad, but that something to bear in mind. Gurujee says, this body which is made up of these three qualities, jal kookar bhasamaehee - this body which you pamper so much, which is made up of three qualities, some people when this body dies, when you die, throw the body into water, some bodies are eaten by dogs and some corpses are burnt, cremated. Gurujee says that even though you see this with your own eyes,

Hoe aamaro grih mehi baithaa karan kaaran bisarohee |2|
Even though you see this, even though you see people,

Dhaekhath nain chaliou jag jaaee |1| rehaao |

Guru Granth Sahibjee says I see with my eyes, with my nain, the world is leaving day by day. Even seeing all of this hoe aamaro grih mehi baithaa - you sit in your grih - in your house, thinking that you are aamaro, thinking that no one can kill you, thinking that you are immortal, thinking that you will remain forever. Karan kaaran bisarohee - karan karan means the cause of all causes. Professor Sahib Singh has translated it as root of this whole universe, the root of creation, Akaal Purakh Waheguru. Bisarohee means to forget. We sit in our houses and we believe ourselves to live forever, that deaths cannot touch us, the moment we forget kaal, we forget death, is the moment we forget Akaal - that we forget Waheguru, the immortal being. If we remember that we are going to have to leave this earth at some point then surely we will always keep God in our mind, in our heart, in our soul.

Anik bhaath kar maneeeae saajae kaachai thaag parohee |
Gurujee says anik bhaath - in many different ways and methods kar maneeae saajae. maneeae has been translated in many ways, we are going to give two main translations here. Maneeae means beads - this has been translated as body parts, organs. In many different ways all of these organs are fashioned and created. Kaachaithaag parohee - through all of these beads, through all of these organs there is one thread. But the thread is kaachai - meaning it's not very hard, it's not very strong, it's very weak - this thread.

Thoott jaaeigo sooth baapurae fir paashai pashuthohee |3|
O baapurae - O poor being, O meek being, the sooth - the thread which is in all of these beads, the thread which is running through each of your organs, what thread is that? Our breath - thoott jaaeigo - what does that mean? One day you will stop breathing, you will die. Fir paasahi pashothohee - then what will happen? We will regret that we had all that time to do simran, we had all that time to read baani, we had all that time to go the Gurdwara, we had all that time to do charitable act, we had all that time to speak nicely, to have sweetness upon our tongue, but what did we do? We wasted all of that time.

Anik bhaath kar maneeeae saajae kaachai thaag parohee |
Another way of looking at this is anik phaath kar maneeae saajae - you create many different beads, many different relationships. Kaachae thaag parohee - but what are all the relationships being protected with? Kaachae thaag - again a weak thread. What is that weak thread? - attachment.

Thoott jaaeigo sooth baapurae fir paashai pashuthohee |3|
When your attachment breaks then afterwards you will repent why was I attached to this person?

Jin thum sirajae siraj savaarae this dhiaavahu dhin rainaehee |
That person who created you, and not whom only created you but who embellished you - siraj savaarae - who decorated you, to make you so beautiful. This dhiaavahu dhin rainaehee - Guru Arjan Devjee says that Waheguru who made you so beautiful, that Waheguru who created you this dhiaavahudhin rainaehee - day and night meditate upon Him, chant His name.

Jan naanak prabh kirapaa dhaaree mai sathigur outt gehaehee |4|4|
Guru Ajran Devjee says that I was blessed with the kirpa - the grace of God. When God blessed me with His grace I gahaehee - I grabbed hold of the support of the eternal Guru, of Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee.

So Gurmukh piareeo, Guru Arjan Sahibjee today is telling us that O human being this body will perish, your relationships in this world will perish but if there is one immortal friend who will remain with you it is Akaal Purakh, it is Waheguru, it is Raam and meditate upon that Waheguru.

Jin thum sirajae siraj savaarae this dhiaavahu dhin rainaehee |
Jan naanak prabh kirapaa dhaaree mai sathigur outt gehaehee |4|4|

Waheguru jee ka khalsa, Waheguru jee ki fateh!


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