English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 602


Sorath ma 3 dhuthukae |
Gurmukh piaareyo Sathiguru Amardaasjee Maharaj speaks to us today. Guru Sahibjee is speaking through the Sorath raag in dhuthukae - meaning the shabad is made up of smaller parts of two lines each.

Sathigur miliai oulattee bhee bhaaee jeevath marai thaa boojh paae |
O bhaaee - O brothers, O beloved congregation, O beloved Sikhs meeting with the Guru oulattee bhee - oulattee means to turn away, you turn away from what? - turn away from the attachment of the world, turn away from the path of ego, from the path of attachment, from the desires, from the path of greed. That is the only way of turning away from that path of destruction by turning towards the Guru. If you turn towards the Guru you turn away from all of these things, that is the center of Guramukh - who face their mukh towards the Guru they are following the Guru's path. Those who are manmukh - who follow what the mind says they are on that destructive path. Jeevath marai thaa boojh paae - from your sense of jeevath, your sense of I, your sense of I am alive, I am doing this, that sense of ego which is saying I am doing this, I am going that you have to marai - you have to die away from that, that ego has to die within you. Aap gavaaeeai thaa sahu paaeeai aour kaisee chathuraaee - Guru Sahibjee says in Shabad Hazaarey: aap gavaaeeai - when you give up yourself thaa sahu paaeeai - then you'll find your husband Lord. Jeevath marai thaa boojh paae - this sense of dying whilst being alive is not talking about the physical death it is talking about internally the mind, the desires have to die down, the ego has to die down and then boojh paae - then you find the true understanding.

So guroo so sikh hai bhaaee jis jothee joth milaae |1|
O bhaaee - O brother, O congregation so guroo - that is the great Guru, so sikh hai bhaaee - that is a great sikh jis jothee joth milaae - that being is the Guru. Many people call themselves Guru, many people call themselves spiritual teacher but Guru Sahibjee is saying that that person is the Guru, so guroo so sikh hai bhaaee jis jothee joth milaae - that is the Guru who takes you from gu - from darkness into ru - into light. Jis jothee joth milaae - who unites the light within you with the eternal light of God - that being is the Guru. Guru Sahibjee is saying that don't be falsely misled, SGGSjee is the Guru who can unite your soul with the eternal soul, who can unite your aatmaa with that paramatma, who can take the light of your soul and merge in with the ever glowing light of God. So sikh - that is the true sikh, the true follower of the Guru who follows the true Guru and whose soul is united, who given himself/herself up to the Guru and follows what the Guru says.

Man rae har har saethee liv laae |
Man rae - O my mind har har saehtee liv laae - attach your consciousness, attach your concentration to har har - to the words of the Guru, to the Guru's mantar, to the Waheguru mantar.

Man har jap meethaa laagai bhaaee guramukh paaeae har thaae | rehaao |
O my mind if whilst you are meditating, you can carry on meditating, you carry on chanting Guru's name a day will come when it will seem sweet to you, meethaa laagai bhaaee - O congregation. Guramukh paaeae har thaae - through meditation when the name of God will seem sweet to you then you will become guramukh - Guru centered and you will paaeae har thaae - the true place of rest of God, your soul will rest in God.

Bin gur preeth n oopajai bhaaee manamukh dhoojai bhaae |
Without serving the Guru that eternal love for Guru cannot oopajai - cannot even oopajai - to even sprout, to even begin. Manamukh dhoojai bhaae - following our mind, those people who are centered upon their minds dhoojai bhaae - they are caught up in the attachment of dhoojai - of these things which are going to fall away, these transitory things.

Thuh kuttehi manamukh karam karehi bhaaee palai kishoo n paae |2|
O brothers, O congregration manamukhs - those who follow their mind, everything that they do is like - when they harvest the rice in India, if someone was to take away the rice and if we kept threshing out the chaff just to grasp it which is left over after the rice is taken out, and we just keep hitting that hoping that something will happen. No! If all we are doing is engaging in the physical world and physical pleasures then we are missing the point of life, Guru jee is saying. We are threshing out the chaff - we've given up on life, on the true essence of God's name. palai kishoo n paae - you cannot get anything into your palai, you cannot get any profit, you cannot gain anything.

Gur miliai naam man raviaa bhaaee saachee preeth piaar |
Those who meet with the Guru naam man raviaa - the name pervades through their mind. Saachee preeth piaar - true preeth, true love and devotion blossoms within them.

Sadhaa har kae gun ravai bhaaee gur kai haeth apaar |3|
Those who meet with the Guru, those who follow what the Guru says sadhaa - forever and forever they ravai - the meditate upon, they chant the gun - the praises of Hari, of Waheguru and gur kai heath apaar - they are blessed with endless love, haeth means piaar, love for the Guru.

Aaeiaa so paravaan hai bhaaee j gur saevaa chith laae |
Sathigurujee says that person's aaeiaa - coming onto this earth is paravaan - is blessed j gur saevaa chith laae - if that person has attached his chith, his consciousness into the seva of the Guru.

Naanak naam har paaeeai bhaaee gur sabadhee maelaae |4|8|
Sathiguru Amardaasjee says, naam har paaeeaei bhaaee - what happens by attaching yourself into the seva, into the selfless service of Hari, of Waheguru? - You find the naam - the name of God, of Hari and through this name of God, through the Guru's shabad, through the mantar, through the Waheguru mantar gur sabadhee maelaae - you are united with the eternal Lord Waheguru.

Aaeiaa so paravaan hai bhaaee j gur saevaa chith laae |
Naanak naam har paaeeai bhaaee gur sabadhee maelaae |4|8|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!


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